Odisha's Development depend on Odisha-industries-boost the ecopnomic growth of the state.
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ODISHA  previously called as UTKAL means the first word is “ Utkarsha” or excellence & “Kala “means skilled crafts. It means Utkal is a state where all the crafts are excellent in the world.

 The Odia traders( SADHABA), navigators flourishing their trading in  S.E Asia like Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia and Sri Lanka, Thailand. The Ancient  “ Kalinga” also developed their trade with  Rome and Greece from 1st century B.C to the 7th Century AD.


Odisha is an Indian state located in eastern India. It is the 8th largest state by area and the 11th largest state by population. The state has the third-largest population of Schedule tribes in India.

 The per capita Income state of Odisha is Rs 1, 27,383. There are 30 districts in Gujarat.


But, state of  Gujarat per capita income is Rs.2, 41,707, which is double the state of Odisha, But Why?


Gujarat state was created on May 1st, 1960.After 25 years of the Odisha state. Its area is 196,024 sq km. This state is bounded by the Arabian Sea in the west and south & Pakistan in the North. The Literacy rate in Gujarat is 79.36%.


“Odisha is the 16th largest state economy in India. Odisha’s rank is 32nd among Indian states in Human Development Index.”.The population is 4.76 Crore.


The Gujarat Economy is 5th largest in India .21st among the Indian states in human development state in India. The population is 7.15 Crore as per (projected) in 2021 record.”


Thereare5 important points as,why Odisha is not developed after75 years of Independence (Part-II).

(6) Tourism sector of Odisha after 75 years ofIndependence of Odisha:-

Odisha;s Development depend on Tourism.Beautyful Tourist place-Chilika in Odisha state
Odisha;s Development depend on Tourism.Beautyful Tourist place-Chilika in Odisha state

Odisha is a vibrant land. On one side where you find temples and a whole bunch of religious sites, on other hand a whole bunch of hill stations, valleys, national parks, beaches and rivers.


The main attractions in Bhubaneswar-Dhauli Hills, Udaygiri, Khadagiri, Ratna Giri Buddhist Excavation, Nandankana zoological park, Satkosia Tiger Reserve, Lingaraj Temples, Bharhmeswar.


In Puri, the tourist place is Puri Beach, Puri Jagannath Temple, Chilika Lake& Bird Century, Gudicha ghara temple, and Konark Temple are famous.


In Cuttack the famous tourist place is Bhitarakanika Wildlife sanctuary, Ansupa lake, Fort Barabati.In Jaipur you can visit the most famous tourist place like Guptesewar cave, Deomali, Dumduma falls, Jagannath Sagar Hatipathar & Kolab falls.

In Sambalpur you can visit the famous tourist place are Hirakud dam, Cattle Island, Chipilima, Huma, Samaleswari temple, Debrigarh and many more places.


Odisha earns from tourism sector  nearly Rs.521.26 Crore19-20.


But in Gujarat, the tourist place is Somanath temple, Gir National Park, Rani ki Vav Patan, Champaner-Pavagadh Archeological Park, Lothal, Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach, 

Chorwad Beach & Wild Ass Sanctuary, Laxmi Vilas palas, Saputra hill station etc.


The contribution of the GDP of Gujarat is estimated at 10.2% in 2022. Alone from the Statue of Unity.


The revenue generates by the state of Gujarat is Rs.11, 631Crore. in FY.19- 2020.

Odisha's Development depend on Tourism. You can see beautyful DOLPHINE in Odisha
Odisha's Development depend on Tourism. You can see beautyful DOLPHINE in Odisha

 REVIEW OF ODISHA’S DEVELOPMENT:- After the completion of 75 years of Independence, even though our state has high rich in Tourism place in India, due to a lack of knowledge of Government policy and publicity we could generate achive remarkable  revenue for the state nor any employment opportunities in tourism sector in the state of Odisha.



(7). Industrialisation ofOdisha:-The industry sector of Odisha after 75 years of Independence.

Gujarat is the manufacturing hub of India. The manufacturing sector is the key driver of Gujarat’s economy. Employment in Public sector establishment is 0.83 million whereas & private sector is 0.86 million as of March 2005. 


There are 8872 large industries in Gujarat state. There are 3,12,000 small manufacturing industries.2200 medium units in Gujarat. Gujarat has 51 SEZ.


But Odisha has only 213 large Industries. Odisha has only 56 no PSU sectors in Odisha. There are 2461 industries large medium and small scale operating in ODISHA.


There is 41 port in Gujarat 1 major port is Kandla and 40 Minor ports. The amount of total cargo handled is 108 mmtpa(appx25%) of India. There are 13 minor ports in Odisha .1 is major port is Paradeep.


Odisha’s only cargo handled 35 million metric tons, which is very low compared to Gujarat.


The Agro sector including animal husbandry contributes 15.5% to Gujarat. (GSDP)-2005-2006.


The Gujarat state has 3700 small scale food processing units and 150 large and medium scale food processing units.

 There are 13 district milk producers units.12991 milk cooperative societies. Total milk production is 18.97 million litres per day. Per capita, milk production in Odisha is very low26 Ltr per year. Whereas in India it is 82 Ltr.


The Gujarat Milk Marketing Federation cooperative sector diary sells AMUL and Sagar brands of diary products through  5,00,000 unorganised retailers and 3000 distributors.


Gujarat contributes about 53% to the national production of chemicals (2005-06). Gujarat only produces 60.3% of chemicals & petrochemicals in the state’s total industrial production. 


Over 15000 registered small scale industrial (SSI) units focusing on the production of Chemicals.


There are 30 engineering products cluster in Gujarat. The brass parts cluster in Gujarat Jamnagar has over 5000 small units and meets the entire requirements of Brass parts in India.


There are 90% of total diamonds processed in India in the 1000 units located in Surat. 8 of 10 diamonds are polished in surat only.


World’s second-largest producer of gold jewellery. It contributes 85% of total 

National jewellery production. It exports nearly 80% of diamond exports (2004-2005). 


The Growth of Industries in ODISHA is the only way to solve the employment problems.
The Growth of Industries in ODISHA is the only way to solve the employment problems.

 RIVIEW OF ODISHA’S DEVELOPMENT:-I think Odisha is a poor state in India since 75 years of independence due to the lack of industrialisation policy of the Government.

Most important is attitude towards non-entrepreneurship of Odia after completing the education.


They are mostly service oriented due to non developed of cottage industries in odisha  and failure of agricultural crops .For Which Odisha state today runs 50 years back than Gujarat state.



(8) Exports of Odisha:- The export sector development after 75 years of Independence.

The major sector Odisha exports are aluminium products, iron ore, processed minerals, iron ore, steels, marine products, residual chemicals, allied products, textiles, handicrafts, silver filigree and rubber.

Odisha nearly export about Rs 74,000 Crores by20- 2021.


Gujarat has topped the state in India in exports revenue in the country. Gujarat state exports 20.83% of total exports. Gujarat alone generated revenue from the exports of Rs5,00,000 Crores which is the highest in India from 2020- to 2021. 


The top items exports are as follows. Gems & jewellery, agricultural products, automobiles, petroleum products, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and textiles etc.


Over 15000 registered small scale industrial (SSI) units focusing on the production of Chemicals. There are 1867 factories manufacturing chemical products employing over 0.8 million people by 2005-2006.


 REVIEW OF ODISHA’S DEVELOPMENT:-Due to lack of knowledge of the Government, export & industry policy of the government and inability capacity of the Odia industrialist in Odisha,we could not export our minerals resources as compared to Gujarat state.

We have a huge quantity of minerals resources but we are far behind of  export of our minerials to generate revenues and employment opportunities in the state of odisha after completion  of 75 years of Independence.



(9 Agriculture of Odisha:-The agricultural sector development after 75 years of Independence:-

Odisha's Development depend on Agriculture.Beautiful mango tree in the state of odisha
Odisha's Development depend on Agriculture.Beautiful mango tree in the state of odisha

There are 87% population are living in rural areas in the state of Odisha.73% of workers are engaged in agriculture. Per capita cultivated land is 0.18 hectares of land in Odisha.

 Odisha state has a cultivated area of 61.80lakh hector out of which 29.14 lakh hector is high land 17.55 lakh hectares are medium and 15.11 lakh hector are low land. There are 48.66 lakhs operational holdings of land in Odisha.


Rice is the main crop in Odisha. Odisha contributes 1/10th of the total rice produced in the country. Other than rice, Odisha produces pulses, oilseeds, jute, coconut, turmeric, groundnut and cotton. Odisha only exported 2016-17 of Rs 16.51 Crores.


Around 57.40% population are living in rural areas of Gujarat.Nearly 53.19 lakhs of farmers in Gujarat. Gujarat is the main producer of tobacco, cotton, and groundnuts. other products like bazara, maize, jawar wheat.


Gujarat only exported Agri commodities of Rs 1,18,597.70 crores about 22% of totaql agri exports in India.


 REVIEW OF ODISHA’S DEVELOPMENT:-Really I am so sorry, to write this article and be an Odia, Why our people are silent in every field not only politicians, the administrator, educationists and the people of Odisha.

 Odisha is a agricultural state of India, we could not achieve the number one position in the Agriculture sector after completion of 75 years of Independence. 


(10). Digitalisation & Banking systems inOdisha:Development of Banking sector after completion of 75yearsofIndependence

Gujarat state has a Wide area network (GSWAN) the world’s second-largest IP based WAN connecting over 2800 govt. Offices.

 Gujarat has made a significant role in the field of Information & Technology. Particularly e-governance. The visionary leadership of the state government has played the role of a the catalyst for the development of effective use of information technology for public welfare in the state.


SWAGAT an online programme the Chief minister directly reviews citizens’ grievances has met a lot of success. The Infracture such as GSWN links all-district, talukas, and other areas into a single platform.


Gujarat has taken numerous e-governance, which led the state to achieve successful government in India for 2-3 decades.


In Gujarat state, Each of 13693 village panchayats in the state is now connected to the worldwide web at a speed of 256kilobyets per second.


About 6099 No internet connectivity till 31 march 2021in the state of Odisha. In Kandhamal district 1094 village, In Raygarha 520 village, In Kalahandi 516 village, In Gajapati district 467 village, In Malkan Giri 306 village and Bolangir 11 village and Dhenkanal 11 village have no internet connection till today.


Gujarat has one of the best banking networks in the country. The banking business in the state is well supported by the thriving trade, commerce and industries of the Gujarat state.


An article in Banking Frontiers says that there are Private Bank   9566 branches of banks inside the Gujarat state and there are 11346 ATMs in Gujarat by 2019-20.


There is 1619 state bank of India in 33 districts of Gujarat state. There are a total of 4979 nationalised bank branches are operating in the state of Gujarat in 20-21. In the cooperative sector, there are 1355 branches and 266 ATMs all over Gujarat.


The aggregate all banks in Gujarat deposit is Rs.12,451 trillion and loan to the state people of Gujarat is Rs5708 trillion. In 2019-20.( 1trillion is 1,00,000 Crore)


But there are only 5293, Public sector branches in Odisha as of 2020-21. Total deposit in the Odisha state in Banks by 2018-19 reported 3,14,478.16 Crore, whereas a loan is given to the public in the state of 

Odisha is Rs.2,06,786.24 Crore.


Odisha;s development depend on Internet facilities to students.VERY POOR INTERNET CONNECTIVITY FOR ONLINE CLASSES FOR RURAL ODISHA .
Odisha;s development depend on Internet facilities to students.VERY POOR INTERNET CONNECTIVITY FOR ONLINE CLASSES FOR RURAL ODISHA .

REVIEW OF ODISHA’S DEVELOPMENT:-1.Odisha’s banking sector is so poor than the state of Gujarat. The Banking sector should come forward in Odisha to support financially the upliftment of the people to establish their businesses.

 2. In the Digital India era, the state of Odisha is so far behind that Gujarat state. In 2022 there are more than 7000 villages in Odisha till now that have no Internet connectivity and now, how our students of the state of Odisha will get online education to build their future. 



odisha's development depend on small manufacturing units in Odisha.Variety of Amul Products produce in Gujarat state. by AMUL
odisha's development depend on small manufacturing units in Odisha.Variety of Amul Products produce in Gujarat state. by AMUL

Conclusion:-It is understood that the Odisha state is far behind today than the state of Gujarat in all fields after 75 years of Independence. It will take another 50 years to develop like the state of Gujarat if we run our state this way. 

 My humble request is all the odia of the state please come together to build a new Odisha, if all the youth of Odisha, all intellectuals of Odisha, allodia industrialists & politicians’ come together selflessly to develop the Odisha, then only we achieve the target of a “ NEW ODISHA” proud to be in World, within 10 years from today. 


                   JAY UTKAL, JAY KALINGA, JAY ODISHA.


                                        JAY JAGANNATH




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