How to start Blogging Business in India to earn real good money?
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Blogging Business in India  is very popular not only in India but also  in every part of the world. Before I start my above Blog for young & educated mass of Indians, how much they earn from Blogging Business in India? Here, I want to describe some of the different major points related to Blogging in this Digital World.

What is exactly Blogging Means:-

Blogging Business in all over the world refers to writing of some of the topics with images and other media which is self –published online.

Blog  is a  part of a   website  that offers regularly  updated  content  on different  topics,  presenting  information in  reverse chronological order.  Blogs offer   up to date content (posts), while websites often display static information about the content in the Blog.

Blogger is the blog owner or person who maintains and runs the blog. A blogger is someone who writes regularly for an online journal or website.

What is the purpose of Blogging:-

The purpose of a blog in blogging business is to create a more engaging website for your brand. Use a website to teach users about your defined products and services. You can include a blog section to teach consumers about topics that are relevant to your area of Blogs.

The three main purposes of blogging are:-

1. Blogging provide Information of people want

2. Blogging establishes you as an Authority

3. Blogging Exposure Leads to sale.

How to start Blogging Business in India to earn real good money?
Content writing is the best blogging business in India-2022

What is Business Blogging:-

Blogging Business in India   is a marketing tactic that uses blogging to get your business more online visibility. Business blog is a marketing channel (just like social media, direct mail, email marketing etc).that help and support for business growth.

Business Blogs  must be  maintained  to provide  great value  to the readers  and promote  the businesses  at the same time  as the  audience  to businesses  blogs, can produce  very high ROI.

Small  businesses  can also  use  a blog  to establish  themselves  in  the  online space. The best part of starting  a blog  does not  even require  any large investment .It can help  you to reach  a large  number of potential customers.

The primary goal  of blogging  for businesses  is revenue. According recent statistics , B2B  companies  that use  blogging  for businesses  receive 67%more leads  every single month  and 53% marketers  say that  creating  blog content  is their top marketing priority.

How much does a professional blogger earn in India?

In Blogging Business in India, a professional blogger can earn up to Rs 7, 00,000 to Rs. 10, 00,000 per month. An average blogger can earn Rs20, 000 to Rs.30, 000 per month.

Five Richest Bloggers in the World & How much do they earn from their Blogs?

1. Ariana$250 million per annum

2. Tim Sykes:-Timothysykes-$120 million per annum

3. Peter$50 million per year

4. Perez$40 million per year.

5. Chira Firangi:-The$35 million annually

Is Blogging still relevant in 2022?

In fact, roughly 409 million internet users read about 20 billion blog pages monthly. This is why 53% marketers prioritize blogging as their primary content marketing strategy. Blogging has continued to flourish, with a 12% increase in the last 5 years.

How to earn real good money from Blogging in India?

There are top 10 different ways to make money from Blogging in 2022.They are as follows:

1. Provide your services:-

2. Ad Networks:-

3. Sell into Products:-

4. Affiliate Marketing:-

5. Sponsored posts /Products:-

6. Native Advertising:-

7. Launch online courses:-

8. Direct Advertisements:-

9. Make money from social media networks:-


10. Video Blogging on You tubes:-

1. Provide your services:-

If your Blog has some  useful and informative  content, it is easy  to target  web traffic  to it. You may provide paid services  to your online visitors. Many bloggers  have  been doing free lancing job  and earn money from blogs in content writing.

If you will financial consulting services  to your visitors, you can individually  for half  an hour, and you can charge from them for your services.

Payments in India can be accepted in different ways. You may request to transfer the money to your bank account. Alternatively, you may take help  from the  payment gateways  and ask the clients  to pay  using them. Blogging Business in India provides your services contents very popular.

2. Ad Networks:-

There are various popular ad networks from where you can also  generate huge  monetary earnings. Blogging Business in India Ad Network is very popular for earning money online. The top 10  of these  are as follows:-

1. Google Adsense

2. m Media

3. Facebook Audience  Networks ads.

4. Tabola

5. Yahoo networks

6. Ad Cash

7. Pop Ads

8. Hiltop Ads

9. Adterra

10. Revenue Hits

3. Select Info Products:-

This is another popular way to make money from blogging in India. If you have  an  existing  audience  from the social  media  following or an email list, you may contemplate designing  and selling  your  info products.

A course or an eBook is an example of  an info product. If there is a proper system in place, it is not  a tough job  to get the right  people  and pitch  your products  at the correct time.

Info products with  low ticket size , especially $50 to $200(Rs2500 to Rs.15000).Users are  always looking  at ways  to  enhance  their knowledge .The info product could be anything  from an e-book to  self paced  online courses.

4. Affiliate Marketing:-

How to start Blogging Business in India to earn real good money?
the-business-called-Affiliate-Marketing is a Blogging Business in 2022

Affiliate advertising can be one of the finest ways to make money through blogging. Single sales can fetch you more money compared to a click on an ad

Affiliate marketing is something many bloggers are into these days. If you are looking  for a list  of affiliate  marketing programs  in India  to monetize the your blogs , there are  exhaustive list that  you should definitely  check out.

A great advantage  of being  engaged  in Affiliate  marketing  is that  the  techniques  can be used  on any blogging platform like LinkedIn, Medium, Squarespace  or Wix. You simply have to simply  share  the unique  affiliate  link  of your recommended product. Every time a person buys a product, you can earn a large amount from anywhere between 5% to 30%.

You can make good money with affiliate marketing. In the US affiliate marketing  spend  is expected  to reach $8.2 billion  by 2022, compared  to $5.4 billion  in 2017.There are 84% Publisher  uses affiliate programn Blogging Business India  Affiliate marketing is very popular  for earning money at home.

5. Sponsored posts /Products:-

If your blog has some authority and has started getting web traffic, offers may come up for writing sponsored blog posts or reviewing products for money. 

There are many situations when the person pays you for sponsored articles or posts and may need back links to their clients or their sites. Such back links can assist them in getting better ranks in search engine results.

Sponsored posts are usually price based on organic traffic and the authority of the websites. You could earn anywhere between$50 to $150 for every sponsored post published on the site. Sponsored products are very popular in Blogging Business in India.

6. Native Advertising:-

Native advertising is used to pay advertisement, which matches the function, feel and appearance of the media format where they appear.

You will often come across these social ads on your social media feeds. They do not look like advertisements contrary to banner ads or display ads. 

Native advertisement is another popular technique to earn money from blogging. In native advertising, a blogger blend  a marketing messages  for their  advertisers  in such a manner  that it appears  editorial instead of ads.

You can earn money from Native advertising from blogging.

1. Mgid.

2. Taboola

3. Adsense

4. Quitbrain, which offers high quality native ads.

7. Launch online courses:-

How to start Blogging Business in India to earn real good money?
online-course-is a Blogging Business in all over the world-2022

Online courses all over the world can be

1. Video courses with duration of 1-2 hours to be created. Here are 10 short term courses that can help you earn money from home: Rs 40,000 per month.

·        Ethical  Hacking courses

·        SEO courses

·        PPC courses

·        Graphic Designing courses

·        Web designing courses

·        Animation courses

·        Content writing courses

·        Online tutoring course

·        On line courses for Digital Marketing

Today technological advancements have made it easier to launch online courses. Simply integrate a learning management system into your website and start selling your courses. On line courses is very popular in Blogging Business in INDIA.

8. Direct Advertisements:-

In Blogging Business in India, Direct advertisements are another best way to make money from your blogs. If you have established blogs, you can directly connect with brands to place their ads on your website. Here you may enter into a partnership with agencies for doing the direct Advertisement.

9. Make money from social media networks:-

How to start Blogging Business in India to earn real good money?
Social-media-networks-graph-Blogging business platform in India-2022

One of the most popular  ways  to make money  on social media  today is  to produce  exclusive content, accessible  only to followers  who pay for monthly subscriptions.

Top 5 ways to make money from social media networks:-

1.   Promote brands with affiliate programmers.

2.   Join influencer marketing platforms.

3.   Find  brands  to  partner with  directly

4.   Launch a sponsored video series.

5.   Sell your own educational products  or services

10. Video Blogging on You tubes:-

How to start Blogging Business in India to earn real good money?
Video Vlogging is Blogging Business in India that makes money online.

It is another increasing type of blogging where the video bloggers speak about and show their daily life as well as create community. Blogs are very common and popular on youtube. The popular video blogger  can earn  a lot of money. A few popular topics for video blogging are:-

1. Travel

2. Fashion

3. Lifestyle

4. Entertainment

5. Motivation.

Video blog is a blog in video form. It is your own little TV channel. A video blog, sometimes  known as  a vlog. It is  a regularly updated  website  that uses  embedded  videos  instead  of text to communicate  with visitors

You can earn money on You Tube through  the following  features Advertising revenue-Get  revenue from Display , overlay and video ads.

Channel membership  is where your  members  may  recurring  monthly payments  in exchange  for  the special perks  that you offer. Video marketing is very popular all over the world for making money at home through Blogging Business.

The most popular types of Vlogs in India:-

1. Beauty

2. Gaming

3. Technology review

4. Health & Fitness

5. Cooking

6. Lifestyle

7. Personal Financial Planning

Conclusion: – Recently blogging has become a full time job for money. Blogging takes some time and effort to earn money. Google asks  you to get  a good number  of views  on your  blog  to apply Ad sense.

Once Ad sense is approved you can earn money only when the income reaches $100.YouTube is also the same. Create videos on trending topics  and post them. However, you need to have a  good number of subscribers  and views.

Trending topics like make up tutorials, game reviews, how to do, cooking procedure etc, can give you a good number of views. However, opt for  any topic that you are  familiar  with  so that  you can  write  the content  without copying. Blogging Business in India is very popular in India and all over the world.

How to start Blogging Business in India to earn real good money?
Video at Home is also a Popular Blogging Business in India


Question1:- Which Indian Blogger earns the most money?

Answer1:- Amit Agarwal –Blog Name – $60,000.

                     Harsh Agarwal-Blog Name –shout me$52534.

                     Faisal Farooqui-Blog Name –$50,000.

                     Sharda Sharma- Blog $30,000.

Question2:- How do Indian Bloggers make money?

Answer2:-Affiliate programmers are again good methods of earning money through a blog. Affiliate  programs  are similar  to advertising .But in  affiliate  programs  you are  paid directly by  advertisers  to place  a banner  ad  or text  ad  on your site.

Question3:-Who is India’s No 1 Blogger?

Answer 3:-Amit Agarwal is the most famous Indian Blogger and he is the first Indian Professional Blogger.

Question4:- How a Blogger get rich?

Answer4:- There are five main ways bloggers make money. Ads, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, products and services.

Question5:-Who is the highest paid  blogger in the World?

Answer5:- Mr.  John Lee Dumas  earns $1,95,000 per month. He is the highest paid blogger in the world.


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