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As per Forbes Magazine, the richest women in the world in 2021 are Francoise Betten Meyers, Alice Walton, Kenzie  Scott. etc.


According to the world magazine ‘Forbes” the most billionaire woman in the world in,2021. Among 10 Billionaires, Number 1 is Francoise Betten Meyers, Second is Alice Walton and 3rd is  Kenzie  Scott.

According to World famous American magazine “Forbes”, the richest woman in the world in 2021 is as follows. This year’s richest list features 328 women, which is up from 241 last year. Women are worth US$1.53trillion which is near a 60% increase over the past years. Total addition in this year of wealth is US$570.7Billion.i.e (1 Billion= Rs.100, 00, 00,000) or (1Billion=100 Crores /10,000Lakhs.)





She was born on 10th July 1953. Bettencourt Meyers is the daughter of Lillian Bettencourt and Eugene Schaller, the founder of the cosmetics brand, L’Oreal.


She is now 67 years old. She belongs to France. Her Net worth as of 2021 is US$73.6Billion. She is involved in the Beauty product industry all over the world.

While the cosmetic giant’s profit fell six percent in 2020 due to pandemics, the stock still rose to 38 percent after a year. The French billionaire Betten Meyers has served on the board of L’Oreal since 1997.

 Francoise Bettencourt Meyers inherited one-third of L’Oreal from her mother, making her the richest woman in the world since 2017 with a net worth of $58.6billion.

She donated US$266Million to repair the “Notre Dame Cathedral”. Notre Dame in Paris is one of the most internationally beloved UNESCO World’s Heritage sites.




Alice Louise Walton had born on October 7, 1949, in the USA. Alice Walton was previously the world’s richest woman. Walton is the daughter of Sam Walton.


 During the pandemic, the company’s stock rose more than five percent since mid–March 2020. Then they launched free delivery as a part of an Amazon prime link membership program.

This helped boost online sales to 69 percent. Walton was born in Newport, Arkansas. She was graduated from Bentonville High School in 1966 along with 3 brothers. She graduated from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas with a B.A. in Economics & Finance.

 She belongs to the USA. She is now 71 years old. Her Net worth at present is US$61.8 billion in the year 2021. She is involved in the Retail industry.




Kenzie Scott was born on April 7, 1970, in San Francisco, California. She is the author and ex-wife of the World’s richest person Zeof Bezos, to whom she was married for 25 years, who is the founder of AMAZON. They divorced in mid-2019.In 1994 Scott and Bezos were married. They have four children, three sons, and one daughter.


Mac Kenzie Scott has published two novels when she was a student of Author Toni Morrison. She was graduated in 1988. She was graduated from Hotchkiss School in Lakeville. Scott gave way US$5.8 billion in grants to more than 500 non-profit Organisations across the USA.

This amount supports various causes of racial equity, public health, and LGBTQ, which makes her a philanthropist of the pandemic.

Mac Kenzie Scott’s age at present is 50. She belongs to the USA. Her Net worth is US$53billion in 2021. She is involved in the E-Commerce industry.




Julia Margaret Flesher Koch was born on April 12, 1962. Her family came from a farming background. She spent her early childhood in Indianola. She was graduate from the University of Central Arkansas and working as a model in 1984.


American Socialite and philanthropist Julia Koch is the widow of David Koch, whom she inherited her fortune from when died in the year 2019. Koch and her children have a 42 percent stake in the family business, Koch industry. Koch industry is the largest private company in the USA.

Julia Koch is now 58 years old. She belongs to the USA. Her Net worth is US$46.4billion in the year 2021. She is involved in the Chemical industry.




Miriam Adelson was born on 10th October 1945. She is an Israeli-American physician. Miriam Adelson is the wife of late business magnate, Sheldon Adelson. She earned a medical degree from Tel Aviv University’s Sackler Medical school.


He was the founder and previous chairman of Las Vegas Sands Corporation. Adelson inherited the fortune owned by her husband after he died and now controls the 56 percent stack in the casino operator in the USA.

Miriam Adelson’s age at present is 75. She belongs to the USA. Her Net worth is US38.2billion in the year 2021. Although Adelson is one of the richest women in the world, the company lost US$985 million in the second quarter of 2020 due to the close of the casino and resorts had to shut down due to lockdown for a pandemic.



Jacqueline Mars had born on October 10; 1939. She is the daughter of Andrey Ruth and Forrest Mars. American Jacqueline Mars and her brother John each own about one-third of Mars Incorporated.



 Mars married David H. Badger in 1961. She divorced Badger in 1984 and married Harold Vogel in 1986. Again they divorcé in 1994. The US$40billion dollar candy, pet care, and food company are known for M& M’s business.


This was founded by the Mars sibling’s grandfather, FrankC.Mars in 1911. Jacqueline Mars’s age at present is 81years. She belongs to the USA. Her Net worth is US$31.3billion in the year 2021. She is involved in the food industry.




Yang Huian is the only one from Asia and the youngest billionaire to make it to this list in the Forbs. She owns about 58 percent of China-based real estate company Country Garden Holdings since 2007. Her father Yeung Kwok Keung is the founder of this company.


Her father started the Real estate company Country Garden in 1997 and transferred 70% of Country Garden’s share to her before IPO in 2007. She is now 29 years old. She is from China. She is the youngest billionaire in the world.

Her Net worth is US$29.6 billion in the year 2021. She is involved in the Real estate business in China. Yang is a graduate of Bachelor in Arts /Science from Ohio State University.




Susanne Klatten had born in 28 April, 1962. She is the daughter of Herbert and Johanna Quandt. German billionaire Susanne Klatten is the daughter of Herbert and Johanna Quandt, the former German industrialist, who is the owner of the luxury vehicle company BMW.


She was graduate from the course of marketing management at the University Of Buckingham And an MBA From IMD Business School In Luanne. The Company, reported nearly US$119billion in revenue in 2020, while its stock price increased 93 percent in Mid March 2020.

Besides her wealth from the German carmaker, she also inherited her late father’s 50.1 percent stake in pharmaceutical and chemicals manufacturer in Atlanta. Her stack in BMW is now 19.2%.

She was appointed to the Supervisory board of BMW with her brother Stefan Quandt in 1997. She is now 58 years old. She is from Germany. Her Net worth is US$27.7billion in the year 2021.




:-Gina Rinehart was born on 9th February 1954 in western Australia. Gina Rinehart is the Australian mining magnate and heiress. She currently serves as the chief executive chairman of Hancock prospecting, a privately owned mineral exploration company founded by her father, Lang Hancock.


Lang Hancock father of Gina Rinehart was the founder of this company. The company was affected during the pandemic but has since been recovering which helped boost 77 percent stack in the company.

In May 2021Guardian an Australian investigation, it was reported that  Australia at over 9.2 million hectarRinehart was the single largest landholder mines (23million aces), just over 1% of Australia’s total landmass. She is now 67 years old. She is belonging to Australia. Her Net worth in the year 2021 is US$23.6 billion. She is involved in the mining industry in Australia.


No10.IRIS FONTBONNE. (Chile):-


She was born in Chile in the year of 1943. Chilean billionaire Iris Fontbona is the richest woman in 2021. Fontbonne is the widow of Andronicus Luksic, who is the chairman of Quinenco, a holding of Luksic Group.


 Lukic Group is one of Chile‘s largest conglomerates. Fontana also owns a majority stake in Quinenco. Other than this company, she also controls the Chilean mining company, Antofagasta.

Fontbonne acquired her wealth following the death of her husband, Andronico Luksic in 2005 from cancer. After the death of her husband, the business of her husband was under her control to make their family business grow and reach its new height of success.

In2015, Fontbona donated a record USD 3.9 million to the annual Chilean Telethon, which seeks to help children with physical disabilities. She also devotes Roman Catholicism. She is now 78 years old. She belongs to Chile. Her Net worth in the year 2021 is US$23.3 billion.

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