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Goa-Damao-Diu-map- of-India
Goa-Damao-Diu-map- of-India

Goa, Daman & Diu was a union territory of the Republic of India created in December 1961. The Goan portion of the territory was granted full statehood within the Indian Union on 30 May 1987. Daman and Diu remained separate as a separate union territory until December 2019, when it was merged with Dadra and Nagar Haveli and is today the territory of Daman, Diu & Silvassa.Top 12 famous festivals of Goa, Daman & Dio described below.

 Daman & Diu was a separate union territory until 26th January 2020 before it was merged with Dadra Nagar Haveli union territory to form a single UT due to a small landmass with an area of 112km2. It was the smallest federal division of India of the mainland.

The territory comprised two distinct areas.-Daman & Diu.The new Union Territory Dadra Nagar & Haveli and Daman and Diu with effect from 26th January 2020.

Panjim is the capital of Goa, Daman & Diu. Their common language is Portuguese, Konkani, Marathi & Gujarati.

 Famous 12 Festivals of Goa, Daman & Diu:-

All over the world, tourists come to Goa to blend the trance colorful & vibrant festivities that are celebrated here throughout the year. Goa has cherished its great cultural heritage and traditions in the form of religious fests, street fests, concerts, carnivals, dance, music and food festivals.

Goan life is incomplete without dancing, singing and merrymaking. Festival tourism in Goa is really an essential part of Goan. Goa looks like India’s most relaxed state, but the fairs and festivals of Goa will show the mind-boggling and soul-soothing chaos of fun.

1. Goa Carnival:-


Goa Carnival is one festival that is not found anywhere else in India. This festival is 500 years old. It is an important festival of Catholics. It is a Pre Lenten festival, which means after this fest the Catholic would maintain abstinence from meat for 40 days prior to Easter.

Colorful costumes, soulful music, extravagant dance and colorful possessions and love and enthusiasm of people around will make the days memorable Most popular festival of Goa is” Goa Carnival”.

2. Sao Joao Festival in Goa: –

saojoao festival in Goa
Sao Joao festival in Goa

It is the most popular catholic festival celebrated in Goa. This festival is celebrated in the month of June on 24th.This festival tribute to St. John the Baptist. The beauty of this festival lies in its madness. Villagers jump into streams, wells and ponds which signifies the happiness of St.John the Baptist when Jesus was born.

 3. Shigmo Festival in Goa:-

Shigmo festival in Goa
Shigmo festival in Goa-

Colours and soul-soothing madness all around Shigmo festival is a euphoria of festival tourism in Goa. It is a festival of vibrant colours. This is celebrated to welcome the delightful spring season of the year. Shigmo festival gives you the best opportunity to experience Goan tradition.

It is one of the most popular cultural festivals in Goa. Folk dances in colourful costumes like Devil and Ghoda Modi, Gopha and Phugadi Float parades depicting regional mythology are major highlights of this fascinating colourful festival.

4. Feast of St.Francis Xavier:-


 Feast of St. Francis Xavier is the grandest of all Christian festivals in Goa. On this day the Basilica of Bom Jesus reverberates in the tale of a Christian missionary. Verities of ceremonies are held to honour this divine saint. The feast of St. Francis is celebrated as the death anniversary of this holy saint.

Feast of St. Francis Xavier is celebrated on 3rd December each year. It is one of the most popular religious festivals in Goa. Thousands of tourists flock to the Basilica of Bom Jesus. Where the relics of St.Francis Xavier are kept in a casket. Every year this festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Different type of food stall outside the cathedral is open to taste.

5. Goa Sunburn Festival:-

Goa Sunbun Festival-
Goa Sunburn Festival-

Goa Sunburn Festival is one of the largest festivals in Asia. It is three days Dance and Music festival in Goa. If you want to dance to the rhythms of the most energetic and soulful beats and soothe your ears to the most delightful music while enjoying the best food. Goa’s Sunburn Festival is a must delightful festival in India.

Each year in the month of December tourists from all over the world come to enjoy the most melodious music of renowned International and Indian artists. This festival is an entertainment paradise set on the blissful shores of Goa. It is one of the most mind-boggling Dances and Music festivals in Goa.

6. Goa Food and Cultural Festival:-


Goa food and cultural festival is a paradise for food lovers. This festival is celebrated in Panji at Goa. Goa food and cultural festival are one of its kinds to cherish forever in your memories.

Unlimited lip-smacking food from homemakers, high profile chefs, fun activities, musical bands like Shine on, Uzo, Masala Coffee etc are give very much pleasure in this festival. Goa food and cultural festival depict the vibrant culture and local life of Goa. It is one of the best cultural festivals in Goa.


7. New Year Eve in Goa:-

New Yea Eve in Goa-
New Year Eve in Goa-

Goa is known for its famous lavish New Year celebrations. The best part of course is the night of New Year when the whole party-state stops their thumping Bass and Trance filled music just to count down with the clock to strike the midnight 12. These festivities reach the sky with fireworks, Champaign’s and Music booming in the air with a wooing crowd jumping to every beat.

8. Grape Escapadefestival in Goa:-

Grape Escapade Festival n Goa-9
Grape Escapade Festival n Goa-

Goa hosts every year Grape Escapade, which is the biggest wine festival in the country year in Panjim. The Annual Grape Escapade witnesses wine connoisseurs from all around the world rushing in to savour the delectable flavours of wine and grapes.

The fun-filled festival of Goa is not only famous for its wine but also cultural extravaganza, gathering all kinds of tourists. In this festival lots of music, fashion shows, dance and more at the feast are bound to make the visitors happier. The traditional grape stomping, an exclusive wine tasting session. 

9. Goa Cashew & Coconut festival:-

Goa Cashew & Coconut festival-9
Goa Cashew & Coconut festival-

Goan Cashew fenny is second only to the parties of Goa in popularity and a party in Goa cannot be great without the fenny cocktails. Cashew adds to a decent proportion of the economy of Goa and being a coastal region. Coconut is also of similar importance as cashew.

Some interesting activities such as cashew stomping, coconut breaking and tasting s the most exotic fenny cocktails. It is a must to be present in the Goa cashew and coconut festival. This festival celebrates every year in the month of May in the Panjim-Capital of Goa.

10. Goa Mango Festival:-

Goa Mango Festival
Goa Mango Festival

Mango lovers would be remiss to attend the great mango festival. The festival is hosted by Goa’s agriculture directorate. Many verities of mangoes that are grown locally are sold. Many competitions were also organised. The purpose of the Mango Festival is to increase the production of mangoes, tourism and promote homegrown mangoes. The Mango festival s organised in the month of May.

11. Bonderam Festival:-

This festival celebrates on the 4th Saturday of August. This festival takes place on the quiet, little island called Divar( 12km from Panaji). During this time this small island comes alive with people, music, dance and feast interestingly. There is a story related to this festival.

Many years ago, the villagers resisted the Portuguese rule of demarcating areas by putting up flags, to mark areas that could not be taken up by the people nearby villages. The inhabitants had protested by knocking down all the flags. Since then this festival began to be celebrated as a tribute to those protests and protestors.

Every small community or group of people celebrate this festival in Goa by creating colourful tableaux, and embarking on massive parades throughout the festival.

A very interesting activity during this festival s the mock fights that take place between rival groups. The villagers engage in these cheerful and funny fights, after which they come together to eat; drink the party. This s a great festival in Goa.

  1. Garba Festival in Daman & Diu:-

Garba festival is the most popular festival in Daman & Diu. This festival is celebrated with great vigour and enthusiasm. The Garba festivities are rejoiced for 9 days in the month of October or in the month of November.

This festival is a tribute to Amba Mata and t is marked by the conventional religious ceremonies and rituals for the worship of the goddess. Garba festival is also celebrated by the vibrant Garba dance and songs performed by the people.

Some interesting facts about Goa:-

 Goa is the smallest state in India. This State covering area of 1429 square miles. This state has the highest per capita income in India. Portugal ruled Goa for about 450 years. Goa has India’s largest waterfalls (Dudhsagar).                         











1. Question:-Why GOA famous for in World?

1. Answer:-GOA is famous for its amazing beaches.GOA is  world famous  for its beach life.From North to South of GOA for every five  minutes  of travel , you will find  a new beach.

2. Question:-Which Fish is Famous  in GOA?

2. Answewr:-Striped  grey mullet(Mugil cephalus) is a species of mullet  in the  Mugiliclae  family  under the  order  Mugiliformes.

3. Question:-What is  the folk song of GOA?

3. Answer:-Mando  is the  folk music  of GOA.It is  a delightful combination  of eastern and western musical forms.It was  performed by catholic Christians in 1840’s, now it is  performed  in wedding celebration.

4. Question:-What is the  culture of  GOA?

4. Answer:-The  culture  of GOA  is an  amalgamation  of Indian  and Portuguese culture.The long Portuguese rule  has influenced  the culture in more ways.

5. Question:-What is the traditional dress of GOA?

5. Answer:-Kashti is the traditional dress of GOA.It is  worn  with Kunbi pallu, the tied knot  along with the  pleated  saree.It is  made  of  loincloth.

6. Question:- Which art is famous  in GOA?

6. Answer:-The state’s major art forms  of the state  include  bamboo craft,  woodcraving, brass metal, sea shell craft, Papier Mache  and wooden lacquer.


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