10 Best Super Pets for Your family around the World
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A pet is a domestic animal which lives with people in the home. A pet is kept to entertain people or for companionship. Pets are not forced for work or not eaten in some instances.

 Some pets like dogs, cats are placed in animal shelter, if there is no one willing to take care of. Pets provide their owner both physical and emotional benefits. Walking with dog in the morning provide both human and dog with exercise, fresh air and social interactions.

The benefits of having a pet in your home: –

1.They can help to reduce the loneliness.

2.They can help to lose the weight.

3.They can offer you unconditional love.

4.They can help you sleep better.

5.They can help to improve your memory.

6.They can be environmentally friendly.

7.They can reduce the blood pressure.

8.They can help to prevent health problems.

9.They can keep you safe.

10. Love & affection will increase

Top 10 Best pets in the world for Kids: -

1.Dogs: -

LAmazing benefits we get from our pet dogs.

a) Dogs make us to feel love and happy.

b) Dogs help us meet new people and make friends.

c)Dogs motivate us to stay in shape

d)Dogs support with aging.

e) Dogs are great with children.

f) Dogs’ relief stress and support our heart health

g) Dogs give us unconditional love

h) Dog is pet for Kids 

The different type of pet dogs: –

Golden Retrievers, Huskies, Poodles, Beagles, German Shepherds, Pembroke Welsh Corgis, Labrador, English Bulldog, Pharoah Hound, Samoyed, Akita, Löwchen.

This is a Super pet of your Family.

The price range of pet dogs are Rs 10000 to Rs10,00,000 available all over the world.

The costliest pet dog in the world is Tibetan Mastiff-Rs.6,00,000($7000USD)

2.Cats: -

The benefits of having cats at home are: –

1.Improve General wellbeing

2.Lower stress and anxiety

3.Lower Risk of Heart Disease

4.Reduce Loneliness

5.Improve sleep quality

6.Support recovery from mental illness

7. They can help Human cooperation better.

8. Cat is Pet for Kids.

This is a Super pet of your Family.

The different pet cats available in the world are: –

a) Polydactyl

b) Snowshoe


d)British shorthair

e) Siamese

f) Norwegian Forest cat

g) Japanese Bobtail

h) Persian

i)Scottish Fold

The price range of pet cats available in the world are. Rs10,000 to Rs1,00,000,00.

The costliest cat in the world is The Ashera cost up to Rs. 96,00,000($1,25,000US)

3.Birds: -

Unless you have kept pet birds before, it is difficult to imagine just how much they can bring to your life. Pet birds give benefits of


2.Social Interaction

3.Reduce stress

4.Good for the mind

5.social with Humans and other birds.

6.Relatively inexpensive to feed

7.Thrive in small living space

8.Keep your mind sharp

9.Birds are Pet for Kids all over the world.

This is a Super pet of your Family.

The different pet Birds in the World: –




4.Love Bird

5.Monk Parkeet



8.African gray parrot

9.Green parrots


Racing Pigeons is the most expensive birds in the world. Small birds Budgies (Parakeets) Rs.500 to Rs.2500, Canaries (Rs 2000-to Rs10,000), Finches birds are available in the market (Rs500 to Rs.7000), Parrot lets birds are available in the market (Rs.7000-Rs25000).

Large Birds like African Gray available in the market (Rs.50,000 to Rs1,50,000), Macaws birds are available in the market (Rs.60,000 to Rs.3,50,000).


4.Fish: -

Benefits of keeping fish aquarium at home: -.

1.Reduce the levels of stress

2.Improvement of sleep quality

3.Lowered blood pressure and heart rate.

4.Decreased pain and anxiety

5.Improve focus and creativity

6.Calming effects for children.

7.increase productivity

8.The fish aquarium is good corrective measure for any Vastu defect.

9.Fish is Pet for the Kids all over the world.

The different types of aquarium Fish in the world: –

1.Guppy Fish

2.Platy Fish

3.Molly Fish

4.Swordtail Fish

5.Cory Cat fish

6.Bristlenose Pleaco

7.Gourami Fish

8.Angel Fish


10.Betta fish

11.Rainbow fish

12.African cichlids

13.Ram Cichlids


15.Discus fish

The most expensive Fish for the Aquarium in the World: –

This is a Super pet of your Family.

1.Platinum Arowana Rs3,06,74,958.

2.Freshwater Polka Dot Stingray Rs76,68,000

3.Peppermint Angelfish Rs.23,00,000

4.Masked Angel fish Rs.15,35,000

The average cost of a fresh water tropical fish is Rs.50 to Rs.2000, whereas salt water marine fish Rs 3000 to Rs.50,000.

5.Rabbits: -

A domestic or domesticated rabbit more commonly known as a pet rabbit, bunny, bun or bunny rabbit. Male rabbit is known as a buck, a female as doe and young rabbit is known as kitten.

This is a Super pet of your Family.

Many thousands of rabbits’ show occurs each year and are sanctioned in Canada and the United States by the ARBA (American rabbit Breeders Associations). Today the domesticated rabbit is the third most popular mammalian pet in Britain after dog and cats.

Advantages for keeping Rabbits as pet: –

1.rabbits make little noise in home.

2.rabbits are very charming, affectionate and very interactive.

3.Rabbits bond with very close with owners.

4.Rabbits are easily trained

5.Rabbits are do not need much space in home.

6.Rabbits are much smarter and more hygienic animals.

7.You can teach rabbits some tricks.

8.Rabbits live for many years.

9.Rabbits are Docile and Gentle.

10.Rabbits chew and scratch.

11.Rabbits are the pet for kids all over the world.


Different types of rabbits you may keep at home as pet: –

1.Alaska Rabbit

2.Angora rabbit

3.British giant

4.Flemish giant

5.Dutch rabbit

6.Cashmere Lop

7.Dwarf hotot

8.Dwarf lop

9.English Lop

10.French lop

11.Fauve Bour gogne

12Russian rabbit

13.Havana rabbit

14.Newzland rabbit

15.Polish rabbit

16.Silver rabbit

17.Florida white rabbit  

18.Chinchilla rabbit

19.Satin rabbit

20.Mini lop.


The most expensive rabbits in the world are: –

1.Harlequin Rabbit: -Rs.70,000

2.Holland lop rabbit: – Rs20,000

3.Lion head rabbit: -Rs.7000

4.Mini Rex: -Rs.20,000

5.Netherland Dwarves rabbits: – Rs.15000

6.Mice: -

Mice are kept as pets in many countries for number of reasons. Fancy mice are relatively small, inexpensive, never need bathing and can learn enjoy regular handling if provided with proper care. Female mice are popular in many owners. Mice is a social able animal.

The most 7 types of mice are recognised by the (American Fancy Rat & Mouse association-AFRAMA)



3.Long Hair

4.Long Hair Satin


6.Frizzie Satin


Advantages for keeping Mice as pet: –

1.Mice require little space in the home.

2.Mice keep them regular clean each other.

3.The two males are not kept in one place, they fight furiously.

4.Mouse hose is very simple; a wooden box or small cage is adequate.

5.Mice are love to play with kids.

6.Feeding to mice is very simple.

7.Mice is popular pets for Kids.

7.Turtile: -

Turtles are one of the different kinds of reptiles on the planet, which lives in water and home. Their hard shell and slow-moving mannerisms make them unique pets. They are hardy creatures and can be fun to care for. They may seem like low maintains pets.

The cost of the turtle is $50 as minimum to maximum $2000.

 10 different types of Turtles are: –

1.Red-Eared Slider

2.African Side neck Turtle

3.Eastern Bux turtle

4.Western painted Turtle

5.Missippi Map Turtle

6.Common musk Turtle

7.Spotted Turtle

8.yellow -Bellied Slider

9.Reev’s Turtle

10.Wood Turtle.

Advantages of pet Turtles: –

1.They are different from regular pet reptile.

2.They are entertaining

3.They eat anything they like

4.They are very beautiful, loving creature 

5.Turtile don not require lot of space.

6.Tuttile are very low maintance

7.Turtiles will be your friend for life.

8.Tortile are adorable.

9.Turtile  pet is very popular among the kids.

8.Hamsters: -

Hamsters, for many people, make excellent pets. They do not require a lot of attention, get enough exercise running on their wheel. They are very cute cuddly and pleasant to hold. Kids and children are very much love hamsters.

Hamster cost in India range between Rs.500 to Rs.5000 depending upon its type, location of the pet shop.

The most expensive hamster in the world is Capybara, which cost is $1100 US, In Indian rupees Rs.85,000.

5most popular Hamsters are as follows: –

1.Dwarf Roborovski

2.Campbell’s Dwarf Russian

3.Syrian (Golden) Hamster

4.Dwarf Winter White Russian

5.Chinese Hamster

The advantages keep Hamsters as pet at home: –

1.Hamsters do not require extensive training.

2.Hamsters are inexpensive to own.

3.hamsters are cute and entertaining.

4.Hemsters are Great pets for Night owls.

5.Hemsters are do not require constant attention.

9.Monkey: -

The word “Monkey” may originatein German version of the Reynard the Fox fable, published circa 1580.In this versionof the fable, a character named Monkey is the son of Martin the Ape. In Englishthere no clear distinction between “Ape” & “Monkey”.

Pet monkeys are typically costbetween $ 4000 to $8000 each. They are depending on monkey’s age, rarity and temperament.Younger more in rare and very friendlier monkeys tend to cost more.

This is a Super pet of your Family.

The most expensive monkey in the world “Thoroughbred Racehorse”-cost is $16 Million USD, INIndian Rupees is Rs1,60,00,000.00

5 most common pet monkeys are as follows:





5.MarmosetAdvantages keeping monkey as pet:

1.Monkeys are very cute in looks.

2.They love the fellow monkeys.

3.Monkey love to eat natural foods.

4.Monkey require lot of rooms for free

5.Monkeys must have a variety of new toys and
exercise equipment’s to keep them entertained.

6.Monkey is very popular  pet among the kids.

10.Guinea Pigs: -

In the western society, theguinea pig has enjoyed widespread popularity as a pet, since its introductionto Europe and North America by European traders in the 16th century.

They are very, friendlyresponsiveness, to handling and feeding and the relative ease. Guinea pigs caringa continuing popular choice of household pet.

Different types of Guinea pet: –

1.Abyssinian Guinea pig

2.American Guinea Pig

3.Peruvian Guinea Pig

4.Silkie Guinea pig

5.Sheba Guinea pig

6.Coronet Guinea pig

7.Lunkarya Guinea pig

8.Rex Guinea Pig

9.Texel Guinea pig

10.Teddy Guinea pig.

The cost of Guinea pig ranges from $ 10 to$1000 in the world. The Alpaca Guinea Pigs are extremely rare and can fetch ahigh price on the market. The Alpaca guinea pigs one of the most attractivebreeds because of their long, thick, curly hair.

Conclusion: –

Pets are known to reducestress and anxiety levels. Many people can get relieve from stress and depression. If they spend time with their pets. Several studies have revealed
that people who tend   to spend theirtime with pets are more likely to live longer than people.

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