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Bhagban Jagannathji Temple Puri is the world-famous Hindu temple in Odisha. 10 amazing facts about Jagannatha Temple in Puri, in the state of Odisha .

Famous Puri’s Jagannath temple is an important place for Hindu devotees all over the world, which is located at “Puri” in thestate of Odisha. Jagannath Temple was built in the 12th century during the Era of the Eastern Ganga
Dynasty king
 Ananta Varman Chodaganga Deva.


The temple is famous for the annual “Ratha Yatra”. Jagannath Puri is one of the four most important dams in India. Millions of devotees visit Jagannath temple throughout the year. All over the world devotees come to this temple to seek the blessings of Lord Jagannath.

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1. Jagannath Temple Flag:-

The flag on the top of the temple always floats in the opposite direction of the wind.


It is 1800 years of the old ritual. A priest (several) climbs the dome of the temple every day, which is as tall as a 45-story building and changes the flag.


For 1800 years this ritual has been going on. The ritual states that if the flag of the temple does not change in a single day, the temple must be shut down for 18 years.


Dedicated to Lord Jagannath, the Jagannath temple at Puri in Odisha is one of the most significant pilgrimage destinations in India. Jagannath temple is also one of the four great char Dham sites in the country that is associated with Moksha.


In normal science, a piece of cloth flows in the direction where the flaw of air is heavy. But Puri Jagannath temple is an exception. The flag on the top of the temple flows in the opposite direction and even science has no answer to this mystery. This flag is also called “Patitapabanbana Bana”.

Top 10 Amazing Facts- Lord Shree Jagannath temple Puri.
Neelachakra-of Puri Shri Jagannath Temple at PURI

2. Sudarshana Chakra:-

The Sudarshana Chakra, also called Nilachakra at the top of the temple, is 20 feet in height and weighs a ton. 

 The mystery of this Sudarshana chakra is that one can see the chakra in any corner of the city of Puri. The installation of Sudarshan Chakra is also interesting in that you always feel you can feel that chakra facing you irrespective of your position.


The engineering technique of installation is still secret today. However, the chakra was bought all the way and installed on the gopuram 2000 years ago. The manufacturing skills utilizing that time are still a mystery today.

3. The structure of the temple:-

Top 10 Amazing Facts- Lord Shree Jagannath temple Puri.

The engineering structure of the temple was so unique that the shadow of the temple does not show anywhere during the daytime. It remains to be deciphered whether it is an engineering marvel or a phenomenon that also apparently has no explanation, it is still a mystery till today.


The Jagannath Puri temple is famous worldwide and is one of the most significant pilgrimage destinations located in Odisha. The temple was built based on Oriya architecture and has around 120 temples and shrines inside. The main temple has a curvilinear shape with a chakra of Lord Vishnu on the top.

4. Directions of the wind:-

n any place on the earth, the wind from the sea comes to the land in the daytime, and in the evening it blows from the land towards the sea. But in Puri, the geographical laws are also different. Here, the opposite thing happens to the wind.


5. No birds, no planes above the temple:-

Neither birds nor planes fly above Jagannath Temple. Nothing flies above the temple. At any temple in India, birds are flying and sitting atop the temple except Puri’s Jagannath temple.


This site is a no-fly zone actually, which has not been declared by any state powers but by some divine powers

Top 10 Amazing Facts- Lord Shree Jagannath temple Puri.

6. Mystery of Prasadam:-

Every day 2000 to 50000 devotees visit Sri Jagannath temple and take prasadam.


The quantity of prasadam remains the same throughout the year. None of the days it goes insufficient or wasted in this temple. Chhapan bhoga means 56 types of food offered to Lord Sri Jagannath every day in temple Puri.


Making 56 dishes is not an easy task Goddess Laxmi supervises the meal and sees that it is prepared with utmost devotion and care. It is cooked in earthen pots and only on a wooden fire. 


Maha Prasada and Chhapan Bhoga were first offered to the three deities. (Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra & Subhadra).Then it is offered to Goddess Bimala and then it is considered Maha Prasada of Abhadha.


7. Prasadam cooking technique:-

Top 10 Amazing Facts- Lord Shree Jagannath temple Puri.
Mahaprasad-Shri Jagannath Temple at PURI

.Prasadam is cooked in earthen pots on firewood. Exactly seven pots are put on top of another. The mystery is that the top of the pot gets cooked first followed by the bottom pot in order.


It is the mystery of Lord Jagannath temple, the quantity of Prasad prepared in Puri Jagannath temple is never wasted or insufficient. For followers to visit the temple.


The temple savors every devotee with maha prasadam irrespective of the number of devotees every day.

8. Sound of the sea at Singhadwaram:-

Top 10 Amazing Facts- Lord Shree Jagannath temple Puri.
Golden_Beach_-PURI at Odisha

There are four doors to Jagannath temple. Singhdwaram is the main door to enter the temple.

When you enter the first step to the singhadwaram, you cannot hear any sounds of the waves of the sea. But, when you turn to walk back in the same direction you can hear the wave sound of the sea. 


No sound can be heard until you come out of the temple. It is still unknown if there is any science behind the mysteries.

9.Ganga river flows inside the temple:-

Top 10 Amazing Facts- Lord Shree Jagannath temple Puri.

10. Nabakalebera/Disintegration Ritual:-

Top 10 Amazing Facts- Lord Shree Jagannath temple Puri.

t is true that every 12 years the old idols get disintegrated manually and buried below the new idols. The idols are made up of neem wood and they remain massed until the completion.


They disintegrated on their own after 12 years when the idols replaced the old ones.


Nabakalavera is a symbolic recreation of the wood of the three Hindu deities of Jagannath, Balabhadra, Subhadra, and Sudarshana at Jagannath temple.


Nabakaleber was first organized in 1575 AD. This event involves the installation of new idols in the Jagannath temple and burial on the temple premises at Kolili Baikunta”.


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