Odisha's Konark Sun Temple- UNESCO World Heritage
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Famous Sun Temple Konark sculptures always were a magnet for tourists from all around the globe.

The sheer magnificence of Konark Sun temple      makes this coastal city one of the must visit destination in India.Konark sun temple’s architecture and history is so attractive that it can mesmerize ever atheists.It was the 7th wonder of the world.



The Konark Sun Temple is a 13th-century Hindu Temple dedicated to the Sun God “SURYA”.The temple is located in Konark, in the state of Odisha, India.


 It is believed to have been built by King Narasimihadeva I of the Eastern Ganga Dynasty in 1278 CE.The temple is made of stone and adorned with beautiful sculptures of Gods, Goddesses, and animals.


The Konark temple is a popular tourist destination and is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It is a masterpiece of Indian architecture.Konark temple is known for its unique architecture.


The temple is made of stone and it has a chariot-shaped structure. The Konark temple has three main parts –the Garbhagriha (sanctum sanctorum), the Natamandapa (hall of dance), and the Jagamohan (hall of worship). The Konark temple is one of the largest temples in India. The Konark sun temple area spreads about 16 acrs of land.

Odisha's Konark Sun Temple- UNESCO World Heritage
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Why Konark Sun Temple is famous?

Konark Sun temple is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Konark Sun temple is famous for its unique architecture. It is the geometrical pattern and carved wheels used to serve as sundials.

One can witness three images of the Sun God in three directions to catch the rays of the Sun at dawn, noon, and sunset.Konark temple is dedicated to the Hindu Sun God Surya.


The temple appearance of a 100 feet (30 meters high) chariot with immense wheels and horses, all carved from stone. It is nearly 200 feet (61 meters high).


The structures of the temple have survived and are famed for their intricate artwork, iconography, and themes, including erotic Kama and maituna scenes. The structure of the Konark temple designed as It is a classical illustration of the Odisha style of Architecture, which is called as   “Kalinga architecture”.


The temple is designed in the shape of a chariot, with 12 wheels and seven horses. The wheels are decorated with images of the sun and moon, and the horses represent the seven days of the week.


The Konark temple also has numerous carvings and a square mandapa is overlain by a sapta ratha in archituctre. The sanctum of this Surya temple features a Nataraj.The other interior includes a damaged Surya holding and a lotus, along with Agni, Varuna, Vishnu, and Vayu.


The Architecture of Konark temple:-


The Konark sun temple was designed as a massive chariot mounted on 12 pairs of intricately carved giant stone wheels that are drawn by a set of seven stone horses.


The Konark temple was made of 12000 artisans for the work, and construction took 12 years to complete. Sibei Samantray Mahapatra as the Project Manager and Bishnu Maharana as the lead architect. 


The Konark Sun Temple is an example of Nagara style of architecture. It is one of the three styles of Hindu temple architecture. The Nagara temple is square shape, containing the sanctum where the deity is housed( the deula) and the pillared assembly hall( the Jagmohan).


The Kalinga architectural style is a style of Hindu architecture that flourished in the ancient Kalinga, previously known as Utkal, and in present the eastern Indian state of Odisha.


The name “Konark” is derived from the Sanskrit word Kona (meaning angle) and the word Arka (meaning Sun) about the temple 

which was dedicated to the Sun of God” SURYA”.


Konark Sun Temple Sculptures:-

Odisha's Konark Sun Temple- UNESCO World Heritage

The Konark temple is famous all over the world for its Sculptures. The erotic sculptures you see here were made as a medium to attract sexual indulgence on the wall of the temple.

Since women visited large numbers daily, the erotic figures motivated them to indulge in more sex with their spouses. This pictures of the temple led to more childbirth and in the processes created more warriors for Kalinga in the olde age..


The dance form of Sculptures in Konark Sun Temple, the exquisite “Salamander” or the “dancing hall” of this shrine is an architectural wonder. Every inch of the Konark temple walls has been covered with fine & beautiful artistic designs of ancient times.


The Sculptures of Konark Wheel:-

The Konark temple was fashioned in the style of a massive chariot by seven great-spirited horse on 12 pairs( for a total of 24 wheels).The wheel is 9 feet 9 inches in diameter with 8broader spokes and 8thinner spokes on each wheel.


 The six wheels of the each side of the main temple, four side of the Mukhasala and two wheels  on each side of the eastern front stairs.we can see the beautiful sculptures of the Konark wheel.


Sun Temple Konark Seven Horses:-

According to Hindu mythology the Sun God rides through the sky in a chariot drawn by seven horses. Konark temple is modeled after the Sun God’s heavenly chariot, which has twelve pairs of ornamented wheels and is dragged by seven galloping horses.


The Sun temple is like a chariot motion much like the Sun. The wheels and seven horses on the Konark temple give the appearance of a chariot.

Odisha's Konark Sun Temple- UNESCO World Heritage
Famous Sun-temple-konark-odisha-Horse sculptures

Royal Guards of Konark Sun Temple-GAJA SIMHA:-

On the opposite side of the dancing, hall entrance is two massive stone sculptures of elephants and lions. Gaja Simha is the Konark temple’s royal guard.


In the Konark temple each sculpture depicts three symbols. A man, an elephant, and a lion. In this sculpture the  man is at the bottom of the sculpture, is the elephant is on top of him, and the lion and elephant are overcoming the man.It shows valuable things to the man kind.


The elephant is associated with the Goddess Laxmi in Indian culture because it symbolizes riches and prosperity. Here the Lion represents power or pride,it is always linked with Goddess Durga.


The Gaja –Simha sculptures symbolize that, in the Konark temple serve as a reminder to visitors that a man who is consumed by a desire for money and power cannot approach God.


Surya Temple Konark:-SUN GOD STATUE:-


On the three sides of the temple, there are three big and wonderful carved idols of the Sun deity. These are the portrayal of Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Shiva, three forms of existence.


The pravhata Surya is shown in the first Sun God sculptures on the southern side wall, titled “Mitra” (Morning Sun or Rising Sun”).          


The road is bathed in the morning rays of the Sun and is so influential for its expression of youth and activity, thus its name is “Pravhata Surya”.


On the western side, the second figure of the Sun God known as “ Pusan” is known as  Madhyana Surya(Midday Sun) standing in full force and essence.


Lord Shiva honored in this way at the Konark temple .The Astachala Surya is the third figure of the Sun God on the northern sidewall, known as “Haritasva” Evening sun Setting Sun”.


Lord Vishnu is linked to the figure; symbolize that which is described as a preserver. The sculpture captures the worn face that comes from a long day’s effort and even though all other horses are completely fatigued.Lord Vishnu is ending his journey by riding on the back of the final horse.It looks so beautyful.

Odisha's Konark Sun Temple- UNESCO World Heritage
The Beautiful Odissi dance sculptures of KONARK TEMPLE AT ODISHA

Black Pagoda:-

Arka Kshetra and Padma kshetra are some of the other names of the Konark sun Temple.UNESCO has designed this stunning masterpiece as a world-historic site.

Lord Surya is honored throughout the whole structure in the Konark temple The Kalinga architecture has not only demonstrated true brilliance but also enticed millions of people to come to see the beauty of the Konark temple.


Konark is a unique blend of magnificent temple architecture, history, exotic seashore, and striking natural beauty.

Odisha's Konark Sun Temple- UNESCO World Heritage
The world famous Konark Sun temple sculptures in Odisha

How the tourist Reach Konark:

By Air:-Bhubaneswar is the nearest airport-65 km. Indian Airlines has a flight from Delhi, Kolkatta, Raipur, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Mumbai.


By Rail:- The Nearest Railway stations are Bhubaneswar and Puri. It is 65 km from Bhubaneswar and 30 Km. from Puri.


By Road:- Konark is connected by good all-weather motorable 

roads. Regular Bus services are 

operating from Puri & Bhubaneswar. Public transport and private transport services with OLA, and Ubber facilities were also available.


Best time to Visit:- The best time to visit Konark is from October to March.


Interesting top Ten Facts of Konark Sun Temple:-


1. Wheel of Chariot work as Sundial:-


The Konark Sun Temple wheel was made and established in such a way that it can tell you the time of day night  week and month.


There are 8 spokes in the wheel. Each spoke represents a pahar(3 hours). The 8 eight spokes represent 24 hours. The shadow of the spokes tells the time when sun rays fall on it.


2. Unbelievable view during dawn or sunrise:-


When you will see the temple from outside during dawn or sunrise, you will notice that the chariot temple appears to be emerging from the depths of the blue sea carrying the sun.


3. The stones used in making this Temple were not available in India:-


The stones used for making this beautiful histoical Konark temple were brought from outside India. The sea route was probably used for bringing the stones from other countries.


4.12 Pairs of wheels define the twelve months of the Hindu calendar.


There are a total of twelve pairs of wheels in the chariot. These twelve pairs define twelve months of the Hindu Calendar.


5. Konark Sun temple is the Landmark of the Sailors:-


Earlier the Konark temple used to be at the shore of the Bay of Bengal, but with time water of the ocean got away from the temple.

Odisha's Konark Sun Temple- UNESCO World Heritage

6. Planning and Construction records are preserved:-

Konark sun temple is among those few temples in India whose construction and planning records have been preserved. The planning and construction of the Konark temple written in the Sanskrit language in Odiya script.


The valuable script preserved in the form of palm-leaf manuscripts. These records are discovered in a village in 1960.


7. Jewelry quality miniature details:-


Some of the walls and scriptures of the Konark  temple are carved in every detail. Some are even finished with jewelry-quality miniature details on thee wall of the temple.


The major artworks include sculptures of Hindu deities( God), apsaras, birds, animals, aquatic creatures, legendary creatures, and friezes narrating the Hindu texts.


8. Special Meaning of the Name of the Temple:-


The name Konark came from the combination of two Sanskrit words “Kona” and “ark”.The meaning of Kona is an angle and the meaning of ark is sun.


9. Name of the seven horses of the Chariot is very unique:-


The name of the seven horses of the Konark temple  are chariot is Gayatri, Brihati, Ushnih, Jagati, Trishtubha, Anushtubha, and pankti.


10. Wealth and power symbol outside the Konark Temple:-


Outside the temple, there are two identical sculptures.These sculptures shows a lion that is crushing an elephant and that elephant crushing a man.


 Here the lion represents power and elephant represent wealth. This illustration shows that, the major problem which faced by man in his life that money and power. 




1. Question:-Why is Konark sun temple famous for?

1. Answer:- UNESCO World Heritage site, Konark Sun Temple is famous for its unique architecture. It is the geometrical pattern and carved wheels used to serve as sundials.


2. Question:-Why is Konark called Black Pagoda?

2. Answer:-The Konark sun temple has stone horses to depict the seven horses that pull the sun’s chariot. The chariot structure in the Konark temple has 12 massive wheels with 8 spokes each. It is known as the “ Black Pagoda” because of the dark stones used for the Konark temple construction.

3. How Many wheels are there in Konark Temple?

3. Answer:-The temple stands on the base of a total of 24 intricately carved wheels, 12 on each side.


4. Question:-How many horses are in Konark temple?

4. Answer:-The Konark temple structure mimics the chariot of Surya (the sun God).It has seven horses to depict the seven horses that pull the Sun’s chariot. The 12 wheels symbolize a year.


5.  Question:-Why was Konark Sun Temple built?

5. Answer:-Ganga dynasty king Narasimha Deva built the Konark temple to worship the Hindu god Sun. The Konark temple was constructed and designed in a unique Nagara Hindu Temple architectural style with very qualitative different stones.

Odisha's Konark Sun Temple- UNESCO World Heritage
7 th WONDERS OF THE WORLD -The-Famous-Konark-Temple in Odisha


Why everyone should visit the Konark temple at least once in their lifetime. Konark temple is a 13 th century Hindu temple dedicated to the sun god Surya. The 7th wonders of the world Konark sun temple is located , Odisha, india..


The Konark temple is one of the famous temples in India. The temple is known for its unique architecture and sculpture. The temple is made of stone and it has a chariot shaped structure.


The wall of the temple are adorned with  sculptures of animals, birds, and flowers.he Konark temple  is one of the  most popular  tourist destination in India.The temple  receives more than 1 million visitors every year.

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