What is the Importance of Commerce Education in India-2023.
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Commerce Education helps us to get what we want at the right time, right place and the right price, thus improving our standards of living. Commerce links producers to consumers through retailers, wholesalers, and also through aids to trade (Banking, communication, advertising, publicity, insurance and transportation) for smooth conduct of commerce.


Commerce Education system in India:-

In India, commerce education plays an important role in boosting the economy. Commerce students get places in various sectors like banking, finance, foreign trade, stock
trading &insurance, etc. So it is a very important focus in this issue.

But due to outdated syllabi & absence of skillful knowledge unemployment
arises for commerce students. So students are losing interest in education.

But if the Indian education policy will change, then the commerce students of India
will not only give very good opportunities in the future India but in the International
market through entrepreneurship, startup, and e-commerce business.

What is the Importance of Commerce Education in India-2023.
Commerce is most preferred courses in India by students.

Commerce Education:-

In India, commerce as an educational stream first opts for an intermediate level(at 10+2) after class 10th.

B.COM is awarded to students if he /she pursues commerce at the undergraduate level. The students who make outstanding  performance  in the final  examination  is awarded distinction B.COM( Hons)

Commerce subjects open a lot of possibilities to students in India. One can pursue the course in Charted Accountancy,  Cost Accountancy,  Company Secretary or Law are careers in commerce.

What is the Importance of Commerce Education in India-2023.
Indian-banking sectors

Review of the Literature of Commerce:-

As per the report of EPRA International Journal of Economics & Business Review of 12 th  Dec 2020.

The Karnataka  Universities  Review commission in 1993 suggested that the University can not, stay uninvolved in the happenings occurring around it. A functioning interest of accessibility specialists at the college level in taking care of the issues of modern improvement is critically required.

Eresi. K(1994)advocated that each establishment bestowing business training ought to have such an MOU with industry /businesses training houses to attempt improvement of different aptitudes in taking care of genuine business circumstances.

Swaminathan D(1995)highlighted that  Cooperation and reliance are very much perceived ideas in the current day worldwide circumstances. College is no special case to this. They should come out from their ivory tower ideas and connect with the outside world.

Parida & Parida (1996) saw that the methodology of businesses instruction and business training is not quite the same as one another. They have expressed as the “ closer” for the  Indian economy in carrying for  Excellency in business instructions. We have IIMand private administration establishment for granting the same.

Mahajan & Saha (2000) presumed that in the course of the last over 10 years or thereabouts, worldwide rivalry and expansion of business instructive foundations over the world have hardened difficulties to the business colleges in India to deliver quality items that could take into account the necessities of the corporate world and endless supply of various partners of business training.

Mishra(2005)concentrated on post-world war period trade instructions and stressed e-learning, virtual study hall and online training. He additionally saw that we are not reacting mindfully while executing an educational plan of business instructions. He likewise underscored the need for changing the outlook of the teaching network.

What is the Importance of Commerce Education in India-2023.
Sri Ram College of Commerce-New Delhi, Best commerce college in India

Research Methodology:-

The required data for the present study have been collected mainly from secondary sources.

 For fulfilment of the above objectives, Government publications, research journals, periodicals, books and web site through the internet have been used for data collection.

This study provides impetus to identify the shortcomings in commerce education and devise corrective strategies which if implemented lead to the growth of professionalization through commerce education.

The objective of the study will be (1)To analyze commerce education in India(2)To make suggestions for the betterment of commerce education in India.



As per the report of specialization wise number of colleges ( Based on  Actual  Response)AISHE(18-19) Number of college, in General, is 25430, specialization college in India in commerce is 295.

PhD. & M.Phil enrolement of commerce students in the 2018-19 for commercePh.D student 5351( Men & women).M.Phil students are 2078.

In India, Data from the All India  Survey on Higher Education ( AISHE)2019-20showed  that nearly 97 Lakh students are enrolled in undergraduate in Arts programmes across the country,2ND IS General science and 3rd is commerce. Nearly 40.3 Lakhs students are enrolled in commerce.

TOP commerce colleges in India are(1)SRCC –Delhi(2)Hindu college –Delhi(3)Lady Sri Ram College for women in Delhi(4) Hansraj college-Delhi.

There is 359 B.com college in Odisha. The top B.com college KIIT, Bhubaneswar, XIM Bhubaneswar, BJB Autonomous college  & Biju Patnaik college of science.

What is the Importance of Commerce Education in India-2023.
Transportion services impact in Commerce


1. Changing International and Indian  Economic sectors.

2. Rising issues in business, worldwide economy.

3. Globalization of the Financial market in the global economy.

4. Methodology and difficulties to control inflation.

5. Role of  Foreign Institutional  Investment and Foreign Direct Investment.

6. Govt. strategies for acquisition and mergers.

7. Lack of knowledge about commerce at school levels as commerce education is not introduced at school levels in many states.

8. Poor teaching methodology in many colleges forces many students to go for tuition, which means an additional cost and effort.

9. Lack of skill knowledge of teachers.

10. It is more content-oriented rather than skill and practice-oriented.


What is the Importance of Commerce Education in India-2023.
Stock-Market-Tradinggreat impact in Commerce in India and world

Importance of Commerce in our life:-

1. Satisfies the increasing human wants:-Human wants are never-ending. It is classified as Basic wants and secondary wants.

2. Commerce helps to increase/improve our standard of living:-It improves the quality of life enjoyed by the members of the society.When a man consumes more products his standard of living improves.

Commerce helps us to get what we want at the right time, right place and the right price, thus improving our standard of living.

3. Commerce links producers to the consumers:-Commerce link between producers and consumers through retailers, wholesalers and also through aids to trade.

Consumers get information about different goods through advertisements and salesmanship. The producers are regularly informed about the likes and dislikes of the consumers through marketing research.

Commerce links producers and consumers through retailers and wholesalers through advertisement and salesmanship. The manufacturer is regularly informed about the likes and dislikes of consumers through market research.

4. Commerce generates employment  opportunities:-The growth of commerce, industry and trade bring about the growth of agencies of trade such as banking, transport, warehousing and advertisement. These agencies need people to look after their function. This result boosts employment opportunities.

5. Commerce increases the National income and wealth:-When production increases, national income also increases. It also helps to earn foreign exchange by way of exports and duties levied on imports.

6. Commerce helps in the expansion of aids to trade:-With growth of trade and commerce there is a growing need for expansion and modernization of aids to trade.

Aids to trade such as banking, communications, advertising, publicity, transport and insurance are expanded and modernized for the smooth conduct of commerce.

7. Commerce helps in the growth of industrial development:-Commerce looks after the smooth distribution of goods and services made available by the industry. Without commerce, the industry will find it difficult to keep the pace of production. It helps to increase demand for goods on the one hand and another hand it helps industries by getting raw materials and other services. Hence commerce helps in attaining better division of labour and industrial progress.

8. Commerce encourage International trade:-We to develop International trade through commerce.

We can secure a fair and equitable distribution of goods throughout the world. With the help of transport and communications development, countries can exchange their surplus commodities and earn foreign exchange.

It is very useful for improving machinery and supplicated technology. It ensures faster economic growth of the country.

9. Commerce benefits the underdeveloped countries:-Underdeveloped countries can import skilled labour and technical know-how from developed countries.

While advanced countries can import raw materials from underdeveloped countries. This helps in lying down seeds of industrialization in underdeveloped countries.

10. Commerce improves the standard of People:-Commerce improves the people’s standard of living through the provision of verities of goods and services available in the market.

What is the Importance of Commerce Education in India-2023.
steel-pipelines-and-cables-in-a-plant-Manufacturing Industry


Commerce indeed opens numerous opportunities to students in India. Students who have opted for commerce as their field of study can pursue their profession in any of the courses. B.com, Charted Accountancy, Cost Accountancy, Company secretary, Journalism, Mass Communications, Bachelor of economics, and  Bachelor of Law, entrepreneur, Hotel manager,  Event Manager, Research Analyst, Business Accountant and Taxation, CEO, etc.

A commerce graduate student has ample opportunities in both private as well as govt. sectors. According to the research, the number of e-commerce students in India will rise to over 100 million in the next few years which will, in turn, create more job opportunities and careers in the field of commerce(Banking, insurance, transportation, sales, stock market etc.).

The future of E-commerce is admittedly bright, and no one can deny it. Almost every entrepreneur has started going the  E-commerce way, realizing that it is one of the best methods to make quick money.

 It is like every other person thought to invest in e-commerce. E-commerce would be shopping for and commercializing products and services and transferring funds through digital communications.

It means dealing in products and services through electronic media and the web. It permits folks to exchange products and services through electronic media and the web.

E-commerce cuts the cost incurred on intermediaries to sell their products directly to the customers and the recourses can be diverted in different channels to strengthen the business.

E-commerce has opened doors to numerous investors and business people globally and has modified the face of the world economy. It is a long time to look brighter in the future world.

India is showing tremendous growth within E-commerce as a result of globalization and revolutionized technology. E-commerce represents the sting of success during this fashionable age of computers and technology.

E-commerce is the people’s first choice in future and also the backup of the people. So commerce future very bright in future in not only in India but also in the world market.


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