Krishna Janmashtami is the World famous festival of India
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 Krishna Janmashtami celebrates all over India. The birth of Shri Krishna is considered as descending of Lord Vishnu himself on Earth. Krishna is known for his mischievousness, romantic lover, savior of Dharma, and author and narrator of one of the greatest Indian scriptures Bhagavad-Gita.

Krishna Janamashtami is the -famous Hindu festival in the World
Krishna Janmashtami

 Krishna Janmashtami is also known simply as Janmashtami or Gokulashtami. It is an annual Hindu festival that celebrates the birth of Krishna, the eighth Avatar of Vishnu.

Krishna Janmashtami is an important festival, particularly in the Vaishnavism tradition of Hinduism. Dance and drama enactments of the life of Krishna, according to Bhagavata Purana, such as Raasa Leela and Krishna Leela. Devotional songs throughout the night when Krishna was born.

 Krishna Janmashtami and Gakulashtami, this day is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Lord Krishna. According to legend, the eighth son of Devaki, Lord Krishna was born on the 8TH day of the dark fortnight of the month of Bhadrapada (August-September).

History of Krishna Janamashtami:-

According to the History of  Krishan Janamashtami, Hindu text, Lord Krishna came into this world as the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu and the destroyer of evil on this day. In the Yadu Dynasty, the King of Mathura –Kansa-was a very cruel king.

 It was foretold that his sister Devaki would bear the child that would defeat Kansa. Enraged and fearful, Kansa killed each and every child, and Devaki was born. When Krishna’s eighth child was born, he was smuggled outside the palace and across the Yamuna and given to his foster parents –Nanda and Yashoda.

 krishna Janamashatmi is the -famous hindu festival in the world
Krishna Janmashtami

Ancient Hindu literature, including Bhagwat Gita and Bhagwata Purana, clearly state the story of Lord Krishna’s birth and how his maternal uncle, King Kansa, wanted to kill him.

Since then, this day is called Krishnapakshya of the month Bhadrapada is celebrated as Krishna Janmashtami. Hindus celebrate the Janmashtami by fasting, singing playing together preparing and sharing special foods, night vigils, and visiting Krishna or Vishnu temples.

Major Krishna temples are organized recitations of “Bhagavata Purana and Bhagavad Gita”. Krishna Janmashtami celebration all over India:-The whole nation comes together to celebrate the birthday of Lord Krishna with much fervor and enthusiasm.

It is quite common to see kids dressed up as little Krishna, markets are lined up with sweets shops and elegant handles, people preparing to play “Rasleela” and temples decorated with flowers.

Every year in Krishna Janmashtami, devotees observed this auspicious festival by observing a fast and praying to Lord Krishna. The fast is observed to their beloved deity and can only be broken after offering their prayers to him.

 On this special day, people decorate their homes with colorful flowers, small diyas, and light. Even the temples are beautifully decorated and lit for the occasion. During these sacred days, devotees perform Raslila to recreate incidents from Lord Krishna’s life and also to celebrate his love for Radha.

Celebration Krishna Janmashtami in Mathura Gokul-Vrindaban in Uttarpradesh:-

 krishna Janmashatmi is the famous Hindu festival in the World.
Shri Krishna Janmashtami-

The Kingdom of Mathura Krishna’s birthplace and Vrindaban (where he grew up) are found in one of India’s largest states –Uttar Pradesh. The three places are famous for Shri Krishna Janmashtami Mathura, Gokul; Vrindavana. Mathura is the birthplace of Lord Krishna.

There is 400 temple dedicated to Lord Krishna in Mathura. On this day every temple is decorated with light and flowers and chanting shlokas, Rasleela, fireworks, and jhulosava. All these three places the celebrations begin before 10 days of birthday celebrations.

Celebration in Krishna Janmashtami, Maharashtra:-

Krishna Janmashtami, popularly known as Gokulastami in Maharashtra, is celebrated in cities such as Mumbai, Latur, Nagpur, and Pune. Dahi Handi is celebrated every August/September month after Krishna Janmashtami.

Here people break the Dahi Handi which is a part of this festival.

 The term Dahi Handi literally means “earthen pot of the yogurt”.Janmashtami in Maharashtra is a day of joy and fun. Festivals circle around one important and unique ritual-Dahi Handi. The ritual takes place a day after Janmashtami and is a re-enactment of one of Krishna’s most playful moments.

 As baby Krishna loves Dahi, butter, and yogurt, people hide these supplies outside of his reach. Krishna would employ all kinds of creative stratagems to reach his favorite treats, including creating a human pyramid with the help of his friends to reach butter or Dahi & yogurt.

 In tribute to the charm, joy, and innocence of this story, pots of yogurt (Dahi) are strung up high-supported wires and poles. Teams of Boys (named Govinda after Krishana) form a human pyramid to reach the pot.

The boy at the top of the pyramid will break the pot releasing the Dahi. As the boys come from the pyramid and climb, the women and neighbors in the locality cheer and tease them. They dance, sing and celebrate a festive atmosphere that is welcomed and loved by all.

 Celebration in Northeastern India:-

krishna-janmashtami is the famous Hindu festival in the World

The Hindu Vaishnavas of these regions in India celebrate the festival. Here Shri Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated through performances like Borgeets, Ankia Naat, Sattriya (dance drama), and Bhakti Yoga.

 In Manipur, the locals developed a classical dance dedicated to the dance-drama of the Krishna- Radha story performed. Parents also dress their children as characters who play parts of the legend of Lord Krishna.

Temples are festooned with flowers and leaves and Bhagavad Gita recitations are carried out. Krishna Janmashtami is a major festival celebrated with fasts, vigil recitation and scriptures, and Krishna prayers in Manipur.

Dances performing Raslila are a notable annual tradition during Janmashtami in Mathura and Vrindaban. The Shree Govindajee Temple and the ISKON temple particularly mark the Janmashtami festival.

Janmashtami is celebrated in Assam at homes, in community centers called Namgharas. According to tradition, the devotees sing the Nam, perform the Pujas, and sharing food and Prasada.


Krishna Janmashtami Celebration in South India:-

In South India, Gokul Ashtami is celebrated with great devotion. Geeta Govindam is sung in praise of Krishna. Butter, betel leaves, and fruits are offered. In Andhra Pradesh, young boys are dressed like Krishna and visit neighbors and friends.

Pandavadhoothar temple and Sri Krishna temple all conduct grand Janmashtami celebrations in the South. Popular South Indian temples dedicated to Krishna are Rajagopalswamy Temple in Mannagudi in the Truvarur district.

Pandavadhoothar temple in Kanchipuram, Si Krishna temple in Udupi, and Krishna temple in Guruvayur are dedicated to the memory of Vishnu’s incarnation as Krishna.

Krishna Janmashtami Celebration in Gujarat & Rajasthan:-

 People in Dwaraka in Gujarat, where Krishna is believed to have established his kingdom, celebrate the festival with a tradition similar to Dahi Handi called Makhan Handi(pot with freshly churned butter)Others perform a folk dance at temples such as Dwarkadshi Temple.

 The farmers decorate their bullock carts and take out Krishna’s procession with the group singing and dancing.

Krishna  Janmashtami at ISKCON Temple:-

Krishna Jnmashatami is the famous hindu festival in the world

On the day of Sri Krishna Janmashtami, it is imperative that you visit the temple.ISKCON temple; the festivities are in full swing. The grand festival goes on for the entire day and besides puja, there are a lot of other activities happening.

Every ISKCON temple comes up with something unique during this time and involves a large number of people in the festivities. ISCKON prepares Prasadam for devotees, which are the first offered to the Supreme Lord as bhoga.

There are games and other activities organized by the children in some temples. The Deities of Radha Krishna are adorned with beautiful flowers, amazing ornaments, and celebrations of Janmashtami are conducted with love and devotion.

 Krishna  Janmashtami at Jagannath Temple in Puri, Odisha.-

One of the best parts of the Puri’s Janmashtami festivities is the special kind of bhog that is prepared and offered to the Lord. The special Bhoga is called the Jeuda bhog and it is believed that this bhog helps ease the labor pain of the deity.

The deity gives birth to Lord Krishna and Rama the Avatar of Lord Vishnu. All the deities inside the Jagannath temple are decorated in new clothes and jewelry. Then at midnight, the statue of Lord Krishna in his childhood form is kept in Jhoola, which is decorated with beautiful flowers.

 Devotees keep fasting during the entire day of Janmashtami. They bring water from Ganga to bathe Radha Madhava during their Abhishek ceremony.

A grand Abhisheka is performed at midnight for the small Radha Madhava Deities while a food (bhoga) offering of more than 400 items is offered to their Lordship with devotion.

The festival of Shri Krishna Janmashtami is around the corner all over the world celebrated by Hindus on 30th August 2021. It is also known as Gokulastami. The festival celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna who is Lord Vishnu’s eighth Avatar.





Question1:-Why do we celebrate Krishna Janmashtmi?

Answer1:-The Krishna Janmashtami festival marks the birth of Bhagban Krishna. These are very popular festivals of Hindus all over the world. Krishna Janmashtami celebrates after 8 days of Rakshya Bandhan.

Question2:-When did Krishna born date?

Anser2:-According to a research leads us July27, 3112 BCE as Krishna’s birth date in the Gregorian calendar.

Question3:-Who was the son of Krishna?

Answer3:-Pradyumna was the son of Krishna and the sixty first grandson of Adinarayana. His mother was Rukmini, whom Krishna had eloped with from Vidarbha during her swayamvara at her request. Pradyumna was born in Dvaraka.

Question4:-Who was Krishna’s most beautiful wife of Krishna?

Answer4:- Rukumani  is a Hindu Goddess and the first queen  of Krishna.In Vaishnab tradition , she is described  as Krishna’s principal queen  in Dvaraka.She is an  incarnation  of the  goddess of Prosperity, Lakshmi.

Question5:-Why Krishna did not marry Radha?

Answer5:-According to belief ,Radha represented  Jeevatma while Srikrishna  is  the  Paramatma.Radha’s selfless love  was the  highest form  of devotion.Therefore she merged into Shrikrishna by  surrendering  herself .Hence  she had  united with him, there across  no need for marriage.

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