Top 20 Creative Ways How to Make Money on line in India-2023.
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Making money online in India has become easier than ever before.

Top 20 Creative Ways, describe here How to Make Money Online in India-2023. The most popular methods are blogging, freelancing, affiliate marketing, ecommerce, and online tutoring.

Blogging involves creating and managing a website, writing content, and monetizing it through advertising and affiliate marketing. Freelancing involves providing services such as writing, designing, web development, and much more to clients. Affiliate marketing involves promoting other people’s products and services and earning a commission.

E-commerce involves selling products online through websites and mobile applications. Online tutoring involves teaching students online and earning money through fees. Making money online in India requires dedication, hard work, and the right skills.

 Itis important to research the different options available and choose the one that best suits your skills and interests. Additionally, it is important to be aware of the potential risks of online money-making and take necessary precautions. With the right effort and dedication, it is possible to make money online in India in 2023.


Making money at home in 2023 most trending employee opportunity not only in India but also all over the World. Top 20 Creative Ways, describe here How to Make Money Online in India-2023.

COVID-19, the pandemic has the very worst effect on the labour market worldwide. Many individuals lose their jobs due to the close of business.

The CEMI also reported that the unemployment rate for the urban areas increased from 8.21% to 9.3% and from 6.44% to 7.28% for the rural areas.

Due to Covid-19&omicron in December-2021, services such as schools, gyms, and movie theatres were forced to be shot down in various states temporarily only.

This had a impact on economic activity and contributed to a rise in the unemployment rate in all over the world..

Bot there is a new development in the scenario of employment at home. 3.9million U.S employees work remotely. Making money at home even in your P.Js.

There are the top 20best creative ways to make money online on your schedule from is described here.

Before I start the best ways, you should know that who is eligible to make money online at home?

1. For all ages Men & Women

2. For all Kids

3. For all teens.

4. For all college students.

5. For all senior citizens without any age bar.  

Top 20 Creative Ways How to Make Money on line in India-2023

Top20 best creative ways to make money at home are described below:-

1. Start a Blog and earn money off Ads:-Create a platform to share your passion through blogs. This passion could be fashion, career, music, reading and finance.

Buy a domain and learn how to create your website. Share your all favourite stories, tips and advice on this site and add them to your resume. Place ads on your site to earn sponsorships.

Monetize your blogs with affiliate programs, Google Adsense, Podcasting, or selling digital products. This is one of the ways 

How to Make Money online in India-2023.

2. Test out Affiliate Marketing:-World Great Businessman says once,” If you do not find any way to make money in your sleep, you will work until you die”.

Affiliate marketing is one way to ensure the money is coming in, even while you are away from your computer. Create a website, youtube video, or build an audience on social media, you can use affiliate marketing. This is one of the ways  to Make Money on line in India-2023.

Affiliate markets have a few different ways  to get paid

(1)Pay per sale:-This is the most common way affiliate markets earn money and are used by 80% of programmes. Consumers most buy the products after clicking the affiliate link and the affiliate receives a percentage of the sale price.

(2)Pay per lead:- The seller also pays the affiliate to generate leads rather than make sales. In this case, the affiliate must persuade the consumer to complete actions such as filling out a contact form of signing.

(3)Pay per click:-Another unusual method of the affiliate to earn money when consumers click on their link, regardless of whether they convert to a lead or make a purchase.

3. Start a Podcast:-A podcast is a documentary production, such as a series intended for radio, television or online consumption.

 It is a series of digital audio files that users can download to a personal device to listen to at a time of their choosing.

There are four types of the podcast.

(1)Nonfiction Narrative Podcast:-This is probably one of the most popular podcast formats. This Podcast system  dominated by journalists. They are great at getting in-depth and insightful information from their subjects.

 These podcasts retail the true stories of others through the use of audio clips from the interviews. One of the most popular examples of the non-fixation narrative podcast is “This American Life”. It is an hour-long radio program turned into a podcast.

(2)Interview and Conversational  Podcast:-Another popular style of the podcast is having one host, with a single guest interview or multiple guests, throughout the show.

This podcast format provides listeners with different viewpoints and is usually a popular format with political podcasts.This very much popular inall over the world.

(3)Hybrid Podcast:-A Hybrid Podcast tends to have a  set cost, but often has other guests hosts or speakers who contribute to the show.

It usually starts with commentary or monologue from the host and then moves into a panel discussion. The best example is The Writer Voice.

 The writer’s voice allows popular writers as well as coming writers to read their pieces on the air.

(4) Fiction Podcast:-Fiction podcasts are a  form of audio drama that tells stories using a script.

A cast of voice actors and sound design to immerse the listener in the narrative. Fiction podcasting is a  relatively new format that was pioneered by popular shows  “Welcome to Night Value”.

Top 20 Creative Ways How to Make Money on line in India-2023.

4). Freelance Your Skills:- Passion for video editing, creating, graphics, writing or podcasting. Utilize your skills by applying to a freelancing website-add your resume, your hourly rate, and your expertise to get started. Freelancing is the 

 How to Make Money Online in India-2023.

Those in need of your skills will reach out to hire you. This is a great way to earn money and find new career opportunities.

(5)Buy and sell Website Domains:-To buy and sell domains is a great business that you can do from home just by being online.

In case you are new to the online business of buying and selling domain names, it is important to know, the best place you can buy the domains from and places to sell them.

(6)Help with Resume writing:-Resume writing services can help you to create a resume that best represents your skills and qualifications for a job.

 People often hire a professional to help make their resume stand out and impress hiring managers. The best resume writer services provider is 1.Monster.com2.Zip Job3. I Hire4.Top Resume.

Top 20 Creative Ways How to Make Money on line in India-2023.

(7) Become a Virtual Assistant:-A virtual assistant is an independent contractor who provides administrative services to clients while operating outside of the client’s office.

A virtual assistant typically operates from the home office but can access the necessary planning documents such as shared calendars remotely.

Virtual services include a wide range of administrative, technical and professional support tasks, all of which can be completed remotely via phone, email skype, fax or internet. You can earn up to $7-40$an hour.

(8)Earn money off your Reviews:-In this digital world, reviews play an important role in a  brand’s success.

For businesses to improve, they often ask for consumer feedback in exchange for cash. You can find companies that will pay you to try their products or services. You can earn $5-30$ an hour.

(9)Sell household items on eBay or Amazon.:-if you are not using something in your house, consider selling that items. Start by creating an account, take pictures of your saleable and post them on e Bay or Amazon or OLX.

(10)Data entry work online:-Online data entry jobs are the combination of many processes, data entry, web research and typing.

It is compiling data from internet sources to the online storage platform. All these processes require typing and the efficiency of assembling the various data available  to the members.

A translator can earn up to Rs1 to Rs5 per word. In blogging the potential earning through Ads is  Rs2000 -15000 per month. Data entry operator in India salary is Rs 2 Las to  Rs3 Lacs.

Top 20 Creative Ways How to Make Money on line in India-2023.

(11)Online food Delivery from home:-Online food ordering is the process of ordering food, for delivery or pickup from a website or other application.

The product can be either ready to eat food direct from home –kitchen, restaurant or a  ghost kitchen.

The online food ordering market has increased in the US with 40 per cent of US Adults. having ordered their food online. The first  online food ordering  service  worldwide is Waiter( now known as

In 2019, a market study of restaurant delivery services, the global market for online ordered prepared food delivery was estimated at $94billion and is estimated to grow at just over  9 per cent a year reaching $134billion in 2023.

(12)Start a Garden and sell your Products:-Sell of home and garden products online is a big e-commerce platform for home and garden related products.

You can make money from home by selling plants online. This is a very fashionable business  with nature nowadays.

plantsplantsellfromgarden1.Bamboo2.Flowers3.Ginseng4.Herbs5.Mushrooms.6.Ornamental Grasses etc.

(13)Rent your Gadgets for an Hour:-Electronic products waste increased by 21 per cent between 2014 to 2022.

To avoid waste, you could make money off gadgets you do not use while helping the planet. Websites like Aarons, Rent a Center and Flexshopper find users willing to rent out various items.

All you have to do is fill out your profile, post your products for rent and earn extra monthly revenues. Electronics cameras, smartphones, laptops, desktops are an example. We can earn a monthly income of up to Rs3000 per month.

(14)Play online games and earn money at your home:-You can earn money by playing games.

There is 10 type of games, which you can earn money at home.1.Swagbucks2.Inbox dollars3.Point club4.Bingo Mania5.Pogo6.Gamesville.7.Paid Game player8.Second Life9.Clip 2 Play10.GSN Cash Games.

Gaming is very fun to children till 30years of age . It relax the mind  . If you have a gaming setup or a smartphone, create a side hustle off of your gaming interests. You can earn nearly $10 to $15 per hour.

(15) Online tutors can make money at home:-Based on your experience and expertise, you could help tutors in need of extra help. Create a profile on a freelancing platform to reach toe local community .Tutor your favourite subjects, Writing, Music, Maths, English, Science. Post your tutoring services on your social media accounts or create a profile on a freelance site for work.

You can easily earn $10-$75 per hour. Eight online  Tutoring services in 2022 are:-Cheggstudy, Learn to be, Tutor. com, Preply, Skooli, Tuta point & Mathnasium. etc.

Top 20 Creative Ways How to Make Money on line in India-2023.
YouTube-Channel-Promotion-Make money at Home

(16)Sell online Courses: E-learning /virtual classrooms are now the most popular platforms where students would prefer learning. This is one of the ways how to make money online in 2023.

Since this is based on  Facebook and makes courses available on Udemy or Coursera as well These two platforms have a lot of traffic based from India. The top 10 platforms for selling online courses are 1. Digital classes2.Udemy3.skill share4.thinkific5.Teachable6.Ruzuku7.Learn Dash8.Podia9.Kajabi10.Academy of mine.

(17) Start a Youtube channel to make money at Home.:-Around the globe, five billion youtube videos are watched every day.

Youtube is as popular as ever with users spending an average of  40 minutes per youtube session.

There are plenty of opportunities for everyday people to make money from your tubes.500 hours of video are uploaded to youtube every single minute across the world.

Prompting affiliate links can be a massive earning opportunity for channels that offer in-depth tutorials as well as insightful product reviews.

(18)Sell your family crafts online from home:-Online selling crafts through a marketplace like Etsy or even your website can leave you with more profits.

But you are required to spend more time and money marketing and selling. Here are the 8 best handmade products ideas for online stores.1.Resin Jewelery2.Digital Art3.Pet clothes.4.Ceramicplanters5.Hand made jewelery6.Candles.7.Handmade saree.8.Handmade soaps. etc.

(19)Teach online music lesion at home:-Teaching online allows you to leverage your teaching to reach hundreds and thousands of students.

It frees your time because you are not repeating yourself to each student. It can bring a lot of money to home.

The money you can earn through teaching music online directly Highest-paying cities for Music teachers in Boston, Baltimore, New York, MA, Lancaster.

(20)Become a social media Mogul:-Media mogul is someone with power and influence in the world of journalism, politics, entertainment, news, or any social platform.

These moguls can influence from anywhere at any time using different mediums ranging from television to radio to your i phone.

A media mogul or media tycoon to a  successful entrepreneur or businessperson who controls through personal ownership via dominant position in any media-related company or enterprise by many individuals.

If you find yourself scrolling in social media more than you should, you may have an eye for social media marketing –a skill many brands hire for. It can earn up to $15 to $100 per hour.

Top 20 Creative Ways How to Make Money on line in India-2023.

Conclusion:-By the Economic times report the Indian e-commerce market is expected to grow by 21.5% and hit $74.8billion  in 2022 according to Global data and analyst companies of the World.

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