Top 15 Digital Marketing Agency in India-2023
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If you are Are you looking for a top digital marketing agency in India for 2023? So this blog is for you. We have a listing here on the list of all the leading digital marketing agencies in India, provide top services and are well known in pan India. 


Before getting to the list, you must continue reading if, you would like to know a little about, digital marketing agencies and why digital marketing agencies are so important for business today.


What is a digital marketing agency?


A digital marketing agency is a firm that deals exclusively in marketing to consumers through digital channels. This includes creating and launching campaigns for corporate clients through social media pay-per-click advertising, videos and websites, among others.


Digital marketing agencies employ strategies like SEO, search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing (SMM), content marketing and mobile marketing to ensure that your business website and your brand are always visible to the digital customer.


Digital marketing is good for any type of business. A business from any category that approaches a digital marketing agency to reach the audience online and wants to turn into profitable can get benefits with time.


Why is digital marketing important in the 21st century?


The continuous evaluation of technologies has changed the way your target market lives their daily lives. Hence, after choosing the  market  of your business products or services  on Internet platforms, you are much more likely to be in front of your audience than marketing via a traditional approach.


Digital marketing is very important in today’s era. It helps focus on a targeted audience with global reach, unlike traditional marketing, bringing in high revenue with little investment.

1. Oxedent:-

Top15 Digital Marketing Agency in India 2023
Oxedent is one of the top Digital Marketing Agency in India-2023

It is the top  Digital Marketing Agency in India. Oxedent is a specialized agency that ensures you generate more traffic to your website and offers you a greater number of leads. The experienced PPC team assures you guaranteed results and sales boosts.


This organization helps your business target and reach new audience bases. Focus on delivering leads and sales not only click and impressions. Oxedent focuses on leading strategies with valuable insight. PPC advertising has the potential to grab the attention of relevant website visitors and help you with the sales boost and generation of greater leads.


At Oxedent, you can maximize conversion that is suited best for all advertisers for their Adwords campaign with a limited budget. This will utilize historical data and you will get a high volume of leads within your budget. Mr. Biplab Poddar is the founder and CEO of the company.



2. Growth Hacker Digital:-

Growth Hackers do as services for the Growth of Marketing in the process of designing and conducting experiments to optimize and improve the results of the targeted area.Growth Hacker Digital is the top Digital marketing agency in India.


Our Growth Hacker services are:-

  • Data Tracking and Analytics
  • Acquisition of Marketing (Social, search, content and e-mail)
  • Technical skills
  • Customer Retentions
  • Referral Programs & Viral Marketing Conversion 
  • Rate Optimization


The average Growth Hacker salary is $75, of Sept 2022.Growth Hackers is an award-winning growth hacking agency that will bring you fast, sustainable and scalable growth. Growth Hackers act as your growth partner and execute strategies that bring results.


Growth hackers the best team of experienced marketers, copywriters, entrepreneurs, designers, developers, data analysis and growth experts. The company has been growing for 10+ years successfully all over the world. Mr. Srikar Srinivasula is the founder of Growth Hacker’s digital.


3. Nine Hertz:-

Top15 Digital Marketing Agency in India 2023

Nine Hertz is a renowned name in the IT Industry known for developing creative Mobile Apps and Web Development services. The organization has been active since 2008 and has successfully delivered over 1000 applications for iOS, Android and Web. It is one of the top digital marketing agencies in India.


At Ninehertz, we offer professional mobile game development services to help you create your own custom mobile games. We use the latest mobile game engines, which allow us to develop 2D and 3D Mobile games for a variety of mobile devices, including iOS, Android and Windows phones.


In the  Nine Hertz , Mobile game art& design with  animation are the  important  parts of the game development process. Ninhertz is a team of mobile game artists, designers and animators who work together to create beautiful and exciting games.


The main Games are as follows:-Mobile Game, Video Game, NFT Game, AR Game, Android Game,2D Game, 3D Game, Casino Game, Ludu Game etc. Narendra Chauhan is the founder of Nine Hertz.



4. Kinnect:-

Kinnect is one of India’s top digital marketing agencies. It is a truly integrated creative and media that the agency has built for now.Connect represents a truly integrated creative and media agency built for the now.


An agency with a strong growth trajectory at the helm of its success is the strategic synthesis of creative media. Kinnect has a solution-driven approach to advertising and has built our business model by keeping clients at center.


Kinnect has built-in house capabilities for the customer experience and science –Kinnect CX, influencer and talent outreach, and reputation management. Chandini is the co-founder of Kinnect.


5. Web Matriks:-


Web Matriks is given full service by the digital marketing agency, with experience working across industries, helping companies grow online with new lead customers and repeat orders. Web Matriks  is one of the top  Digital Marketing agencies in India.


The advent of the Internet hugely impacts people’s purchasing decisions. Before buying any product they are more likely to conduct  online research.


The web matrix has a team of highly skilled digital marketers with proven processes that will address your business challenges and suitably provide you with the best results.


Through organic SEO services, several businesses across industries drive 

targeted traffic to their sites, and converted passive readers into active paying clients through proper planning, execution and management of SEO activities.


Web Matriks, being a leading social media optimizer, can help their customers to brand grow on different online platforms. Promote business faster and more users engagement. Subash Prajapati is the co-founder of Web Matriks.


6. Monolith:-

Monolithi is a leading Digital marketing agency in Kerala, Kochi. It has been providing the most dynamic services to corporations around the globe. Ability to offer Digital Marketing Strategy, Data Science, Content Marketing, Rich Media solutions, search engine optimization and so much more.

Monolith has been provide chicking with outstanding digital marketing solutions since 2017. Monolithi provides services like Media Planning and Buying, Data Analytics & Big Data, Social Media Marketing, PPC Management, Web Development, Mobile Application, Branding & Domin 

Registration & Hosting.


Monolithi, we strive to be the leaders in Digital Marketing Analytics in South India by helping our clients drive digital transformation to gain a competitive edge.


Monolithi providing Digital Marketing Solutions since 2005. Monolithi is located at Alleppey and Kochi in Kerala. Mr. Ajith John is the founder of Monolithi.


Top 15 Digital Marketing Agency in India 2023
Monolith Digital Marketing Agency is top in India.-2023

L7. Tech-bound Innovation:-

Tech bound, the guiding digital marketing agency in Kerala, helps businesses and brands unlock growth through carefully crafted and optimized plans ensuring a smooth digital experience.


It provides services like search engine optimization, social media marketing, search engine marketing, e-commerce management, promotion of mobile applications and video advertising.


Tech-bound Innovation was founded in 2012, This company operated a Digital Marketing Agency and SEO company from the capital city of Kerala.


Tech Bound SEO company & Digital Marketing Agency in Kerala. It provides consulting services tailored according to  certain business needs. The Tech Bound company helps you reach your business/brands to the right customers and promote them using our unique marketing strategy.


 Mr. Riyaz Hakkim is the founder of Tech-bound Innovation.


8. Social Pulsar:-


Social pulsar is one of the top SEO and social media marketing companies in Kerala. The social pulsar provides social a digital strategy that is driven by digital intelligence to enhance brand identity. It is one of the top digital marketing agencies in India.


Social pulsar helps you achieve your digital marketing goals through our top-notch marketing automation services. Social Pulsor also provides services to Competitors Analysis and Marketing Analysis for the growth of the business.


Social pulsar also shopping campaigns and display camp campaigns clubbed with various media buying opportunities assure your brand and its campaign for the best visibility possible.


Every business needs to maintain a solid brand identity in the web sphere to achieve the desired success. Social pulsar provides Digital Branding Services, which includes Brand Marketing services and reputation management services. Mr. Ajaish Nair is the founder of the Social Pulsar.




9. Bluesteak:-

Top15 Digital Marketing Agency in India 2023
Bluesteak-is the TopDigital Marketing Agency in India-2023

Bluestreak is a creative digital marketing agency that provides online solutions to organizations across different business sectors through creativity and strategic innovations.


Bluestreak offers services that stand out and create an impact for the client’s organization in the competitive world. Bluestreak is not only one of the best Digital Marketing agencies in Kerala but one of the best in the country in India.


Bluestreak provides digital marketing services to E-commerce, FMCG, Ed tech/Education. The targeted companies are a startup, small enterprises, Medium Enterprises & Large Enterprises.


Bluestreak is a leading Digital Marketing Agency based in Kottayam, Kerala.It was founded in 2018. Jaison Thomas is the founder of this company.



10. Viral Mafia:-

Viral Mafia is a top-notch digital marketing agencies in Kerala. Kerala is the foremost digital marketing company in Kerala. The viral mafia helps its clients pave their way to a global market by effectively implementing digital marketing strategies. 


Viral mafia design and implement unique lead-generation campaigns for our clients based on their requirements. The ultimate objective of lead generation campaigns is to attract prospects and convert them into valuable customers for clients.


Viral media also helps brand management across different digital ventures like websites, social media apps and many more. The viral mafia also helps E-commerce marketing assists in e-commerce firms to create huge revenue through increased customer acquisition and retention by creating strong brand value.


Viral media to be associated with one of the most reputed educational groups in India. The web design team of the viral mafia designed the perfect website for all the institutions under the Nehru group.


The Viral media group helps their clients with SEO services. Several international companies are already taking SEO services from the Viral mafia. Mr. Sajeesh Sankar is the founder of Viral Mafia.


11. Creative Monkeys:-

Creative Monkeys is one of the leading Advertising Agency Calicut, Kochi,Kerala. It is unique and highly cost-effective. Creative Monkeys offers a wide range of Services like Advertising, Events, Creative Designs, video production, package Design, Branding, Digital Marketing and ads.


Creative Monkeys offers in-depth marketing expertise, brand analysis and solutions to companies to help you successfully sell your products attaining the business goals and objectives.


Creative Monkeys will keep your business top of the list. They evaluate website traffic and determine the best online platform to invest in. Creative monkeys make your brand known to people. Mr Sijo Michal John is the founder of Creative Monkeys.


12. Makkani Production:-

Makkani Production is one of the leading digital marketing services. The Makkani production through integrated marketing communications provides end–to–end creative solutions for brands ranging from Brand identity & Design to ensure digital presence through social media, website and product development.

Makkani production works towards the goals of the business. Makkani production has integrated technology into the solution. From website to product development, we seek out consumers and represent you in the most effective way possible.


Makkani Productions takes a holistic approach to brand communication to ensure that clients get the best and most consistent services. Mr Primjas PV is the CEO of this company.


13. Diffusion Marketing:-


Diffusion Marketing Solutions is an initiative in the field of Digital Marketing that aims to build brands creatively and more engagingly. Diffusion Marketing assists businesses in establishing a recognized value over some time.It is one of the top Digital Marketing agencies in India.


Diffusion Marketing offers services for website development, social media marketing, Video production, Graphic designing, Online advertisement etc.


Diffusion Marketing agency helps businesses save money on print media but also helps in saving paper, thus achieving another milestone towards saving the environment. Mr. Daljit Bhurji is the CEO and co-founder of Diffusion Marketing.


14. City Web:-


City Web is the best online marketing company in India. The company offers integrated advertising and branding solutions for businesses across the globe.


City web provides services like a mobile website, E-commerce application, web design, web development & logo design, social media marketing, search engine optimization & e-mail marketing.


City web and its sister entity Zeo Seo give your business the perfect web solutions to raise your online presence. For the last 6 years along with a team of extremely innovative people, City web has been successful in transforming the obsolete attitudes of many enterprises.


Rishikanta Srivastav is the CEO and founder of City Web.


Top Digital Marketing Agency in India 2023
creative-monkeys-leading digital marketing agency in India -2023

15. SEO Valley Solutions Private Limited:-

Top 15Digital Marketing Agency in India 2023

This digital marketing agency was founded in 2000 in the name of SEO valley. It is one of the top-rated and most awarded digital marketing companies in the world.

SEO valley is a complete digital marketing solution under one roof. The services SEO valley provides as Search Engine Optimization, PPC, Content Marketing, Local SEO, Online reputation management, Analytics and programming.


SEO valley is one of the biggest SEO companies today.SEO valley currently has 110campaign managers, SEO experts, content specialists, link builders, conversion specialists, and PPC experts.


SEO valley is regularly awarded and rated by international media agencies. Ms. Zarina Shabir is the founder of SEO valley




According to Goldman report, by 2025, the future scope of Digital Marketing in the Indian Internet business will be worth US$160 billion. Hence we need to better understand the scope of Digital Marketing in India 

and its growing appeal as a profession.


Brands are now looking forward to boosting their presence online because 

of the presence of the target audience. A brand requires the support of digital agencies and social media presence to promote and spread awareness about their products.


Digital marketing will be a good career in India in future. The average salary of a digital marketer at an executive level position lies between Rs. 2,50,000 to Rs. 5,00,000.The highest salary of a manager is Rs. 8,00,000 to RS. 10, 00,000.



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