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20+online money-earning apps without investment in India-2023

,On line money earning without Investment



Online Money-earning apps without Investment, as the name suggests, are mobile applications specifically developed to enable users to generate income through their mobile devices.


These apps encompass an extensive spectrum of activities and services that allow individuals to earn money directly or indirectly. These apps provide flexibility and ease of use making them an attractive choice for those in pursuit of financial gains.


Online Money-earning apps functionally vary widely, presenting users with multiple options tailored to their preferences and capabilities. Some apps offer rewards for participating in surveys, sharing opinions, or watching advertisements.


Others provide cashback incentives for purchases made through the app or via affiliated platforms. Investment apps facilitate financial growth through strategic investments, while gig economy app connects users with short-term job opportunities.


Indian Mobile App Market Statistics in 2024:


India’s app economy is maturing rapidly. While China remains the largest market in terms of usage and revenue American companies are the most innovative.


India is now a top country in the world in terms of number of apps installed and used per month.


The Indian app landscape is spearheaded by the telco giants Airtel & Jio. However, streaming companies like Novi Digital and Jio Saavan, digital payment like Paytm and Phonepe, e-commerce sites like Flipkart, and many more have all firmly established themselves in the global market.


Different Types of Online Money-Earning Apps in India:


At present, plenty of online money-earning apps are available in the market, which can be used to earn money.

  • Survey Apps:-Users of survey apps can earn money or redeem gift cards by participating in surveys and giving their thoughts and opinions on an array of topics. Sometimes they come across as the best money-earning apps without investment.


  • Cashback Apps: Certain apps provide their users with a portion of their purchase back in the form of cash or other rewards if they shop at partner retailers.


  • Microtask Apps:-Users can make money by participating in microtask on their mobile devices, such as entering data or testing software programs. This is a fairly good choice if you wish to make easy money from the comfort of your own home.


  • Investment Apps are online money-earning apps that allow users to diversify their savings over time by purchasing stocks, exchange-traded funds(ETFs) or cryptocurrencies.


  • Refer & Earn Apps: - These referral-based incentives apps allow users to earn money and other incentives by referring their friends and family members to use apps.


Top 20+ Online Money-Earning Apps Without Investment:


1. MPL:-


MPL is the most popular gaming platform in India. It offers more than 20 games spread across various categories. You have the option to compete against real opponents online and earn real cash rewards.


It is one of the most secure gaming apps available in the market. You can also make risk-free withdrawals using UPI, Amazon Pay, Bank Transfer or Pay Tm methods.


Play your favourite games such as Rummy, poker, Call Break, Ludu, Snakes & Ladders and many more on MPL to win real money up to Rs. 30 Crore daily winnings.



2. Roz Dhan:-


You can earn money using RozDhan simply by regularly using this app. This indicates that you can make money by doing things such as reading the news, browsing websites, completing puzzles and checking your daily horoscope.



Everyone who signs up will receive Rs. 50 as a welcome bonus. If you complete the instant cash tasks you will able to earn Rs. 300, which you can withdraw in two days.


3.m Rewards: -


mRewards is among the best money-earning apps that offer rewards for playing games, filling out surveys, referring the app to your friends and performing other app-based chores.


You can win free vouchers for your preferred online retailer by earning coins. Then redeem those coins for free subscriptions to your preferred streaming services, free vouchers for online retailers or even plain cash.


Make the most of your breaks and earn money by doing certain tasks and enjoying your favourite games.


4. Frizza:-


If you are in search of reliable money-earning apps, you have landed at the right spot. With Frizza, you can earn money in your Paytm wallet or (UPI) and you can do it from any location and at your convenience.


When you are bored at home, while you are out commuting, or whenever you have spare time? Then download FRIZZA to immediately start converting your spare time into cash.



5. Meesho:-


Meesho, which is one of the best money-earning apps, provides fashionable, high-quality lifestyle products at the most affordable wholesale prices.



This enables you to shop regardless of the price range. In addition to shopping, you can also resell stuff to friends, family and other online users.


Now is the perfect time to launch your online business with no initial capital investment. This is exactly what makes Meesho stand out from the rest.


6. Winzy:


Winzy is a major free online trivia game and you can play it to answer questions and receive free rewards. Not only can it be played for free but it also asks you the latest trivia questions in a user interface that is both seamless and elegant.


It is one of the best money-earning apps, you get to put your wit to the test answer fun trivia questions and make some additional cash.


7. Earn Karo:


India’s number one affiliate marketing platform Karo was founded by Ratan Tata. It works as a deal-sharing platform that helps you earn easy money.



It does not matter whether you are a homemaker, working professional or part-time employee. Earn Karo will turn out to be an exciting prospect for you.


It offers a variety of affiliate programs that you can freely join without any documentation.


All you have to do is share deals presented by their partner websites such as Ajio, Myantra, Flipkart etc. When people within the network shop through your profit link, you start making money from Earn Karo.


8. Rush:-


Rush is a gaming app that is a great choice for those interested in playing games and earning real cash. Play some of your favourite games, such as Ludo, Carrom, Quizzy, and more on this platform and win cash daily.


You can play with your friends, family members and other random opponents all in a single app. Rush makes it to our list of best money-earning apps for its interesting variations on well-known games.


Rush app allows winning money by participating in their competition. You can withdraw your winnings to your UPI account instantly.


9. Pocket Money: 


This task-based app allows you to earn wallet money and cashback by completing specific yet easy tasks. You just have to follow the instructions provided on the app to double your earnings and redeem the wallet cash as a reward.


Use these rewards to book movie tickets, avail cabs, recharge your mobile account, pay bills shop online and more.


Earn more rewards by referring the app to your friends and colleagues and save more money with exclusive discounts and cash back.


10. Galo:


You can easily earn Paytm cash online by using GALO for as little as ten minutes every day. There are a lot of quick installation and questionary tasks.


Each activity comes with a good quantity of Paytm cash with a good quantity of Paytm cash as a reward. You have the potential to earn sufficiently in Paytm Cash daily provided that you fulfil the requirements for completing the tasks.


11. One To 11:


This is India’s first social fantasy gaming application with rewards coming in the form of massive contest prizes, regular commissions and referral income.


You need to visit their website directly to download and install the app. The process is pretty straightforward. 


Once you are registered on it, pick the game you like to participate in, submit the joining fees play alongside online participants and win prize money based on your performance commission included.



12. Paid Work: 


One of the best money-earning apps, Paid work can either be a full-time job or an additional source of income for people from any country in the world.


It does not matter where you are or what gadget you are using, as long as it has internet access. You can make money. You will receive compensation in exchange for the time and effort invested in the platform.


13. Freecash:


Free Cash is an exciting money-earning app that allows users to earn money by participating in surveys and playing casual games.


You can play games, win prizes and earn rewards such as gift cards, cryptocurrency and more using the Freecash app.


The money you can earn can be redeemed for Bitcoin, Amazon gift cards and other prizes. Join and play on the best money-earning apps on the internet today.


14. Growfitter:


This is one of the excellent money-earning apps that asks you to begin your fitness journey today and earn rewards daily.


According to reports, Growfitter .com is currently the largest incentivized wellness platform in India. They are a machine learning technology startup that is working to improve the health quotient of India.


It is revolutionising the health, wellness and fitness market using the answers provided by technology. They have listed more than 12000 fitness centres spread across 14 cities in India.


15. First Games:


Playing Rummy and Fantasy(Cricket, Football or Kabbadi) on First Games is a great way to earn some money online. This is again a money-earning app that urges you to play games and win real cash prizes.


They utilise high-end technology to ensure that their players remain safe and content throughout their experience. They aim to take mobile gaming to the next level with cutting-edge graphics and seamless gameplay. As a money-earning app, First Games is a pretty solid choice.


16. Street bees:


Streetbees offers a different take on a money-earning app by making its users share moments from their daily lives with them in return for cash rewards.



The app is quite interested in gathering information on your preferences about a wide range of topics including your interests.


You are free to share a lot or a little as you would like. The decision is entirely in your hands. 


They refer to surveys as stories and completing one hardly takes about five minutes or so and involves opinion polls or providing photo/video responses. Reward in the form of cash payments on your PayPal account.


17. Make Money:


As the name suggests, this money-earning earning without investment allows you to earn real cash rewards by completing suggested tasks.


The key is to collect redeemable credits by way of tracking out free apps, finishing surveys, testing new services and providing feedback.


The app features high-paying surveys and offers with thousands of credits waiting to be added. Even bigger awaits when you share your referral link with friends and they sign up for the app.


This is among the highest-paying cash apps out there.




If you are into the fantasy of sports? By putting athletic knowledge and expertise to good use, you can win real cash.Dream11 is among the most well-known fantasy sports apps in India.


 It allows users to compete in cricket, football, basketball, baseball, handball volleyball and NFL leagues.


On the Dream11 fantasy app, you can explore and play fantasy cricket while also creating your fantasy team for various cricket leagues and tournaments such as IPL, T20, OD1, World Cup matches and many more.


19. Poll Pay:


Poll Pay is a community of millions of survey-takers to build a passive income stream without putting in much time and effort.


Users from all across the world can register on Poll Pay, take surveys and earn rewards. They can receive these rewards in the form of Pay Pal credit, Amazon vouchers, Xbox gift cards, Netflix gift cards, and Google Play gift cards.


Customers can expert payouts in real time through poll Pay’s incredible secure network.


20. Toloka:


Toloka is an online money-earning app where users can choose tasks, complete them online or offline and get rewards.


There is no special knowledge required to use Toloka due to its simple tasks. Customers only need a smartphone, internet connection and time on their hands.


Toloka has a good combination of field tasks and in-house jobs. Users wanting field jobs can verify or add information about businesses. 


People wanting to earn money at home can check if different websites match search terms or if site descriptions are accurate.


Overall Toloka’s business model is based on making the internet richer and more secure. The earnings are calculated in dollars and can be withdrawn in the user’s local currency using PayPal.




In the dynamic landscape of online money-earning apps in India, 2023 showcases a promising future. The evolution of these reflects a growing trend of accessible opportunities for users without investment.


As technology advances, new avenues for income generation emerge, offering a diverse range of options from freelancing work to innovative gig opportunities.


The future of online money-earning apps in India holds exciting prospects empowering individuals to harness the digital realm for additional income without the constraints of initial investment.


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