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Famous religious and cultural festivals of India.India is a country, where different festivals & cultures are observed by the people of  India.

Meaning of Festival:-

A “Festival” is an event, which s celebrates by the local community and centering on some characteristic aspect of that community and its religion or culture. It s very often marked as a local or national holiday.

 “Festival” is an occasion for feasting or celebrations especially a day or time of religious significance that recurs at regular intervals.

Most countries celebrate important events or traditions with traditional cultural events and activities. There are numerous types of festivals in the world.

Though many have a religious origin, others involve in seasonal change or have some cultural significance. There are certain institutions that celebrate their own festivals called “fests” to mark as some significant occasion in their history.

Meaning of Culture:-

The term “Culture” encompasses the local behavior and social norms found in human societies, as well as the knowledge, beliefs, arts, laws, customs, capabilities, and habits of the individuals.

Humans acquire culture through the learning process of enculturation and socialization which is shown by the diversity of culture across societies.

According to sociologists, culture consists of the values, beliefs, systems, languages, communication, and practices that people share in common and that can be used to define them as a collective.

One of the most important cultures in India is in Odisha:-Odisha is a state of rich cultural heritage with historical heritage memorials, archaeological sites, traditional arts, sculpture, dance, and music. The state of Odisha always attracts a large number of scholars and tourists to visit and enjoy the beautiful art &culture.

 In the long history of Odisha has a continuous tradition of the dharmic religions of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism & Sikhs. Ashok’s conquest of Kalinga made Buddhism a principal religion in the state, which led to the establishment of numerous Stupas and Buddhist learning centers. Currently, the majority of people of the state Odisha are Hindus. There is a rich cultural heritage in the state that owes the Hindu faith.

 Odisha is also known for its excellent Art. It is also called Land of Art. It is the treasure of elegant handicrafts as well as traditional art forms. The art and crafts of Odisha have a huge market throughout the world due to verities of art forms – Silver filigree, stonework, Bell metal, Horn work, etc, are the most popular crafts of Odisha.

Orissa has a rich heritage of music, which is a delight for all music lovers. Odissi music & Odissi dance is the best classical music& dance, which is very popular around the world.

Odisha is known as one of the most religiously homogenous states of India. In Odisha more than 90% of the people are Hinduism. The specific Lord Jagannath culture was followed by the Hindus of Odisha people. “Puri Ratha yatra” festival is the most important festival of the people of Odisha.

The most Important types of festivals are as follows.

  1. Religious Festivals.
  2. Art Festivals
  3. Food & Drink Festivals
  4. Seasonal & Harvest Festivals
  5.  Film Festivals.
  6. National Festivals
  1. Religious Festivals

    Religious festivals are one of the most famous festivals not only throughout India but over the world. Some of the prominent religious festivals are Diwali, Eid –ul-Fitar, Christmas, Guru Nanak Jaunty, Diwali & Holi are the most prominent festivals in Hindu Religion.

 Among many religions, a feast is a set of celebrations in honor of God or Goddess. The festival is historically interchangeable. Most religions have festivals that recur annually.

 In the Christian religion, there are two principal feasts, popularly known as (1) Feast of the Nativity of our Lord (Christmas).and (2) Other feast is restoration (Easter). Buddhist religious festivals such as “Esala perahera” are held in Sri Lanka & Thailand.

 Hindu festivals such as Holi & Diwali. The Sikh community celebrates the Vaisakhi festival making New Year and the birth of “Khalsa”. One of the biggest religious festivals in India is Id. Id and month-long fasting prior to which is known as Ramzan is fervently celebrated by millions of Muslims all across the country.

  1. Art& Music festivals

  2. Art & Music festivals are festivals that can encompass a wide range of art forms including music, dance, film, fine art. Literature, poetry. Since 1960 world music festivals have become popular in a variety of countries.

(a). Kala Ghoda festivals:- Kala Ghoda Association stated in the year 1999, as a way to promote and preserve the heritage of South Mumbai, the Today it has become a complete exhibit of Indian art forms including theatre and concerts, street art, awe-inspiring installations, causes to support, local flavors and transitioning from being confined to the Southern Mumbai area of Kala Ghoda to spreading out to neighboring auditoriums.

(b) Ellora-Ajanta International Festival:- Heritage Site Ajanta and Ellora caves, dating back to 2nd century BCE, where the festival was previously held. Today the festival, comprising of folk performing arts and music, local food and exhibits, for sale, by local artisans, is held in Soneri Mahal, a palace built in the 1650s, with its grandeur adding an alluring charm to the festivities.


(c). Indian Art Fair:- A melting pot of the diverse arts landscape of South East Asia and a sprinkling of the West, the relatively new festival launched in 2008, has galloped its way to fame, with its beautiful arts and culture exhibit, that includes paintings, art installations, theatre and other performing arts, regional films, and interactive programs, among others. The festival sees participation from the leading galleries and artists from Asia, Europe, and the USA.


(d). Delhi International Arts Festival:- Projected to be the International Festival of India, DIAF has ambitious plans to make a strong impression on the cultural map of the world and has achieved excellent success in striving towards its goal. It is already a festival to reckon with in the arena of festivals that promote and showcase global cultural fusion.

Organized with a unique theme and diplomatic effort every year, the festival, a brainchild of a celebrated classical dancer and organized in collaboration with the Government, sees humongous participation from international artists in an event spanning 15 to 25 days. It is spread over 40 venues.

  1. Food & Drink Festivals:

    – A food festival is a festival, that uses food, often produces as its central theme. These festivals always had been a means of uniting communities through celebrations of harvests and giving thanks for a plentiful growing season.

Top food festivals around the world are, 1.Pizza feast 2.Oktoberfest 3.Bacon festivals4. Salon Du chocalate5.Dumpling festivals.6.National cherry festivals.7.Vegetarian festivals.8.National street food festivals.9.Giant Omelet celebrations 10.Monkey buffet festivals. etc.


4. Seasonal & Harvest Festivals:

A harvest festival is an annual celebration that occurs around the main harvest of a given region with the given differences in the climate and cops around the world. Harvest festivals can be found at various times at different places. Ample food and freedom from the necessity to work in the fields are two central features of harvest festivals.

Eating, merriment, contests, music, and romance are common features of harvest festivals. Harvest festivals in Asia include Chinese, one of the festivals most widely spread harvest festivals in the world.

In Iran, Mohegan was celebrated in an extravagant style at Persepolis. Not only in the time of harvest but it was also in the time of taxes were collected. In India, the harvest festivals are as follows.(1)Makar sankaranti(2)pongal(3)Lohari(4)Bihu (5) Vaisakhi etc.

  1. Film Festivals:-

    A film festival is an organized, extended presentation of films in one or more cinemas o screenings venues, usually in a single city or region. Several film festivals focus solely on presenting short films and define maximum length. Film festivals especially are annual events.


The International film festivals of India, IFFI founded in 1952. It is one of the most significant film festivals in Asia. The festival is conducted jointly by the Directorate of film festivals ( under the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting ) and the state Govt. Of GOA.

The major International film festivals are as follows.(1)TIFF Toronto-Canada.(2)Berlin International film festival(3)Tri Be Ca Film Festivals-New York(4) The Cannes Film festivals –France(5) SWSW Film festivals –Austin Texas. (6)Venice film festivals-Italy(7) Sundance festivals-USA(8)International documentary film festivals-Amsterdam. (9)Clermont-Ferrand short film festivals –France(10)International Film festivals Rotterdam-Rotterdam(10)Bussan Film Festivals –Bussan at South Korea.

 6.National Festivals:

National Festival is the pride of every country. India commemorates three National Festivals. (1)The Republic day. (2)Independence Day.(3)Gandhi Jayanti. On this occasion of the National festival in India, the Government declares that day as the National Holiday throughout the country.

 Republic day observed every year of 26th January, Independence day celebrates on 15th August and Gandhi Jayanti celebrates October-2nd. National festivals make us celebrate the occasion as proud to be an Indian.

On Republic Day, held on 26th January, the President of India pays tribute to the martyred soldiers at India Gate, New Delhi. Every year On Independence Day 15th August, joyous occasion for every Indian as it reminds us of the martyrs of the freedom struggle of India, in New Delhi.


The National flag is hosted by the Prime minister of India and chief minister of respective states. India’s Prime Minister Hoists flag and give a speech at the Red Fort in Old Delhi and highlight the future of India. On this day government offices, and buildings, schools, and colleges are illuminated and adorned with the elegant decoration. National flags are hung at suitable places to show people’s deep respect and commitment to the country of India.


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