Govt. officer's Corruption in India affect the economic development
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Government officers corruption in india affect the economic development of India. Dishonest or illegal monetary benefits especially by powerful people of government officials or police officers. The use of bribery to influence the actions of a public officials. More generally, corruption refers to obtaining benefits from public office through bribes, extortion, and embezzlement of public funds.

Being an IAS officer gives you tremendous power to create and implement policies for the betterment of the people. You can contribute to making policies and also take action against unwanted and evil activities in the country.

In India IAS, IPS, IFS & IRS most important Government services. They are handling the administration and daily proceedings of the Government. They implement and formulate the policy for the betterment of the people.

They are always help the Ministry of the state and central government to implementation of the policy of the Ministry or departments of the state Government or Central Government.

Broadly, the IAS officer is responsible for the maintenance of law and order, revenue administration and general administration in the area under him/her.

Most respectful in India Government officers Jobs :- IAS, IPS & IFS,IRS.

The Salary of a Government IAS officer (6th Pay Commission) in India as follows.

1.Sub divisional Magistrate/Sub Collector: -Pay Scale 50,000-1,50,000

2.Collector/Joint secretary to Govt. Minister: -Pay scale is 50,000-1,50,000

3.Head of Government Department: -Pay scale 50,000 to 1,50,000

4.Secretary to Minister: -Pay scale: -Pay scale 1,00,000 to 2,00,000.

5.Principal secretary to Important Govt. department: -1,00,000to2,00,000

6.Chief secretary to a state: -Rs.2,25,000 fixed.

7.Cabinet secretary to India: -Rs2,25,000 fixed

 Other facilities given to IAS officer: –

(1.) IAS officer generally get huge houses as residency with no rent. They can also avail of the services of maids, cooks, Gardner & security guards etc.

(2) They are allowed one or more vehicles for transport purposes.

(3) They generally get free electricity, gas, water, phone facilities.

(4) IAS officer enjoy subsidised accommodation, government guest houses in non-official trips.

(5) IAS officer also go for 2 years free study leave. AS officer enjoy life time pension, with more facilities in whole life.

Why in India most of the IAS, IPS, IFS & IRS officers are corrupt?


Govt. officer's Corruption in India affect the economic development
Pooja-singhal-An IAS OFFICER Corruption of Rs. 19 Crore Cash & Husband Abhisek Jha Rs.70 Crore.

Secretary to Jharkhand Mining Industries Secretary: –

The Enforcement Directorate (ED) on Wednesdayarrested Jharkhand Mining Secretary Pooja Singhal in a case of money launderinginvolving the alleged diversion of MGNREGA funds on May 11, 2022.During her tenure as deputy commissioner in Khunti in2009-2010.


She is 2000 batch Indian Administrative services(IAS) officer. She cleared IAS in the age of 21. Her name was registered in theLimka books of Records. She has been taken into ED custody under the relevantsections of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA). She has played vitalrole in  top positions under different governmentsin Jharkhand.

Last week the ED had arrested Suman kumar Jha, acharted accountant (CA) allegedly linked to Singhal, a day after it conductedraids at 18 locations across four states on May,6,2022 including premises linkedto the IAS officer. Over 19.31 Crore in cash was recovered from the premises of CA.

According to officials the fund had been earmarkedfor the execution of government projects under the Mahatma Gandhi NationalRural Employment Guarantee scheme (MGNREGS) in Khunti district of Jharkhand

Pooja Singhal was the deputy commissioner, Khunti in 2009-10. ED sources reported that there were many charges of irregularities against her during 2007 to 2013.The bank account of pooja Singhal and husband Abhishek jha have huge cash deposit in their bank account of Rs 1.43 Crore during that period.

Pooja Singhal purchased in her and her husband’s name Abhishek Jha 13 life insurance policies and paid premium Rs.80.81 Lakhs between 2006-2013.She closed it permanently and received Rs.84.64 Lakhs.

Pooja Singhal husband Abhishek jha have a hospital “PULSE HOSITAL “in his name which current worth is Rs.70 Crore. Governemnt officer corruption in India affect the development of economy.


Govt. officer's Corruption in India affect the economic development
Odisha IAS-Officer-Binod-Kumar sent on jail with compulsory Retirement.


Odisha Government sacked 1989 batch Senior IAS officer and former managing Director of Odisha Rural Housing Corporations Mr. Binod Kumar on the charge of misusing office and masterminding corrupt practices. Mr Binod belong to village Jamalpur in the state of Bihar.

During his tenure as the Managing Director of the Odisha Rural Housing Corporation, kumar had illegally sanctioned Rs.33.34 Crore towards fake farms individuals in the 1999 super cyclone. As a result, state government has loose huge financial losses. Government officer corruption in India affect the development of economy.

Odisha Government has filed 26 Vigilance cases against Binod Kumar. The court had convicted Kumar and five others of showing under favour, criminal misconduct, forgery cheating and criminal conspiracy in sanctioning and disbursing loan worth Rs.1.68 Crore, without adhering to the guidelines and falsifying official documents and using the same as guide line.

In July 2018, the Special Judge (Vigilance) in Bhubaneswar found him and five other guilty in connection with a rural housing scam in 2001.The scam ran into over Rs100 CRORES.

Mr Binod kumar was found guilty under section 13(2) read with 13(1)(d) of prevention of Corruption Act, along with Section 420 and 120-B of the Indian Penal code for criminal conspiracy and providing monetary benefits to the NGO by releasing funds, without using of Government guide lines.


1.S. Malaichamy: -IAS -Former MD of Khadi Gram Udyog-Delhi-Corruption of Rs.2 Crore.

2.Nitesh Janardhan Thakur-IAS-He is the brother of former Maharashtra Housing and Developmet Authority (MHADA). Corruption of Rs.275 Crores.

3.Arvind Joshi-IAS-Husband of Tinoo Joshi -IAS. -1979 Batch IAS officer of MP Cadra corruption of Rs.50 Crore.

4.Tinoo Joshi-IAS-Wife of Arvind Joshi-IAS. -Principal secretary to Madhya Pradesh Government-Corruption of Rs.3.04 Crore cash received from her residence illegally earning & other property of about Rs400 Crores.

5.Neera Yadav-IAS-Former Uttar Pradesh Chief Secretary-She involved various Land scame of Rs.1000Crores.

6.Babulal Agarwal-IAS-State Agricultural secretary to Chhattisgarh. -He has benami 446 bank accounts had Rs. 40 Crore and 16 shell companies of Rs. More than Rs.500 Crore assets value.

7.T.O Suraj-IAS-District collector of Kozhikode-His assets are 20 Luxury Flats all over india and Dubai which cost more than Rs. 50 crores and seized Rs. 20 Lakhs cash.

8.Rakesh Bahadur: -IAS-Involved in Land scam of Rs 4000 Crores corruptions in Uttar Pradesh.

9.Subhash Ahluwalia: -IAS-Principal Private secretary to Chief Minister Virbhadra singh

10.Rakesh Kumar Jain: -IAS-Director of commerce department. He was arrested, when he was taking bribe of Rs.7.5 Lakhs, misusing the post by giving coal linkage.


Govt. officer's Corruption in India affect the economic development
Addl. SP Trinath MishraIPS officer of Odisha compulsory retirement by the Odisha Governemnt for corruption.

The state Government of Odisha on Monday given compulsory retirement. Mr Trinath Mishra was arrested by the state vigilance directorate on Feburary-16, 2022.He was allegedly possessing dipropionate   assets to the tune of Rs. 9 crores.

ASP Trinath Mishra additional SP of the  Government of Odisha  given compulsory retirement by the government in tune with the policy of zero tolerance towards corruption and inefficiency. So, the state Government of Odisha given him compulsory retirement to 152 officials on charge of corruption and inefficiency.

The vigilance crackdown on MISHRA was talk of the town as the officers seized a fleet of expensive vehicles and bikes, including a BMW X7 car of Rs. 1.10 Crore, CTR 250Hyosung bike (53 Lakh). Triumph Rocket. (Rs25 Lac), Royal Enfield Classic 500 ABC (Rs2.5 Lacs) & a Yamaha Bike of Rs. 2 Lacs.

Vigilance found that 3BHK flat in Bhubaneswar, a farm house in Jajpur district, 3 Plots in Bhubaneswar.

Apart from Cars and super bike Mishra’s son and his family members in several business enterprises including Hospital and a nursing home in Chindikhol and Dhan Mandal Jajpur. Atransport business in the name of Shantilata Transport with its official located at Chandikhol. Governemnt officer corruption in India affect the development of economy.

With these 152 Government officials have been awarded compulsory retirement by the state till date.


Govt. officer's Corruption in India affect the economic development
Odisha-IFS-Officer-Abhay-Pathak sent to Jail for corruption in Odisha.

Abhaya kant Pathak 1987 IFS officer, who served asthe additional conservator offorests, would have the next principal chief conservatorof forests of Odisha.

State vigilance mounted its biggest operationsagainst senior IFS officer Abhay kant Pathak, the anti-corruption bureau founda mindboggling Rs9.4 Crore deposits in his bank account of hisson Akash Pathak at Bhubaneswar. At least 8.4 Crore cash depositmade through ATM in Bhubaneswar.

Akash has no business of his own, but he operatedout two plush flash, office and farm house in Pune for which he had paid Rs. 1 Croreas rent. Again, the family travelled together uses charter flights for the purpose.The charter flights bills stand at Rs.3 Crore

Abhaya and his family members also made foreign trips to Malaysia, Hong KONG, United Kingdom, UAE& Maldives.

He has luxury cars like Mercedes, BMW, and Tata Harrier along with three motorcycles registered in the name of Akash Pathak.Vigalance also found 90 Lakh paid towards bill of Taj palace Mumbai, Rs60 Lakh cash, 1 Kg Gold etc.

The father and son duo had booked charted flights, five-star hotels and air tickets through the agency which cost around Rs.2.78 Crore. Governemnt officer corruption in India affect the development of economy.

5.GOVERNEMNT IRS (Indian Revenue Services) OFFICER: -

Indian Revenue services officers have always been toppingthe anti-corruption list of the CBI.

According to figure available with the agency, outof total of 86 officer booked by the agency for violations under the Preventionof corruption act in last four years 57 are the Government IRS officer in justlast 3 years (from 2016-2019).

What is the main role of CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) in India?

The CBI is the main investigation agency of the Governmentof India. It is not a statutory body. It derives its power from the DelhiSpecial Police Establishment Act, 1946.Its important role is to prevent corruptionand maintain Integrity in the administration.

What is main role of ED (Enforcement Directorate) of India?
The Directorate Enforcement (ED) is a versatile organisation that is, entrustedwith implementing the provisions of two fiscal laws-Foreign Exchange ManagementAct-1999(FEMA) and Prevention of Money Laundering Act ,2002(PMLA).

How corruption affect to the Indian economy?

Corruption also results in lower economic growth inIndia. Income With the reduction in corruption level in India the growth rateof GDP might increase by 5 %to 7%. As per as estimate the rampant corruption inIndia causes loss of growth in terms of investment and employment by Rs.25000crores.Governemnt officer corruption in India affect the development of economy of India.

“As per the Central Government report corruption charges against IAS officers in FY2020-21there are581 corruption charges FY2020-21, In the FY2019-20, 753 cases&FY2018-19 643cases filed.”

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