15 Best Profitable Small Business Ideas in India -2023 
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Small businesses are important because they provide opportunities for entrepreneurs and create meaningful job satisfaction. 


The business which functions on a small scale level involves less amount of capital investment, less labor, and very fewer machines to operate, which is known as a small business. 


SEO consultant offers search engine optimization services. This is one of the most trending businesses which can surely start on a small business basis. In today’s world, there is a rat race among all companies and big personalities, who wish to be visible online more often than others.

15 Best Profitable Small Business Ideas in India -2023 

Here SEO experts come into the picture who knows best how to bring more organic traffic to your website with must-update tools and strategies.SEO businesses are generally quite profitable as the search engine is ever evolving.


There is a lot of demand for SEO consultants rather than working in a company or agency. All you need is to invest in marketing, education, and business organization to reap profits from the business.This is one of the profitable small business ideas.

2. Cryptocurrency Consultant:-

Cryptocurrency consultant is a professional who advises their clients to make successful and compliant –based cryptocurrency transactions practices across accounting and tax functions.

15 Best Profitable Small Business Ideas in India -2023 
Cryptocurrencies-Securities-or-Commodities-consultancy Best in the world in 2022

Crypto experts, safeguard their clients from any illegal and unethical crypto practices. The Crypto consulting business is gaining immense demand worldwide as there are only a few people who know about this newly emerged market so well and on the demand side.


HNIs, are celebrities who not only want to invest in digital currency and make healthy profits but also want to create their blockchains and no –fungible tokens. That is why there is a huge demand for crypto consultants, in the market, who are well-equipped with great knowledge of Bitcoin, blockchain, crypto market practices, etc.


To become a self-employed cryptocurrency consultant, one needs to have a background in finance or technology, and hands of experience working under experts. This is one of the profitable small business ideas.

3. Venture Capitalist (VC):-

One can start very small and build a venture capital firm. You can start a small business as an angel investor or  you can also partner with someone starting a venture capital firm.

15 Best Profitable Small Business Ideas in India -2023 

A venture capitalist, who is popularly known as a VC is an investor who helps and advises a new company in the process of expanding or providing the capital needed for a startup venture.

 There are many paths, you  can lead become an independent venture capitalist. You have a good experience in investment banking or have been a highly skilled financial advisor or equity research analyst.


If you want to be a   self-employed venture capitalist, you can either invest a large part of your funds into your new business or uou can be partner with  someone  who holding the same expertise.


To start with, the new venture capitalist should stick to investing in companies which in familiar industries. If you become successful and build a reputation, which in turn will lead to lucrative and higher profit deals.

4. Small Wealth and Asset Management Company:-

Independent boutique wealth and assets management firms are gaining an edge over the large ones, because of their flexibility and agility. You can start a smaller firm if you have a great finance background with a strong network.


Being a small firm, you can outsource the other administrative tasks such as IT, HR, legal compliance, and accounting and focus more time on your clients and building relationships.


Wealth and asset management is an investment advisory service that includes other financial services to cater to the needs of high-net-worth and affluent clients.


An independent wealth management advisor is a professional persone , who has the financial expertise to handle an affluent client’s wealth holistically in proper manner. This is one of the profitable small business ideas.

5. Personal Finance Youtuber:-

Everyone who earns money but only a few person who  know how to manage their own financial health . If you are expertise in personal finance which includes, investing, insurance, and retirement then you can surely start your own Youtube channel and make videos.


It is geared towards investors or beginners looking to learn the basics of investing as well as personal finance skills which helps in building wealth.


You should make a tactical YouTube SEO strategy. Keep posting updated investment and finance-related videos. Make the strategy to have more and more subscribers to your channel. Link the Youtube page to other social media accounts such as Facebook, Linkedin, or Instagram.

6. Online Teaching Classes:-

The online teaching business and Ed. Tech Industry is booming especially after the covid-19 pandemic situation. So if you are planning to kickstart your online teaching academy, do not hesitate. It is the right time to start as the online learner base is growing exponentially.

15 Best Profitable Small Business Ideas in India -2023 
online-teaching-platforms-best small business idea-2022

Here are some of the tips that will help you to launch your online academy.

  • Pick up interesting course topics such as taxation, accounting, coding, robotics, or any based on your knowledge and expertise.
  • Create powerful and engaging course content with help of attractive backgrounds and graphics.
  • Learn about the technicalities for running an educational website for sucessful in this business.
  • Determining the pricing of the particular course.
  • Choose the digital payment gateways.
  • Plan the schedule much in advance

                           Use promotional and marketing 

  • Strategies for your online academy.
  • Investment in sophisticated and updated technical hardware and software equipment such as webcam, video camera, selfie ring lights, classroom background, editing software, etc.

7. Sell content writing services:-

84% of businesses have a content marketing strategy. All businesses need writers to help them produce that content.

15 Best Profitable Small Business Ideas in India -2023 
Content writing services in the world is the best business2022

If you think you have got what it takes, you could cash it on that demand by opening your own small business, selling content writing services. As a content writer, you will produce Blog posts, articles, landing pages, and more for all kinds of businesses.


 For this business, you have to first start to need a website to sell your services on. You can use a platform like WordPress or square space for this. Before you start your services, it is worth investing in content writing tools to help you with SEO.


Once you have everything in place, you can launch your marketing campaign to start marketing sales. You can also bid for jobs directly on a freelance, job website.

8. App Developer:-

We know everybody is mobile age, where everything happens via smartphone applications. Whether you want to order food, book a theater ticket or hotel reservation, purchase groceries, apparel, or name anything which can be available via apps.

15 Best Profitable Small Business Ideas in India -2023 
Mobile App business growth is highest in 2022

With this increasing demand, there is huge scope for app developers also. The App development is  a good business idea, as it has robust earning potential for the individual.

There are strong career outlook opportunities to work with cutting-edge technology. One can easily start of small business with  their own app development business of designing  the mobile applications. This is one of the profitable small business ideas in 2022.

9. Digital Marketing Manager:-

Digital marketing services are in huge demand and it plays an important role in branding and advertising the company’s image. If you have a knack for SEO, content marketing, blog advertising, pay-per-click ads, and social media management, you can start your sales business from an office or even from home.


Many companies prefer to outsource these services rather than establish an in-house team. If you have direct marketing plans meticulously, digital marketing is the right business for you.

10. Home Bakery Business:-

If you love baking delicious cake, cookies, and more and you may not have the resources or the time to start your retail bakery, then home based bakery business is just apt for you.

15 Best Profitable Small Business Ideas in India -2023 
Bakery Business is the best small business idea in 2022

With the home-based setup, you can easily be your boss and work from home rather than renting out an expensive store and hiring a team of employees.

All you need to do is plan an attractive menu, invest in bakery equipment, purchase supplies such as flour, sugar, butter, and eggs and promote your venture to the best on the social media platform.


An attractive visual social media a platform such as Instagram is the super place to share images of your beautiful cookies and cake. The home bakery business can be started with little investment and can be expanded as per the business’s growing needs. This is one of the profitable small business ideas in 2022.


11.Freelance Cooder:-

Coding is not only a rewarding and lucrative career option but also contributes to the

growth of the organization, worldwide.


A freelance coder is an individual who performs the designing and development requirements of clients on a contractual basis, through coding skills. A freelance coder is a self –employer and thus they have the full independence of selecting thecompanies, work domain, and project type based on their preferences.


It isto be noted that many coding companies are mushrooming in India. One must havecompetencies and skills such as the ability to negotiate, a solid network,and the ability to meet deadlines and offer timely quality services.


If oneis planning to start a coding business, then they will require at least two
employees who are skilled in administrative as well as coding tasks

12. TOY Library owner:-

TOYlibraries can be small, casual, or even specific. A toy library is a fun business that can be easily started from your home or a small rented-out space.


15 Best Profitable Small Business Ideas in India -2023 
Toy Library business idea is the best in 2022

The Toy Library can have either open or closed collections of toys for the library for the children. In an open collection area , all the beautiful  toys are displayed and the children  are feel very happy , touch, and then can choose what they want right from the shelf.


Children or parents can look at images of toys on social media pages or websites and then decide what they would like to borrow.


If your toy library is small and informal, you can easily manage your business or be able to run it on your own way. But if you have a big setup, it will require more manpower to handle things perfectly.


To be successful, in this business, promote your library through various social media platforms, watsup groups, and flyers and posters which can be distributed to nearby localities.


13. Pet Grooming Businesses:-

The Pet business in India is still at a nascent stage as compared to the western countries, but growing rapidly and only getting bigger and better. If you are fond of pets and have a huge attraction towards animals, then you can start a pet grooming business. 

15 Best Profitable Small Business Ideas in India -2023 
Dog-Grooming-Business--Ideas best small business in 2022

To start this business, you need to initially invest in rent-related products and equipment, electricity, water, and groomer salaries. The services can be offered to pet animals like dogs and cats like spas, haircuts, and other grooming stuff as their breeds. This is one of the profitable small business ideas in 2022.


14. Dropshipping Business:-

If you are  you excited to start an online business, but at the same time not sure how, to begin with? .You have no idea of manufacturing and  production of the goods , then you can surely think about drop shipping.


Drop shipping is a kind of online retail business where there is no physical store that stocks the products, therefore you as an online seller( act as middleman) do not have to stock the product directly or store it in warehouses



The main five steps of the drop shipping process are:-

1. The customer in this system  will  places an order with a drop shipping retailer.

2. The retailer processes all the the order and passes it to the wholesaler.

3. The wholesaler receives the order which given by the retailer.

4. The wholesaler ships the order.

5. The customer receives the order.


Drop shipping is a very low-risk business model which requiresvery  less upfront capital investment and less overhead costs as compared to other online modes of business in India.


It is also regarded as one of the most rewarded business models as you are not liable for the manufacturing or shipping costs are very minimum of the products and thus one can start this dropshipping business & making money from every sale they make. This is one of the profitable small business ideas in 2022.

15. Fitness Consultant:-

A personal fitness training business is a low-cost and highly lucrative business idea. If you are a fitness-enthusiastic person. Nowadays a lot of many people, irrespective of their age, wish to have a healthy regime under coach service or proper guidence.

15 Best Profitable Small Business Ideas in India -2023 
Fitness Consultant business Idea is the best business idea in 2022

Whether it is pilates, yoga, hot yoga, Zumba, aerobics, or personalized nutrition tips, all these services are easily available, in one hires a fitness consultant to themselves.

Do not forget to put in Instagram, a feed with fitness inspirational quotes, exercise videos, and healthy snack ideas as beyond personal coaching services, it is also a common way for fitness to build their brands in our digital world and earn money. This is one of the profitable small business ideas in 2022.




Small business brings jobs and revenue to the local economies by offering, local products paying sales and property tax and using local vendors and supporting services.


Small business helps to encourage handicrafts and technical skills. These businesses earn foreign exchange through exports of their products.Small business provides part-time employee to a very a large number of the poorer section of society.




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