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In India, top 10 Courses for Commerce students offers a plethora of job opportunities. Students choosing commerce as their field of study can opt for careers as Business Executives, Accountant, HR Manager, Data Analyst, Marketing Manager, Investment Banker, Tax Manager, Wealth Manager, Project Manager, Digital Marketer and Data Scientist& entrepreneurship.

Commerce is a well-structured field to start your career plan. Before taking the commerce field, check out all professional courses after 12th commerce and then decide which is suitable for you.

Courses after 12th commerce, there is a lot of scope and advantages in the future career of the students.

Students having studied commerce can pursue their professions in any of the following with commerce courses offered as given below.

The details of all about professional courses after 12th commerce in any college of India.

1. Bachelor of Commerce (

This is a degree course, which is very popular in India after completing +2 commerce. It is a three-year degree course that provides curricular knowledge of subjects like Accountancy, Economics, etc.

You can get easily admission to any of the University or in commerce colleges in India is one of the best courses available and one of the best professional courses after +2 commerce.

Best career option after is 1.MBA( Master in Business Administration)2.Charted Accountancy(CA)3.Company Secretary(CS) ( Master of Commerce)5.Charted Financial Analyst(CFA)6.Business Accounting & Taxation(BAT)7.Certified Management Accountant( CMA)8.US certified Public Accounting(CPA).9.Financial Risk Manager(FRM)10.Associated  of Charted  Certified  Accountant(ACCA).

The average salary of a student is around 4 Lac to 5 Lacs per annum.



Top 10 Courses for Commerce students in India -2022
Charted Accountant-top 10 commerce courses in India

2. Bachelor of Laws (LLB):-

After completing the +2 commerce, LLB emerges as one of the best options that enormous scope for students ahead in their career.

Governed by the Bar Council of India, an LLB degree offers students to be influenced as Lawyers or advocates.

This programme entails the study of subjects like Family Law, Constitutional Law, Property LAW, Company Law, Administrative Law etc.

LLB is one of the popular choices for the professional courses after 12th of commerce. The average salary of an advocate in a year range between 3 Lacs to 6 Lacs.

Top 10 commerce courses for India
B.COM( LLB) is the top commerce courses in India)

3. Cost and Management Accountant (CMA):-

It is a course like CA, This course is a professional course offered by the Institution of Cost Accountant of India.

 It is similar to CA & CS. The curriculum is formation levels, for students to clear in commerce.

Students obtain education and expertise associated with subjects like cost & management Accounting, Fundamental of commercial and Industrial Laws and ethics.

The CMA hold a top management position in public and private sectors enterprises like chairman & Managing Director, Managing Director, Finance Director, Financial controller, Chief financial officer, cost controller,  Marketing Manager  Chief Internal Auditor of the company.

The salary package per annum is near about 5 Lacs to 50 Lacs per annum as per experience.

4. Charted Accountancy (CA):-

The Institution of Charted Accountancy of India administers the professional course for students having completed their 12th of commerce.

This professional course comprises various levels.CA is one of the famous and the best career in commerce students in India.

Students need to clear one of the eligible to sit for the next level with a higher difficulty level.

The students to gain a CA certificate will earn yield high profitable return and one of the best careers of commerce students.

CA is one of the highest salary commerce stream jobs in the market. The subjects included in these courses are ACCOUNTING, Cost Accounting, Financial Management,        Advanced Accounting, Business Laws, Information & Technology, Strategic Management, Corporate and other Laws.

The average salary of CA is per annum is 6 Lacs to 7 Lacs. This salary may go up to after some year of experience 60Lacs to 70 Lacs per annum.


5. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA):-

The BBA is the common choice among the students after they complete the +2 commerce.

 It is a three-year undergraduate programme, where students obtain  an education  based  on the  principles  of business  and its  administration

Under this course, Business aspects and methodologies are taught from the very beginning. Students of BBA learn different methods of corporate operations with different laws in functionality.

Their option is suited for students who have decided to join companies or run their business from the very starting phase of their careers and want all the expertise and skills to be taught right where it starts.

After completion of BBA, the students get a job in Financial Analyst, HR Manager, Operation Manager, Marketing Manager Etc. The salary range per annum goes up from 3Lacs to 6Lacs.

6. Company Secretary (CS):-

The CS or Company Secretary course is under the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI).

Students with an inclination towards theoretical courses in Low choose this course for the career option. It is one of the best careers after completion of +2 commerce.

The degree brings laurels to the candidate bearing it,  and like CA courses, there are different levels to clear each time to reach the final CS certificate.

The course provides different legal purposes and agreements of the companies. The  Company secretary earn the senior levels positions in corporate organizations. It is a very attractive commerce course all over India.

The company secretary salary in India range between Rs2 Lacs to 25 Las. As per experience.

7. Certified Financial Planner (CFP):-

CFP is considered the best career in the commerce faculty. The Financial Planning Standards Board of India (FPSB) administers and supervises these professional courses.

The students having an interest in financial planning subjects, this course certify and recognize expertise and knowledge in topics like financial planning and taxes, retirement, insurance and estate planning.CFP is the top professional course in the commerce field of India.

Certified Financial Planner (CFP) is a professional certification course offered at a duration of 6 months to 2 years.

The scope of a CFP is personnel financial planning firms, mutual fund advisors, insurance advisors of a firm.

CFP syllabus helps to create professionals, who are skilled in the field of Investment Planning, Financial consultations, Banking etc.

The average salary of a CFP candidate in India is Lac4 to Rs12 Lacs per annum. As per the experience.


8. Journalism & Mass Communication:-

Choosing a career in Journalism and Mass communication brings an opportunity to work under creative, well-educated people who inspire you to do well.

The scope of mass media as a field is increasing and there is never a dearth of the job opportunity.

The job of journalism is very exciting, it gets more money, fame and also travels while working.

There is an ever-increasing scope for aspirants in the field of Journalism and mass communication, considering the growing popularity of mass communication.

The students of Journalism get their jobs in publishing houses, production houses, news channels, radio channels and PR firms of the country.

Top9 career options in Journalism and communications.1.Television2.Journalist3.Digital Marketing expert4.RadioJockey(RJ)5.SocialMedia executives.6.Content creator7.Public relation professionals8.Advertising industry9.Broadcasting & production. A TV reporter like ANJANA OM KASYAP a salary is 25 Lakh in a month.


9. Digital Marketing:-

After completion of +2 in commerce, the students can opt for a Digital Marketing course to make their bright career in future.

In digital marketing a company has a product that they wish to sell and hence, they try to engage customers to introduce the products and sell through Internet services.

The skills are required for digital marketing are1. Video and Audio production.2.Mobile Marketing3.Searchengineoptimization4.SocialMedia5mailMarketing6.Ecommerce7.contentmanagement8.WebDevelopment9.Copywriting and editing10.Business Marketing etc.

Nowadays the salary of the 1. Digital  Marketing Manager is (4 Lac to 10 Lacs).2.SEO Manager(3Lac to 7 Lacs)3.Web Developer(3 Lac to 6 Lac)4.Social Media Manager(3 Lac to 7 Lac)5.Content writer(3 Lac to 5 Lac ) per annum.

10. Entrepreneurship:-

After completion of +2 commerce, you can choose the best career in life which is Entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is a procedure running a new business or start up.

The best thing is about an entrepreneur is that you can start whenever you want, generate employment opportunities for others and be your boss forever.

A person who set up a business on taking financial risks in the hope of profit is termed as an “Entrepreneur”.

An entrepreneur is an innovative or independent-minded business person. An entrepreneur creates products & services. Entrepreneur always is the Job creator rather than a job seeker.

There is a lot of scope in the fields of entrepreneurship. You may start own startup or your own business after completion of the course.

The scope of entrepreneurship in India or in abroad is tremendous. In India youths are much more interested to start their own business.

This has given rise to a lot of new startups in the country. In the study Entrepreneurship, you can learn the techniques to run the business in effective ways.

A degree in Entrepreneurship provides you with a foundation in management, finance and business operation.

There are many industries like internet & IT, media or engineering, where you can find opportunities in abundance after completion of entrepreneurship course.

Today more students and young people are adopting entrepreneurship as a career option.

Different types of job opportunities for the students who have completed their degree in entrepreneurship. You can run your own business in India and foreign countries.

In India withholding a degree of MBA (Entrepreneurship), you can earn salaries between Rs3 Las to Rs.7 Las.

Startup-inidia-start your own Business (Be a Boss )
Startup-inidia-start your own Business (Be a Boss )


Commerce students have a tremendous future in the modern world. The top 10 jobs in Governmentsector also available tremendous jobs for the commerce students are as
follows.1.Banking Job2.Railway Job3.UPSC Civil services4.UPSC CDS5.SSC
CGL6.Insurance sector jobs7.IFS officer8.State Govt. Jobs.9.Bank clerical
jobs10.other Govt. jobs.


1.Question:-Which professional course is best for commerce students?


1.Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

·         2.Cost and Management Accountant (CMA)

·         3.Chartered Accountancy (CA)

·         4.Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

·         5.Company Secretary (CS)

·         6.Certified Financial Planner (CFP)

·         7.Bachelor of Economics.

8.Journalism and Mass Communication

2.Question:-What are the professional fields in commerce?

  • Bachelor of Commerce.
  • Chartered Accountancy(CA).
  • 3 Bachelor Of Economics.
  • 4 Bachelor of Business Management.
  • 5 Bachelor of Computer Applications.
  • 6 Journalism and Mass Communication.
  • 7 Certified Financial Planner.
  • Company Secretary (CS)
  • Certified Management Accountant( CMA)
  • Human Resources Manager
 3.Question:-Which is the highest paid job in commerce in India?


1.Chartered Accountant (10 Lacs to 12 Lacs per annum.

2.Investment Banker(25Lacs to 30Lacs 0 Per annum.

3.Charted Financial Analyst(6lacs to 10Lacs per annum).

4.Certified Public Accountant( 7 lacs to 10 Lacs per annum)

4.Question:-Which stream has the most scope?

4.Answer:-Science & Commerce are both favorite stream  for Sdudents  of India

5.Question:-Which course is in high demand?
5.Answer:- The most high demand course in India is Management Analyst Courses.

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