Top 5 Best Business Magazine of the Enterprise World.
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Business Magazine is fulfilling two goals in their purpose, one is to aid and drives a business in the right direction. It provides first-hand information of business news and industry hacks information and motivation to be at the top of Business.

Business Magazine is the best to provide a ground for the upcoming enterprise, revolutionary products & services etc. These magazines are a complete package of information and entertainment.

We must know about the Top 5 Leading Business Magazine of the World

1. Forbes:-

Top 5 Best Business Magazine of the Enterprise World.

The Business Magazine” Forbes” is the among the most famous  Top Business Magazine in the whole world.

 It features articles on businesses, investment, finance, start-ups, industry, marketing etc. This Magazine is widely recognized for its ranking and lists.

It is an American business magazine owned by Integrated Whale Media Investments and Forbes Family.

This Magazine’s first issue was published in the year Sept-15, 1917. Its headquarter is located in Jersey City, New York.

Company History:- B.C Forbes a financial columnist for the  Hearst paper, and his partner  Walter Drey the general manager of the magazine founded Forbes Magazine On September 15,1917.B.C Forbes was the editor-in-chief until 1954.

In July, 2014the Forbes Family bought out  Elevation and the  Hong Kong-based investment group Integrated  Whale Media Investments purchased a 51 per cent majority of the company.

On August 26, 2021, Forbes announced their plans to go public.Forbes  merger with a  special purpose acquisition company called  Magnum Opus Acquisition .

Fobes  starting to trade at the New York Stock Exchange as “ FRBs”.

Forbs are well known for their lists. This magazine publishes the rank of the people and companies in various categories. Some of the popular lists are as follows:-


1. The Billionaire List.

2. The World’s most powerful people.

3.30 under 30.

4. The World’s highest-paid athletes.

5. World’s highest-paid Entertainers.

6. The World’s largest public companies.

7. America’s Top college.

8. Top Businessman in the World.

Publishing House:-

 “ Forbes” Magazine is the  among the world’s top providers of Investment, business, finance, marketing, lifestyle, and sports news content.

 It employs more than  400 people around the world and has over  2800 working journalists under its banner. This magazine publishing  8 times every year. This magazine reaches  5.8 million readers with 40 editions in 70 different countries of the world.

Forbes is an American  Business Magazine owned by Integrated  Whale Media Investment (95% share)  and Forbes Family(5%) share. The editor in Chief at present is Mr Steve Forbes. It is published every Fortnightly.

The total Income in March-2021 was 575.74Crore.

2. Wired:-

Top 5 Best Business Magazine of the Enterprise World.
Women Who startup on Twitter-cover photo in Wired Magazine.

The Wired is known for its  Tech-Related updates and an array of facts, impacts and knowledge and how its adds value to the other walks of life and businesses fields.

 The lifestyle and culture. Wired is the top Business Magazine for covering all types of  Technology.

Wired are the monthly American magazine publishing print and online edition. This magazine mainly focuses on how emerging technologies affect culture, the economy and politics.


The first was published on  2nd January 1993. This magazine publishes monthly.

Company History:-In early 1990, American Journalist  Louis Rossetto and his partner, Jane  Metcalf settled in San  Francisco with the intent to establish the magazine devoted to cutting edge technology.

 The launched  “ Wired” in 1993. It is a bimonthly publication featuring an article written by leading authors, journalists and thinkers.

In 1994, wired won the first  National Magazine  Awards for general excellence. Associated publisher Kath leen  Lyman  ( formerly known as news corporation and Ziff Davis).

Wired’s first advertising manager introduced a revolutionary ad campaign by a  diverse group of industries leader such as  Apple Computer, Intel, Sony, Calvin, Klein and  Absolut-to the readers of the first technology publication.

Wired was purchased by Advance  Publications which assigned it to  Advance’s subsidiary New York-based publisher  Conde Nast  Publications which editorial office in San Francisco.

Wired Digital(,,, etc).was purchased by the  Lycos and run independently from 2006.

The Next Fest from 2004 to 2008, wired organized an annual  “ festival of  Innovative products and technology”.

The Net worth of Wired Magazine:-Wired  earns that an estimated $4.83 million a year. This earning only from the youtube channel.

Each month  WIRED  youtube channel receives around 20.13 million views a month and around 671.04 thousand views each day.

3. The Economist:-

Top 5 Best Business Magazine of the Enterprise World.

3. The Economist:-

The Economist is a  British  Weekly Newspaper printed in demitab format and published digitally that focuses on current affairs, international businesses, politics and technology and culture.

The Economist was founded by  James Wilson. It was founded in September 1843.




History of The Economist Group:-

The Economist Group legally  The Economist Newspapers Limited is a media company. Its headquarter at  London, England. It is best known as  “ The Economist”.It start its first publication in 1843.

The Economist Group is famous for its international business and world affairs information. Its principal activities are digital media, as well as conferences and market intelligence.

In 1946, the Economic Intelligence  Unit began providing businesses intelligence to both  The economist newspaper and external clients.

The economist book shop was established a 50:50 joint venture with the London School of economics.

In 1995, The Economist Group acquired the Journal of Commerce a US-based provider of information and shopping and transportation industries.

The same year group launched European voice, the first pan  European  Union weekly newspaper.

In July 2004, The Economist Group launched an upmarket lifestyle magazine called  Intelligent life, an annual publication.

This magazine was redesigned as quarterly in 2007 and became a bi monthly publication in August 2011.

In March 2012, The Economist Group acquired the  London based marketing communications agency  TVC Group.

The Head quart of The Economist Group in  Canary  Wharf, London in England. It has offered its publications worldwide like Brussels, Belgium, Frankfurt, Germany, Geneva, Switzerland, France, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Tokyo, Japan, India, and New York City and Washington.

Ownership:-After the death of its founder  James Wilson in 1860, The Economist was held in a testamentary trust for six daughters and they’re dependent.

The Eldest Mrs Bagehot, whose husband Walter editor in chief. The present editor in chief was appointed in 2015 by Zanny Milton Beddoes.

The Economist Newspaper Limited  is a wholly-owned  subsidiary  of the  “The Economist Group” Sir Evelyn Robert de Rothschild was the Chairman  of the company  from 1972

In 2019, its average global print circulation was 9,09,476. It reaches an audience of 35 million in 2016.

The newspaper has given a prominent focus on data journalism and analysis over the original reporting.

Specialisation:-The Economist’s primary focus is on world events, politics and businesses.

 It also keeps regular sections on science and technology as well as books and arts. The five main categories are  Businesses, Finance, Science and Technology and Regions related subjects are published.

Net Worth:-In the fiscal year 2021, the company’s revenue amounted to 310 million.GBP( Gross British Pound).

4. Harvard Business  Review:-

Top 5 Best Business Magazine of the Enterprise World.
Harvard-business-review-business-management Cover page

Harvard Business Review(HBR) is a general management magazine published by Harvard  Business Publishing, wholly owned by the subsidiary of Harvard University.

The company Harvard  Business Publishing was founded in 1922. Harvard Business review publish in a year six times. Its headquarter is in  Brighton, Massachusetts.

Harvard Business Review covers topics of the  various industries, management functions and geographic locations.

These include leadership, negotiation, strategy of the business , operations, marketing and finance.

Harvard Business Review publishes in thirteen languages other than the English language.

History of Harvard Business Review:-Harvard Business Review started in 1922 as a Magazine for the  Harvard Business School.

HBR was meant for typical school publications. The HBR  is intended to be the highest type of business journal and used by students and businessmen.

Harvard Business Review focuses on macroeconomics trends, as well as an important development within specific industries.

Over the next three decades, HBR magazine continued to refine its focus on general management issues that affect business leaders.

Between 2006-2008, HBP  went through several recognitions and settled into three market-facing groups that exist today. Higher education, which distributes cases, articles and book chapters for business education materials.

HBR continue to focus on the research-based, academic area that would help readers improve their companies and their careers.

HBR  won the Webby award for Business  Blog and websites in the category in 2020.

Revenue of Harvard Business Review:-Harvard Business Publishing revenue grew up $262 million from $240 million earlier.

There is 3,40,000 paid circulation, HBR receives an average of 7 million unique visitors each month to the HBR organization. There are 18 million social media followers and 4 million podcasts.

5. Bloomberg Business Week:-

Top 5 Best Business Magazine of the Enterprise World.
Bloomberg Business week magazine cover page.

Bloomberg Business Week, previously known as the “Businesses week”.It is an American weekly business magazine. This magazine publishes fifty times a year.

 Since 2009 this magazine is owned by  New York City-based  Bloomberg L.P.This magazine was first published in the year of 1929.

History of Bloomberg Business Week:-Business week was first published in New York City in September 1929.

This magazine provides information and opinions on what was happening in the business world.

In the early section, the magazine includes marketing, labour, finance, management and  Washington outlook.

Businessweek was originally published as a  resource for business managers. In 1970 the magazine shifted its strategy and added consumers outside the business world. In the year 1975the magazine was carrying more advertising pages annually than any other magazine.

The business week started publishing the annual ranking of undergraduate business programme in addition to its MBA programme.

In the year 2010, the magazine title restyled as “Bloomberg Businessweek”.

In October-2018, Bloomberg Business Week published  “ The Big Hack’ How China used a tiny chip to Infiltrate U.S Companies.

 An article published by Jordan Robertson and Michael Riley claimed that China had hacked dozens of technology corporations including Amazon and Apple by placing extra integrated circuits on a super micro server motherboard during manufacturing.

Awards:-In the year 2011 Adweek named  Bloomberg Businessweek mas the top business in the country.

In 2012Bloomberg Businessweek won the general excellence award for the general-interest magazines at the National Magazine award.  

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