Popular10 Indian Affiliate Marketing Companies in 2022.
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Nowadays all over the world including in India Affiliate marketing business is growing very fast day by day. Here I describe in this blog to my viewers the Best 10 popular Indian Affiliate marketing companies of 2022.

 What is the concept of Affiliate Marketing:- 


Affiliate marketing is in the process of making money online every time a customer purchases a product based on your recommendation. This is an online sales tactics that allow you the “affiliate”-to earn a commission and helps the product owner increase sales.


In the Affiliate marketing process we refer to a product or service by sharing the product on a blog, social media platform, podcast or in the website. The affiliate earns a commission each time someone makes a purchase through the unique affiliate link associated with their recommendation.


By 2017, 81% of brands have started using affiliate programs to increase exposure and sales dramatically. Affiliate marketing is now e-mail marketing gradually, in terms of bringing visitors and customers to a store (be it an online store or a physical store).


Only in the US, around 5.3 billion dollars were spent in 2017 and it is predicted that the amount will rise to 8.5 billion dollars in 2022.


Popular 10 Indian Affiliate Marketing Companies in 2022:-

1. Amazon Associates Affiliate:-

Amazon Associates is an affiliate marketing program that allows website owners and bloggers to create links and earn referral fees when customers 

click through and buy products from Amazon.


The Amazon Associates  program offers many benefits to website owners, including the opportunity to generate revenue via their site, a wide range of relevant products to promote from Amazon’s huge selection, of easy-to-use tools to create and customize the links that work best.



Popular10 Indian Affiliate Marketing Companies in 2022
Amazon-India-Affiliate-Program in India-2022

To become an Amazon Associate, you must have an active website, blog, app, or youtube channel. This Affiliate program also helpful, if you are in  the your site is pre-populated with the content. So it appears active and authentic to both users and Amazon.

Please click here to know more about Amazon associate Affiliates: – https://affiliate-program.amazon.in/. Amazon Associates is the best Indian Affiliate Marketing Companies of 2022.


2. V Commission Affiliate:-

V Commission is a leading Global Affiliate Marketing Network delivering Performance on Web & Mobile to worldwide Advertisers through a growing network of 100K+publishers with a presence in India, Singapore, UAE, UK & USA .

The percentage of commissions is the most common in an affiliate program, and the average affiliate commission rate is between 5-30%.If you sell a variety of products, a percentage commission may motivate affiliates to promote products that lead to a higher average order value.


Popular10 Indian Affiliate Marketing Companies in 2022.
V Commission affiliate program is the best in India-2022

Payout is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing an affiliate program. The V Commission affiliate program offers single-tier commissions, which means affiliates earn commission only on sales they generate.

Moreover, the affiliate program offers a fixed commission structure with a minimum payout of $100.

Please click here to know more about V Commission Affiliate:- https://www.vcommission.com/. V Commission is the best Indian Affiliate Marketing Companies of 2022.


3. Admit Ad Affiliate:-

An advertiser is a company eager to advertise its products on the Internet and increase sales. A publisher is a person or a company that introduces an advertiser’s products to the audience and lead end customers.

AdmitAd brings publishers and advertisers together on one platform and helping them find each other. The features of Admit Ad are (1)You can withdraw money via web money within 5 minutes or withdraw your earnings via bank or pay pal. (2)Admit Ad does not charge any fees for withdrawal. 


Popular10 Indian Affiliate Marketing Companies in 2022.
Admit Ad affiliate program is the best in India -2022

(3)We provide widgets Tag containers, product feeds, promo codes and other tools and technologies to increase your conversion rate and get maximum feedback from your audience. (4) More than a hundred exclusive programs to Admit Ad publishers. The hardest working affiliates receive bonuses and higher rates from advertisers.

Please click here to learn more about Admit ad Affiliate:  https://affiliate.admitad.com/in/site/webmaster/ Admit AD is the best Indian Affiliate Marketing Companies of 2022.


4. Shopify Affiliate:-

Shopify Affiliate Program includes entrepreneurs, educators, influencers, and content creators who inspire and teach their audiences about entrepreneurship with Shopify.


This program you may be free to join and allows you to monetize your audience and earn commissions from each new Shopify merchant referral.


To apply for the Shopify Affiliate Program, you need to meet the following requirements: You own and run an active website. You have an established audience. 


Popular10 Indian Affiliate Marketing Companies in 2022.
Shopify-Affiliate-Marketing-Program is the best in India-2022

You can create original content, such as online courses, blog posts, videos or guides. Shopify facilitates affiliate marketing through its affiliate platforms by offering third-party affiliate app integration within its dashboard.

The best affiliate marketing platforms have their apps on Shopify, making it easy for Shopify brands to integrate with affiliate marketing in their Shopify store. 

Affiliate marketing simply means referring to a product or service by sharing it on your blog, social media platform, podcast or on the website. The affiliate earns a commission each time someone purchases through the unique affiliate link associated with their recommendation.


Please click here to know more about Shopify Affiliate Programme: – https://www.shopify.com/in/affiliates.ShopifyAffiliate programme is the best Indian Affiliate Marketing Companies of 2022.


5. Flipkart Affiliate:-

Flipkart Affiliate Program is a great way for you to earn commissions by placing product banners or links on your website to refer users to the Flipkart.com website. You can earn up to 12% every time a user clicks on the banner /link and purchases on our site.


We will only make payments to affiliates only for Products that are not returned in the past 30 days. Hence, payments are made 30-60 days from the day an order was made through your affiliate account.


Flipkart is the leading e-commerce platform in India, which covers over 80 million products across 80+ categories ranging from fashion and lifestyle to books, electronics, pantry, applications and more that you can promote as an Affiliate marketer.


Popular10 Indian Affiliate Marketing Companies in 2022.
Flipkart-Affiliate-Programmep- is the best in India -2022

With up to 90% discounts and big sales all year round, Flipkart attracts about 10 million page visits daily. It usually takes about 3-5 working days for Flipkart orders to get delivered but the time it takes for delivery also varies from seller to seller.

Please click here to know more about FlipkartAffiliate:- https://earnkaro.com/blog/earn-money-by-becoming-a-flipkart-affiliate/. Flipkart’s Affiliate program is the best Affiliate Marketing Company in India.


6. Big Rock Affiliate:-

The Big Rock Affiliate program is an online marketing program where affiliates promote Big Rock products and are paid a commission for every successful conversion. The purchase transaction needs to be completed through the Big Rock Affiliate Link.


Big Rock pays you for every successful purchase made by visitors sent by you. When you sign up as an affiliate, Big Rock provides you with a unique URL.


In this affiliate program, you will start earning commissions by selling Big Rock’s products and services on your website. You can send traffic to your unique URL through your website, blog, Facebook or Twitter profile to earn commission on each sale.


Popular10 Indian Affiliate Marketing Companies in 2022.

There is no limit to the amount of money that you can make with the Big Rock affiliate program. Big Rock pays commissions on a net 55 day basis. For example, commissions earned for the entire month of January will be paid on or by March 25th.

Commissions are paid through bank/wire transfer once the holding period is over and the commission threshold is crossed.


Please click here to know more about the Big Rock Affiliate programme: – https://www.bigrock.in/affiliate. Big Rock Affiliate program is the best Indian Affiliate Marketing Companies of 2022.



7. Make My Trip Affiliate:-

Make my trip is India’s pioneering online travel companies. Make my trip offers instant booking and comprehensive choices to travellers. The make my trip affiliate program offers great money-making opportunities to online publishers.


Whether you are a travel blogger or run a travel website, you get the chance to earn some great Make my Trip affiliate Commission on the sale of domestic and international flight tickets via your sites.


The travel website and app offer a smooth booking experience, great discounts and super-efficient customer service. The Make my Trip affiliate program becomes one of the easiest and best ways to multiply your earnings.


Popular10 Indian Affiliate Marketing Companies in 2022.
Make My Trip.com Affiliate program is the best in India-2022

Make My Trip provides travel services like domestic and international flight tickets, holiday packages, hotel reservations and train and bus tickets that you can share with your friends and family and earn affiliate commissions by joining the Affiliate Program. 

Please click here to know more about the Make My Trip Affiliate Programme: –https://earnkaro.com/blog/earn-money-by-becoming-a-makemytrip-affiliate/. Make My Trip Affiliate program is the best Indian Affiliate Marketing companies  of  2022.




8. Go Daddy affiliate program:-

Being a Go Daddy affiliate is great for you and your visitors. Your visitors 

get great deals on products from the World no1 domin register and you get cash for qualifying purchases they make through your affiliate link.


You can make money with Godaddy by joining their affiliate program. The customer that you refer who signs up or purchases Go Daddy services can get you up to 40% commission depending on the product or services sold.


The Go Daddy affiliate program offers single-tier commissions which mean the affiliates earn commission only on sales they generate. Moreover, the 

Affiliate program offers a fixed commission structure with a minimum payout is $50(Direct deposit).



Popular10 Indian Affiliate Marketing Companies in 2022.
GoDaddy-Affiliate-Program- best in India-2022

The Go Daddy affiliate is very easy to work with. It is just copying and pasting the code the Go Daddy provides you, onto your website or in blogs or emails and you are done. 

Earn your commission Visitors who click through to Go Daddy from your ads are considered referrals. After comleting the purchase transcation you automatically earn a commission.


Please click here to know more about the Go Daddy Affiliate Programme: – https://www.godaddy.com/en-in/affiliate-programs. The Go Daddy Affiliate program is the best Indian Affiliate Marketing Companies  of  2022.



9. Yatra.com Affiliate:-

Yatra.com offers a promising opportunity to earn if you own a website. Join in Yatra.com Affiliate Program is very simple to participate in. You only need to allow the publishing Yatra.com link on your website. Nothing more, the rest goes on automatically.


The affiliate program generates a commission for you regularly.Frankly speaking, millions of travelers access yatra’s website for varied travel-related information and needs.



Popular10 Indian Affiliate Marketing Companies in 2022.
Yatra.com affiliate program is the best in India 2022

This is a place of clear gain for you.If  you own a website, use it to make money. Promote Yatra .com Affiliate Program by publishing a link to convert your website traffic to cash.

You can earn from the YATRA.COM affiliate, the number of flight transactions generated via your website. You can earn good money in today’s era with increasing demand for flight tickets.


 For Domestic hotel bookings, your commissions are based on the value of the bookings. You can feel confident about earning a decent commission that works out based on booking value.


You can earn more than 10% of booking value up to Rs. 5000.Your website and the affiliate networks the marketing platform, silently work for you. Everything is automatic, monitoring the business done by yatra.com using the link and crediting the payments to your account.


Please click here to know more about Yatra.com Affiliate Programme: – https://www.affiliateprograms.com/p/yatra/.Yatra.comAffiliateprogram is the best Indian Affiliate Marketing Companies  of 2022.


10. Click Bank affiliate:-

Click Bank is a global e-commerce platform and affiliate market place.It is founded in 1998. The click bank has more than six million clients all over the worldwide.


It is becoming the 87th largest Internet retailer in North America. This site had attracted 15,00,000 affiliate marketers.Click Bank is both a marketplace for affiliates and an e-commerce platform for digital content creators.


As a content owner, you can add your product to Click bank’s database and they will manage the sale and checkout process as well as make it visible to their network of affiliate marketers.

Popular10 Indian Affiliate Marketing Companies in 2022.
ClickBank-Affiliate-Program is the best in 2022

Anyone can become a Click Bank affiliate-It is free. If you find a product that you wish to promote either by searching the Click Bank marketplace or a vendor’s website, you will be provided with a unique link that you can use to direct customers to the product page.


Most of the Click Bank products pay 70% commission. You need that right? So in that case, if you sell $100 you will earn $70.Nowadays, Clickbank allows you to open an affiliate account and earn money in India. Many individuals are working and doing earnings successfully with Click Bank here in India.


Click here to learn more about the Click Bank Affiliate Programme: – https://www.clickbank.com/affiliates/. Click Bank Affiliate program is the best Indian Affiliate Marketing Companies  of  2022.


In 2022,Affiliate marketing has become a big business all over the world in the past few years. There are now many good affiliate marketing programs available for Indian websites.


But Amazon Associates remains one of the best programs around, thanks to the huge range of products available on Amazon and high commission rates paid on Amazon.


Affiliate marketing is a multibillion–dollar global industry. Statistics show that in 2022, the affiliate marketing industry is expected to reach an estimated worth of USD 12 Billion.


Affiliate marketing in India contributes nearly 15% of the total sales across online retail sites. Popular e-commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart can pay up to 15% commission on successful sales. 




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