World-famous Nandankanan Zoo in Odisha for tourists.
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 Nandankanan Zoo or Nandankana Zoological Park is a 437 hectors (1080-acre) land zoo & botanical garden in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India.

This zoo joins the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) IN THE YEAR 2009. It also contains a botanical garden and part of it has declared a sanctuary. Nandankanan meaning The Garden of Heaven,

The state of Odisha lies in the eastern coastal part of India by the Bay of Bengal. Odisha is a unique place on earth with its decade-long history, enriched wildlife, and enchanting music and dance.

Odisha Tourism welcomes travelers to its articulate culture. The Jagannath temple at Puri,the titillating sculptures of Konark sun Temple, and very beautiful beaches attract all over the tourists from world.

The state Odisha known by different names in the olden times. Kalinga, Utkala, Kongada, and Odra-desha still encompass their rich legacy.

Nandankanan Zoological Park houses a variety of wild animals. Different animals like Crocodile, Black Bucks,Pangolines, small Indian  Civets, Sambaras, Brahminiy kites, Hill Mynas, panthors and many more found in this zoo.

World-famous Nandankanan Zoo in Odisha for tourists. World-famous Nandankanan Zoo in Odisha for tourists. World-famous Nandankanan Zoo in Odisha for tourists. World-famous Nandankanan Zoo in Odisha for tourists.

A Glimpse of Nandankanan Zoological Park:-

On 29th December 1960, Sri S.K. Patil, the then Minister of Food and Agriculture, Govt. of India inaugurated the new Biological Park christened as“Nandankanan”theheavenlygardenofGod. It rename  Nandankanan Zoological Park. By the Odisha Legislative Assembly Committee in the year 1981-82.

This zoo started growing slowly with the addition of the new enclosures and the first tiger was brought to the zoo in the year 1964 from the Alipore zoo in Calcutta along with a pair of African Lions.

A unique White tiger safari establish in the Zoological Park on 1st October 1991. It is the 1st White tiger safari in India. Wonderful site for wildlife conservation

It has the glory of having 156 species of animals which includes 41 spp. mammals, 83 spp. birds, 26 spp. reptiles and 6 spp. of amphibians. Nandankanan has a huge number of animal collections.

In this world famous Nandankana zoo, there are 3004 no of animals are found.There are 1175 mammals,1546 type of birds,262 reptiles and 21 amphibians.There are also 156 species,103 are indigenous and 53 are exotic.There are 15 spp of mammals,120 spp of birds 15 spp of reptiles and 85 spp of butterflies which freely move inside the sanctuary.

The birth of white tigers from normal colored tigers has given a special place to Nandankanan all over the world as the major host zoos for white tiger.

World-famous Nandankanan Zoo in Odisha for tourists.
White Tiger at Nandankanan zoo-Bhubaneswar

Wildlife in Nandankanan Zoological Park:-

If you are a wildlife Enthusiastic then Nandankanan zoo of Odisha is one of the best places to visit to quench your thirst for wildlife exploration.It is the most unique geological park in India.It is the first zoo to have a white tiger.

Nandankanan is the first zoo in the World to breed the White tiger and Melanistic tiger. Nandankanan is the only conservation breeding center of Indian Pangolins in the world.

Nandankanan is the only zoological park in India to became an institutional member of the World Association of Zoos and Aquarium(WAZA).

World-famous Nandankanan Zoo in Odisha for tourists.
Nandankanan zoo-Bhubaneswar-World famous zoo

It is the host zoo for white tigers. White tigers were born to normal-colored parents in 1980, a unique event in the world. The first zoo in the country where endangered Gharials were born in captivity in 1980.

A unique White tiger safari  establish in the Zoological Park on 1st October 1991. It is the 1st White tiger safari in India.

Other animals that are seen in the park are the Asiatic lion, lion-tailed macaque, Indian crocodiles, Nilagirilangur, Indian pangolin, Himalayan black bear, mouse dear, rhesus macaque, black buck and many more foundinthiszoo.

Nandankanan Botancial Garden:-

This is one of the pioneering plant conservation and nature education center of the state.The state Botancial Garden is sure to provide a memorable experience for green enthusiasts.

The state Botancial Garden is situated inside the Nandankanan wildlife sanctuary.The kiakani Lake with an area of about 25 ha. Is located inside the state Botancial Garden.

The Botancial Garden covers 24 different satellite gardens. This park spreads all over undulating landscapes mixed with natural vegetation and meadows.The important facilities  availavle in the Botanical Garden are F.R.H, picnic pinnies,and interpretion center etc.

  • Glass HouseA spacious glass house of 2013 sqft. has develop for housing succulent plants. A variety of succulents adds beauty to the Glass House. One can enjoy blooming ornamental plants from the period from November to March.
  • Cacti HouseA 1080 sqft. playhouse houses important species of cacti plants. A rich collection of more than 1200 cacti are available in the Cacti House.
  • BonsaiA rich collection of more than 300 numbers of bonsai of 55 varieties is available.
  • Philodendron HouseMore than 2000 numbers of 5 varieties of philodendrons are available.
World-famous Nandankanan Zoo in Odisha for tourists. World-famous Nandankanan Zoo in Odisha for tourists. World-famous Nandankanan Zoo in Odisha for tourists.
Nandankanan zoo- Zebra
  • Dry GardenA garden of xerophytes plants has developed over an area of 0.65 Acres in front of Glass House. The entire garden has been designed with loose stonework to give it the exclusive look of the dry zone which attracts  many tourists all over the world.

  • Green HouseA state of art greenhouse of 5200 Sq ft. houses. The cultivars of 60 species of indoor plants. Aglaonema, Philodendron, Calathea, Cordyline, Dieffenbachia, Spathophyllum, Peperomia, Monstera, Hemigraphis, etc are found in this zoo.

  • Butterfly ParkButterfly park , an interesting option among visitors has been developed over an area of 36590 sq feet.The garden has a unique landscape with 6400 butterfly dependent plants.The garden has one cascading waterfall with 170 sqft of flowing water channels, fountains, and artistic bridges.

You can sight more than 81 species of butterflies here. The visitors will get the fragrance of beautiful flowers and feel the beauty of the flying jewels of nature. The newly created butterfly park was opened to visitors in February 2014.

  • RosariumIt is one of the richest collections of 1200 Rose plants belonging to 55 varieties grown over an area of 1.5 acrs of land.The garden is liked by the visitors most and has maximum foot flow during the winter.
  • Orchid HouseThe largest orchid house in the State spreads over an area of 5000 sqft. and displays more than 1000 orchids of 57 varieties belonging to 37 species. One can enjoy the orchid in bloom around the year displaying various colors of nature.
  • Medicinal Garden

A well laid medicinal garden spread over an area of 2.26 acres which displays rich collectionof 225 species of trees, shrubs and herbs.

  • Japanese GardenA state of art Japanese Garden in Tsukyima-niwa style with flowering streams and other typical features is a star attraction.It covers an area of 0.50 acres.
  • Mughal Garden Mughal Garden covers an area of 1.01 ha. It has a cascade of flowing water and flowering plants both seasional and perennial on both sides giving a look at gardens of Mughal era.This garden mostly liked by the young people and it has maximum foot flow of the Mughal era.

  • Heritage GardenThe Heritage Garden covering an area of 1.2 acres . It is situated adjoining the Evolution Garden with natural rock and old Banyan trees.A six varities of Tulsi plants with models of monk, live size cow, and tribal hut are the attraction og the garden.

  • Landscape GardenIt is a model landscaping having different elements like lawns, trees and shrubs spread over an area of 1.6 acrs. 1000 trees of different species have been planted to maintain the rhythm.
  • Palm GardenThe palm garden is an amazing site to see varieties of common and rare palms.Acollection of 29 varities of beautiful palms have been planted over an area of 15000 sqft.One designed water body along with a 15000 sqft grass carpet has n developed inside the palm Garden for the public.
  • Bougainvillea GardenOne Bougainvillea garden has been develop over an area of 21400 sqft. inside the State Botanical Garden. More than 1000 Bou ganinvillea plants of different colors (8 varites) have displayed in the garden.. A series of creepers raised on the back of the garden adds beauty to the park.
  • ArboretumThe Arboretum spread over an area of 4 ha. This has been establish with the collection of more than 234 species(from 49 families) found in the eastern zone forest.
  • Hibiscus GardenA garden has been developed over an area of 11000 sqft. Located in between the glass house and the Palm garden. More than 130 numbers of plants of 27 varieties have been planted in the garden.
  • Carnivorous Plant GardenThis garden was establish inside the state botanical garden covering an area of 800 sq ft.It is intended to exhibit carnivorous plants.Nandankanan is 1st of its kind to display carnivorous plants.

          The garden has been developed to accommodate 4 species        bofcarnivous plants with the provision of a naturalistic landscape.

  • Children’s ParkThe kids have created within the natural setting by providing swings, and merry-go-rounds. The gallery located with ornamental plants enhances the beauty of the Park.
  • Lakes and RopewaysThe ropeway in the zoo connects it with the botanical garden. Activities like Boating, Toy Trains, and Elephant rides are popular in this zoo. The lakes around provide an ideal location for family outings and picnics.
World-famous Nandankanan Zoo in Odisha for tourists.

Visiting time of Nandankanan Zoo:-

Monday to Friday.Reporting Time: 06.15 am

Bird Walk: 06.30 – 09.30 am

Venue: Nandankanan Zoological Park

The toy train has been a great attraction for the children. Its starts from the toy train station which goes around a circular track of 1.58 Km. along the lake and small vegetated hillock area with free-ranging herbivores.

Toy train opens for visitors from 14-10-2021. Ticket price for adult (>12 years)= Rs 50/- & for child (3-12 years)= Rs 30/-

Train every 30 minutes starting from 9.30 am till 4.30 pm with a break 1.00 pm-2.00 pm. First, come get the First ticket upto 50 persons per trip

Summer timings of Nandankanan Zoo and animal Garden w.e.f 1.4.2023 are 7.30a.m to 5.30 p.m.

Top Things to Do in Nandankanan Zoological Park

1. Boating at Kanjia Lake

2.White Tiger Safari

3.Lion Safari

4.Herbivore Safari

5.Bear Safari

6.Reptile Park to see exotic species of Reptiles

7.Thrilling Leopard Enclosure

8.Toy Train Ride

9.Aquarium to witness aquatic ecosystems

10.Nocturnal Animal House

11Walkthrough Aviary to see the bliss of nature

Nandankanan Zoological Park is a journey to explore the exotic wildlife of India. has again started with great pomp and show. Nandankanan Zoological Park in Odisha is most beautiful zoological park in India.

If you haven’t visited this unique zoological park, then it is the right time to plan your trip to Odisha. Feel the bliss of pristine wilderness and enchanting Wildlife Nandankanan Zoo.

How to Reach Nandankana Zoo

By Air-Bhubaneswar is the nearest Airport and the park is at a distance of 20 km from Bhubaneswar.

By Train-The nearest railhead is Bhubaneswar it is well connected to all the major railheads of India.

By Road-Its proximity to the state capital Bhubaneswar keeps it well connected via road.


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