10 Most Profitable Small Business ideas in Odisha 2022.
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In this article, I am trying to describe the top 10 trending most profitable Small Business Ideas in Odisha to start in 2022. These ideas have abundant market opportunities.

Odisha is a vibrant state of Natural beauty, ancient temples, historical monuments, attractive crafts, developed wildlife sanctuaries, natural landscapes with immaculate beaches, etc.

If you are thinking of investing, you are quite right in making this prudent decision because of its prime location and earning capacity.

With campaigns such as  ” Make in India” and ” Atma  Nirvhar Bharat Abhiyan”, local business is flourishing, giving equal opportunities to budding units across.

Also with the  Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises(MSMEs) schemes launched by the Government of India, the year 2022 can one of the best times for you to start your new business.

Odisha state is located on the east coast of India, with a 485 km, coastline, in the Bay of Bengal. Odisha is geographically situated as a gateway to the ASIAN region.

You can trust completely Odisha’s development which has a gross domestic product ( GSDP) projected to be Rs. 5,86,000 Crore rupees at the current price 2021-22

The main sub-sectors are municipal, tourism, commerce, hotels and restaurants, social and personal services, financial and insurance services, transportation, storage, and communication that you can think of investing in.


 The Most Trending and Profitable Small Business Ideas in 2022 are as follows:-

10 Most Profitable Small Business ideas in Odisha 2022.

1.Food Industry:

The state of Odisha is the hub of tourism and it is a great destination. The food industry is thriving and it is one of the most profitable business opportunities in the state.

Hotels and restaurants can cater to the needs of tourists who visit the state, stay and enjoy their meals.Food industry is the most profitable business in Odisha.

You should choose the most visited locations for your hotel or restaurant, like Chilika Lake, Bhubaneswar, Konark, Puri, and many other parts of Odisha.

The food service industry has evolved due to the rise in the trend of away-from-home food consumption. The use of advanced techniques and technologies has also helped food service providers to increase their productivity and streamline their activities to enhance overall efficiency.

 The food processing business is one of the most profitable food businesses in India. If you have a serious mindset for it, then the sky is the limit. There are very growth of possibilities in the food processing industry in Odisha.

Some of the lists of profitable food processing business ideas are (i.e) Biscuit making, Bread Production, Cashew nut processing, Chocolate making, Coconut milk powder making, Coconut oil manufacturing, Dal Miling, Energy Drink Production, Flour Production, Fruit Juice Production, Ground nut oil processing, Ice Cream Making, Jam Jelly Making, Noodles making, Paneer & Cheese Production, Papad Making, Pickles Making, Rice Mill, Spice Power Making, etc.

10 Most Profitable Small Business ideas in Odisha 2022.
Franchise Business Model in India -2022

2. Franchise Business:-

Franchisee business requires a large initial investment but can generate significant profits at a large stage. You can invest in various franchise options(i.e) food-based industry, clothing-based, electronic products shoes manufacturing which are very much demandable in the market.

 You need to find a suitable place for your franchisee business and organize enough money.Franchise business in Odisha is the most profitable business.

The franchise business model provides profits to both franchisee and franchisor, therefore it is a lucrative business model.

The most profitable Franchise business in Odisha is Patanjali, Domina’s Piza, Archies card, PMKVY Franchise, Dr. Batra’s Clinic, KFC, First Cry, Lens Kart, Lakme Business, Amul, Jockey India, KID ZEE School Franchise, Café Cofee day, DTDC Courier, Green Trends, Piza Hut, Jawed Habib, Subway, Khadim’s Franchise, Kalyan Jewellers, Dr. Lal Pathlabs. etc.

10 Most Profitable Small Business ideas in Odisha 2022.
Successful-E-Commerce-Business in India -2022

3. Start an e-commerce Business:-

E-commerce business in Odisha is a wonderful idea to start as small business in Odisha. You can import many things from other parts of the country or abroad and make such items available in Odisha.An e-commerce business is the most profitable business in Odisha in future.

E-commerce  Business ideas help an individual to buy and sell anything on an online website regardless of their location. E-commerce works with technological advancements like internet mobile commerce, online transactions, electronic data interchange, etc.

The Best E-commerce business in India is Fashion / Jewellery Market, Smartphone product Accessories, Online learning platforms, Online Grocery and Foods, Kitchen and Dining Mats, Digital Marketing, Online Fitness Coaching, Pet Foods, etc.

E-Commerce is booming. E-commerce has been steadily growing for years as more and more consumers shift their spending to digital channels. In globally the  e-commerce  sales  are expected  to reach $5.4 trillion  in 2022 as per analysis reprt.

10 Most Profitable Small Business ideas in Odisha 2022.
Beautiful painted terracotta pots, handicrafts for sale, India

4. Handicraft Business:

Odisha is known worldwide for handicrafts, especially pottery, terracotta, horn –work and textiles-based handicrafts. These are some of Odisha’s most popular business opportunities.

You can start selling online as they are in high demand in the global market, giving you ample opportunity to earn great profits.

All you need to do is collaborate with a good online business source, provide excellent service and soon get recognition in the international market earning high returns with huge demand for your products.

The handicraft industry in Odisha  is one of the most lucrative industries nowadays. People make handicraft items by hand and also used machinery in their local areas since very old age . In the handicraft business, people make different items like bamboo buckets, flower vases, mats, jute, and many more.

The most profitable Handicraft businesses are Bamboo and cane crafts, Basket weaving, Bonsai, Brassware, Candle making, Christmas  Decorations, Craft Supply Stores, Florist and Flower Arrangements, Gift Baskets, Glass Handicrafts, Leather Handicrafts, etc.

10 Most Profitable Small Business ideas in Odisha 2022.
Eco tourism industry is a profitable busines in India-2022

5. Eco Tourism Business:-

Odisha has a variety of ecotourism destinations, which is most profitable for the people of Odisha . The eco system of tourism themselves in the splendor of nature and return home calmly.

Some of these exquisite locations are Chilika Lake, Debrigarh Ecotourism, Gahirmath Turtle Sanctuary, National Parks, River Beds, Tikara Pada, etc. Ecotourism providing sustainable communication services to tourists is a profitable business concept in Odisha.Tourism sector will be  boom in the state of Odisha.

The tourism sector has potential in Odisha, offering great business opportunities for tourist guides, photographers, etc. You can use these small business ideas which are very informative and need little investment to start in tourism.

As per the World  Travel and  Tourism  Council (WTTC), India ranks ten out of 185 countries for contributions in tourism to the GDP. Travel agency business is a  profitable business in India.

Ecotourism can provide local people with employment opportunities, to the people of Odisha   e.g park rangers, cooks, and cleaners in lodges.

This create employment provides an income that is often higher than they would receive from selling their crops.

10 Most Profitable Small Business ideas in Odisha 2022.
content-writing-for-blog is a small busines idea which is profitable in 2022

6. Content Writing & Blogging:-

SEO optimization as the key to success for digital businesses, freelancers and content writers in todays world great opportunities all over the world.

It demand for the past few years. The trend has proliferated multi-fold post-pandemic and there is a massive demand for a good writers who can lend their talent and make amazing money out of Content writing.

You again need to use your expert writing skills to make this a side career option. Blogging is one of the most effective ways to make money online in todays world for the young mass.

Once you pick up on a profitable blog niche idea, you can start publishing helpful articles and monetize it with affiliate marketing, online courses, and ads.Blogging is the most profitable  on line business all over the world.


One of the most trending  small business ideas in Odisha with low-cost income opportunities is to start writing blogs and content writing . You need to invest in the domain, write meaningful full content, identify a niche and publish an article about it.

How to make money from Blogging in Odisha?

1. Provide your services:-Blogging  has some useful and informative content, it can be easy to target web traffic to it. You may provide paid services to your online visitors.

2. Ad Net works:-There are various popular Ad Networks from where you can also generate earnings. Some of these are Google Adsense,mMedia, Tabola, Adknowledge, and Yahoo Networks.

3. Sell into Products:-This is another  popular way to make money from blogging in India. In case there is an existing  audience from social media following or an email list, you may contemplate designing and selling your info products.

4. Affiliate Marketing:- Affiliate advertisement can be one of the finest ways for making money through blogging. A single sale can fetch you money as compared to a click on an Ad. Affiliate marketing is that a technique can be used on any blogging platform like Linked In, Medium, Squarespace, or Wix.

5. Sponsored Posts or Products:-If your blog has some authority and has also started getting web traffic, offers may come up for writing sponsored blog posts or reviewing the products for money.

6. Upsell to the existing  customers:-You will agree that it is simpler to sell to those people who already rely upon and are your existing customers. In case you have any info products such as video courses or an E-book, you may create other products.

7. Launch online courses:-Today technological advancements have made it easier to launch an online course. Simply integrate a learning management system onto your website and start selling your courses.

8. Make money through Social media  networks:-The sky is the limit as far as your earnings potential through social media networks such as Twitter, Face book & Instagram are concerned.

9. Video Blogger on You Tubes:-It is another increasing type of blogging where the Video blogger speaks about  and shows their daily  life as well as creates blogs, on Lifestyle, and fashion. Vlogs are very common and popular on You Tubes and popular video bloggers can earn a lot of money. The popular  topics  for video  blogging  include

Travel, Fashion, Entertainment, Motivation, cooking, crafts, etc.

10 Most Profitable Small Business ideas in Odisha 2022.
Online teaching is the most profitable business in India-2022

7. Online Teaching:-

Online teaching, in today’s world, is the process of educating others via the Internet.It is most profitable business in the world today. Various methods can be used such as one-to-one video calls, group video calls, and webinars.

You can start teaching from any location (home, coffee shop, co-working space) and enroll students from various backgrounds and geographical areas. Now days the online business will very demanding business in the Internet world.

 How to earn money through Selling Online Courses:-

Creating and selling courses online to make money is one of the money-makings is one sector that has seen significant growth recently. The global e-Learning market is expected to reach $375 billion which was $200 billion in 2019.

The important steps are to earn money from Online courses:-

1.Create online courses:-The success of the business relies on the content –It is the now the core product and it has to be valuable and useful for the public at large.

Course development , which starts with identifying a specific niche in your field for sale . To do this define an issue with your target audience. Ask yourself, what problem will your course solve?

2. Select a selling Platform:- Course selling platform helps you host, deliver and sell your courses to the end users seamlessly and manages everything from building the course to marketing, and payment processing.

The important selling platforms out there to choose from. Three popular ones are iSpring Market, Udemy, and Thinkfic.

3.Automate:-Once you generate sales, you will probably look forward to creating more courses to grow your business and make more money. It is therefore essential to automate course marketing and selling the products.

10 Most Profitable Small Business ideas in Odisha 2022.
Digital Marketing is most profitable business today-2022

8. Digital Marketing:-

Digital Marketing, also called online marketing. It is the promotion of brands to connect with potential customers using the internet and other forms of digital communications. This includes not only e-mail, social media, and web-based advertising, but also text and multimedia messages. Digital Marketing is very demanding business all over the world.

How to earn Money through Digital Marketing:-

1. Make money from content writing.

2. To make  an SEO expert & Sell SEO Services.

3. Earn money from affiliate marketing

4. Sell consulting services.

5. Work as social media manager.

6. Create and sell your digital products.

7. Become an e-commerce specialist

8. Start your digital marketing agency.

10 Most Profitable Small Business ideas in Odisha 2022.

9. Solar Energy Business:-

The Solar energy business in India  ranks number one THE profitable industry in India.  Odisha is one of the hottest states in India, all year around. The solar energy business may turn out to be a gold mine for you. You can supply electricity at a reasonable price and fair price.

Solar energy will continue to be in demand because of its sustainability factors.Solar Energy business is not only profitable business in Odisha but it is most profitable business for India.

With the increasing ratio of population and less availability of artificial power consumptions, solar energy would be a more demanding and growing business field. With some small investment and proper market research, you can able to earn a high amount of ROI. 

This is a very great business opportunity as solar energy companies are at the forefront of making huge profits. It requires a small investment and has been successfully operated in many other states in the country.


The best business practices in the solar businesses are selling solar panels and dealing with the installation of solar panels on the house rooftops as a combined business.

10 Most Profitable Small Business ideas in Odisha 2022.
Interir Designing Business is profitable small business in India

10. Interior Designing Business:-

Interior designing business covers many fields such as home furnishing, basement remodeling, antique furniture refurnishing, designing stunning home improvements logo, custom furniture covers, sales and installation, decoration of artificial flowers, and many more.Interior designing is the most profitable business all over the world.

The business of Interior designing is expanding very fast. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics and the U.S  Census, the number of Interior designers increased by 11.9 percent to 68,067. The number of firms also is up by an early 6% to 12642.

In today’s world  the Interior  Designers are in great demand. Learn about the Interior  Designing scope needs skills, specializations, and salaries associated with Interior  Designing jobs.

The Interior Designing works area are as follows:-

1. Apartments, houses, and other domestic  areas are considered residential projects

2. Commercial projects like, that include  Retail stores,  warehouses, shopping malls, conference centers, etc.

3. Hospitality sector projects that include  Hotels, Restaurants, Pubs, Cafes, and Night clubs.

4. Healthcare sector projects that include Health centers, nursing, and care homes, Hospitals, and Private clinic.


Small scale Industries play a very important role in the socio-economic development of the country. These industries account for 95% of industrial units.

SSIs are the second largest employers of human resources; they produce a variety of products for the economy. The scope of small business is vast and wide variety of activities starting from retailing to manufacturing.

The Small Business Units  playing  a major role  in  eradication of unemployment and poverty problems  to some extent.As the  income level  individual rises , the savings also increases  which result in investment .It reduces the unemployment in India.

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