Top 10 NBFC offering Instant Loans without CIBIL in India.
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What is NBFC and how it works?

Before I write this article on the top 10 NBFCs offering Instant Loan without CIBIL in India, We must understand between BANK and NBFCs.

NBFCs are financial institutions that provide various services and products, including loans, insurance, and asset management.NBFCs do not have a banking license.NBFCs do not have any authority to accept deposits from the public.

 What is the Difference Between a Bank and NBFC?

NBFC stands for Non-Banking Financial Institution in India. It has been formed and registered under the Companies Act of 1956. The major difference between NBFC and Banks has been given below.


  • Incorporated under the Banking Regulation Act, of 1949.
  • It is a Government authorized Organisation.
  • The bank can issue a Demand Draft
  • Create Credit
  • Provides transaction services
  • Can accept demand deposits
  • 2. NBFC-

  • Incorporated under the Companies Act,1956
  • Does not need a Bank license to operate
  • Canot issue Demand Draft
  • Does not create credit
  • Does not provide transaction services
  • Can not accept demand deposits.
  • Can not make cheques payable
Top 10 NBFC offering Instant Loans without CIBIL in India.

Personal Loan for Low CIBIL Score:-

There are many options for instant loans without credit scores or low CIBIL scores. The most preferred ones are given below.

 Bank and NBFCs:-Many banks and Non-Banking Financial Companies(NBFCs) provide

Personal loan with low CIBILor loan without CIBIL.However, Personal Loan interest rates charged to people with low or nil CIBIL scores will be higher than that of people with high credit scores. 

  • Online lending option:-If you are looking for a personal loan without CIBIL and income proof, you can search online. Nowadays many online platforms offer personal loans without CIBIL checks, as they have their credit check tools and policies.

  • Secured Loans:-.Another suitable option od loan without a CIBIL score is applying for a secured loan. These are asset-backed loans and are offered against securities, deposits, property, gold, and other assets having monetary value. Many secured loan providers even offer personal loans without income proof.
  • Provide Income proof:-Some lenders may offer short-term loans without CIBIL Score, if you earn good monthly income and provide proof of the same. You can also show proof of any additional income such as bonus, increment, savings, interest, etc. if available.
  •  Add a co-applicant:-If you are unable to find any loan app without a score, you can apply for a loan through a bank/NBFC by adding a co-applicant to your loan application.

Top 10 NBFCs provide Instant Personal Loan without CIBIL score:-

Most banks and NBFCs offer personal loans with a 750 or above credit score. However, if you have a low or zero CIBIL score, but still want a loan instant loan apps can be your friend in need. There are amazing zero CIBIL score loan apps in India.

Following are some instant loan apps that offer loans with or zero CIBIL scores.

 1. Pay Sense:-

Pay Sense was founded in 2015 and based out of Mumbai. Pay Sense is a venture-backed financial services startup in India. Pay Sense makes all things finance more simple, accessible, and transparent. We specialize in using advanced data science to provide credit without the hassles of complex application processes, arduous physical proofs, and long waits. Pay Sense provide Instant Loans without CIBIL.

Pay Sense partnered with India’s leading banks and NBFCs-Pay U Finance India Private Limited, IDFC First Bank, Northern Arc Capital Ltd, Kisetsu Saison Finance(India) Private Limited, and HDB Financial Limited.

The Rate of interest in Pay Sense is 1.4% to 2.3% per month. Loan amounts provide from Rs30,00 to Rs10,000,00.


Top 10 NBFC offering Instant Loans without CIBIL in India.
Pay Sense Loan app for Instant Loan

2.In Cred Finance:-

In cred Finance is a private NFI in India. The company focuses on consumer Loans-Personal loans, Education loans, and SME Business Loans. It is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It was founded by Bhupinder Singh ex-head of the Corporate Finance division of Deutsche Bank. It was founded in 2017.

Its main vision is to create a trustworthy, transparent, and highest integrity financial institution, that positively advances the socioeconomic well-being of 

lolower-middle-classo middle-class Indian households while protecting the interest of stack holders. In cred, Finance provides Instant Loans without CIBIL.

The rate of interest is 16% to 36% per annum. It gives you a loan of up to Rs.3,00,000.

Top 10 NBFC offering Instant Loans without CIBIL in India
In Cewd Finance for Instant Personal Loan

3.Kredit Bee:-

Kredit Bee is a platform that facilities loan transactions between borrowers and personal loan providers such as NBFCs/Banks. All loan applications and sanctioned by the NBFC/Banks registered with RBI. Kredit Bee provides Instant Loan without CIBIL.

Kredit Bee provides Instant Loan providers. Users can apply for Personal Loan up to Rs4,00,000 as per requirement. The documentation required minimal and the entire process starting from registration to disbursement takes an average of 10 minutes only.

The application process is completely online a, andhe funds are immediately transferred to the bank account. There are several unique Loan offers available with simple repayment plans.

The rate of interest is 1.02% per month.KretBee provides loans from Rs1000 to Rs 4,00,000.

Top 10 NBFC offering Instant Loans without CIBIL in India.
KreditBee- Instant personal-loan-

4.IIFL Finance:-

IIFLFinance Limited is one of the leading players in financial services.IIFL Finance Ltd provides a diverse range of loans and mortgages to the public. These include home loans, gold loans, microfinance, developer& construction finance, and capital market finance catering to both retail and corporate clients.

The company has a nationwide presence with a thriving network of 3,119 branches across 500+ cities all over India.

IIFL provides loans at the rate of interest of 12.75% to 33.75% rate of interest. It also provides loans to the public from Rs.5000 to Rs5,00,000.


CASHe is a fintech that provides fast, flexible, unsecured personal loans through a mobile application to young salaried millions across India.CASHe was founded in 2016 by V. Raman Kumar, whose name was to bring millions of young salaried millennials, who are denied credit by conventional and financial institutions into a formal credit system. CASHe e provide Instant Loans without CIBIL.

CASHe is one of India’s most preferred digital lending platforms providing credit to those that did not qualify for credit from conventional lending agencies and those that were new to credit.

CASHe provides loans at the rate of interest from2.50%per month. It provides loans from Rs1000 to Rs4,00,000.

Top 10 NBFC offering Instant Loans without CIBIL in India.
Cash e is providinf instant loan to customer

6.L&T Finance:-

L&T Finance Holdings Ltd is one of the leading Non-Banking Financial companies(NBFCs)in India. It lending business catering to the diverse financing needs of the served and underserved customers.

L&T Finance offers consumer loans, Two wheeler loans, Home Loans, Micro Loans, Farm Loans&SME Loans.L&T Finance is committed to providing customized financial solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers.L&T Finance  provide Instant Loans without CIBIL.

L&T Finance provides loans at 13% per annum. It provides loans to customers from Rs.50,000 to Rs7,000,00.

 7.Money View:-

An IIT alumnus, Puneet Agarwal started his career at Mckinsey. From there he move to Capital One in the US, Where he was directly involved in various product development & payment solutions. He also worked at Google in the year 2014. In 2014 he co-founded money view with a vision to simplify access to credit for all Indians. Money views provide innstant Loans without CIBIL.

In India of more than a billion people, only 10% are eligible for formal credit products. Money View’s vision is to provide world-class financial products&services to that 90% of the underserved Indians.

By using the Moneyview loans app to get instant personal loans starting from Rs10,000 up to Rs50,000,00 in just a few minutes. The money views annual interest rate is 16% to 39%. You can choose from a wide range of flexible repayment plans from 3 months up to 5 years.


Top 10 NBFC offering Instant Loans without CIBIL in India.
Money view Instant personal Loan

8.Money Tap:-

Money Tap is India’s first app-based credit line. It is offered in partnership with leading banks. Money Tap is catering to the credit needs of middle-class customers in India. Presently nearly 40+ cities Money Tap provides small-medium cash loans, quick credit on mobile at affordable rate of interest rates, and flexible EMI. 

Money Tap aims to make credit accessible to the millions of Indians, who have a hard time getting credit, when they need it. Money Tap provides Instant Loans without CIBIL.

Money tap provides loans at the 1.08%rate of interest per month. It provides loans from Rs3,000 to Rs5,00,000.

 9.Loan Baba:-

Loan Baba provides loans through its own RBI Registered NBFC. It provides loans, personal loans from Rs1,00,000 to Rs 1,00.000,00. These loans are usually offered to salaried individuals only. These loans are collateral-free. You can borrow funds up to Rs1 Crore without pledging any asset.

In Loam Baba the personal loan interest rate is starting from 10.50% p.a.The repayment tenure is flexible from 1 year to 5 years.

Loan Baba also offers its flagship instant loan of Rs.1,00,000 for up to 18 months in just 30 minutes at zero payment and pre-closure charges.

Top 10 NBFC offering Instant Loans without CIBIL in India.

10.Lend itt:-

Lend itt is a digital lending platform that offers instant, short-term loans to eligible customers. It was founded to provide instant hassle-free loans to individuals to help them to meet their personal needs. Lend itt provide Instant Loans without CIBIL.

They offer short-term loans to their customers on a very easy-to-use mobile application. Their application is powered by an algorithm called the social loan. Lenditt provides loans in minutes to young professionals without much paperwork. These loans are very quick and can help individuals pay for sudden expenses like medical emergencies, weddings, travel, vacation, household repairs, etc.

Lenditt provides loans at 0.1% to 0.4% per day. It provides loans from Rs10,000 to Rs40,000.

Top 10 NBFC offering Instant Loans without CIBIL in India.

What Factors Lower CIBIL Score?

  • Having multiple unsecured loans.
  • Any delay or default in your loan payment history.
  • Having a high credit utilization ratio, i.e. over 30% of the available credit limit.
  • Rejections of loan applications multiple times in a short period. 
  • Making a settlement of debt with the bank and closing the loan account by making less payment than required.
  • An un-diverse mix of credit.  
  • Multiple hard credit inquiries

 How to Improve Your CIBIL Score?

 Following are some tips to improve your CIBIL score: 

  • Pay your loan EMIs and credit card bills on time and in full.
  • Always keep your credit utilization ratio low, preferably below 30% of the available credit limit.
  • Don’t make too many hard inquiries.
  • Do not close your unsecured credit cards as it can increase your utilization ratio.


In recent years the future of NBFCs is witnessing good growth in consumer lending. The liquidity position has improved and is gradually coming back to normal. In the future also, NBFCs will play a crucial role in economic development and financial inclusion.

Here are some factors that are likely to shape the future of NBFCs in India.

Digitization: NBFCs are likely to leverage technology and digital channels to enhance their customer experience, improve operational efficiency, and drive growth. The increasing adoption of digital payments, online lending, and other digital financial services is likely to fuel the growth of NBFCs.

Regulatory framework: The RBI (Reserve Bank of India) has been taking measures to strengthen the regulatory framework for NBFCs and ensure their financial stability. The recent amendments to the NBFC regulations and the introduction of new regulations like the Account aggregator framework are expected to further strengthen the sector.


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Top 10 NBFC offering Instant Loans without CIBIL in India.
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