Golgappa is famous Indian Street food.
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Street food is ready to eat food or drink sold by a hawker or vendor in a street or other public places, such as a market place or fair or on the roadside.

The biggest reason that we all love to eat street food is that it is more economical or cheaper than the food of Restaurants/Hotels. Street food is very economical for the middle-class people of India.


Golgappa is a very popular  Indian street food. It is the fried and crispy small hollow balls .Golgappa stuffed with flavoured water and boiled potatoes or boiled chickpea. It’s other name is Pani Puri, Gup Chup,pani ke patashe or puchka in different place in India.

In golgappa , the stuffing is made with boiled, mashed aloo and chickpeas which is mixed with spices.

The main ingredients for Golgapp are Flour. spiced, seawater, onion, potatoes, chickpeas. This is very popular in every street of India & some party hall in the different names.

In Madhya Pradesh it is called Panini patashi, Pani ke batasha in (UP), Golgappa in Haryana, Puchka in West Bengal & Gupchup in Odisha.

Top10 cities we found golgappaare Mumbai ka pani puri,Delhi ka Golgoppa,Kolkatta ka puchka,Banglore ki Golgappa,Hyderabad Gupchup,Nagpur ki pani puri,Jaipur ki panni patashe,Lucknow ki Patashi, Bhubaneswar ki Gupchup. 

100-Pani-Puri-Eating-Challenge-by Girls in India
100-Pani-Puri-Eating-Challenge-by Girls in India

2.Aloo Chat:-

Alu chat is fried crispy potato cubes tossed in spicy and sweet chutneys, ground spice powers usually topped with curd (yoghurt), pomegranate arils and sev.

This crispy savoury aloo chat is a mouth-watering   Indian street food snack packed with flavours and tastes.

The main ingredient of aloo chat in the chat masala is a mix of different spices like mango, cumin, ginger etc. Roasted cumin and dried mint power also important a fresh and mouthwatering flavour to this dish.

Alu chat is a street food originating from the Indian subcontinent, It is very popular in Noth India.

There are many different types of chaat, some popular ones are papdi chaat, samosa chat, sev puri chat, bhel puri, Pani puri alu chat.

The variety of ingredients used in chat means that every region, roadside stall vendor, and even household has its unique way of making chat. 



In India samosa are consumed more commonly than  Pizza and burgers. Research said that near about 5 crore samosa are consumed daily in India.

In Hyderabad, it is called “ Lukhmi” which has a thicker crust and is stuffed with minced meat. While in South India, samosa is prepared with cabbage, carrots and curry leaves as stuffing. In the Bengal region, it is called  “Shingaras”. It is available both sweet and savoury

Samosa generally is deep-fried to a golden brown in vegetable oil. They are served hot and consumed with chutney(mint coriander or tamarind) or served in chat, traditionally accompanied by yoghurt, chutney, chopped onions, coriander and chat masala. People may be eaten as tea-time snacks.

In the Indian state of Assam, Odisha, West Bengal, Bihar,  Jharkhand, Srinagar and Uttarpradesh it is a very popular snack. It is found on every corner of the street.

In the states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu samosas are slightly different, it is folded in a different style.

The filling is also different, typically mashed potatoes with spice, fried onion, peas, carrots and cabbage, curry leaves and green chilly and it is mostly eaten without chutney.

Indian Best snack street food SAMOSA.
Indian Best snack street food SAMOSA.

4.Chola Batura:-

Chole bhature is street food, which is very popular in Northern India. chana masala and bhatura/puri, a fried bread made from maida in main items in Chhola Batura snack food.

 It is typically a Panjabi dish. This tasty dish is accompanied by pickles, onions, mint and chutney and a glass of lassi.

You can easily find it on every street in Northern India. The famous chole batura shop in Delhi street is 1. Sitaram diwan chand2.Chole ki Hati,3.Bhimsen Bengali sweet house,4.Odean sweets5.Baba Nagpal corner  are famous shop for chole batura.Chole batura was first invented in the 1940s.

Punjabi people like spicy food, they like to include it in their diet any time they desire. The crispy puffed  Bhatura, when combined it becomes so testy to eat. In most of Delhi, this food is very famous.

The difference between Puri & bhatura is, Puri is small in size and made with wheat flour, whereas bhatura is  larger ovals and made with all, purpose floor.

The Best Indian Street food item-Chole Bature.
The Best Indian Street food item-Chole Bature.


Aloo Tikki is a popular  Indian street food snack made with boiled potatoes, aromatic spices and herbs.Aloo is the hindi name of patotoes and tikki is a patty.

These Indian style potato patties are very delicious, crisp and flavourful due to the good amount of mix of spices and herbs are used. They are eaten as a snack in India.

Two types of Tikki is made. One is with the stuffing and the other without stuffing. The stuffed Aloo tikies are much popular in Northern India( BIHAR & UP). The most common stuffing is made with boiled chana dal, chat masala, herbs and spice powders.

But in many other states, also Tikki is made without stuffing. In restaurants, we get to see a different kind of stuffed takkies on their menu, which is made with paneer or even keema.

Aloo Tikki is also one of the most popular street food in northern India, Pakistan & Bangladesh.

Aloo-Tikki-Marathi-Recipe-India Famous street Food.
Aloo-Tikki-Marathi-Recipe-India Famous street Food.


India street food is the very perfect blend of colours and flavours to eat. Kachori is a famous Indian street food that is made with all-purpose flour(maida).

Rich filling made of a large variety of Ingredients ranging between urad daal, moong daal, mawa, onion and Indian spices.

Served with Aloo curry or different types of chutney. Kachori is now an integral part of the breakfast menu in different parts of the country.

The different Kachori are Mogar Kachori,Raj Kachori,Pyaaz Kachori,Nagori Kachori,Mawa KachoriLilva KachoriHeeng Kachori7 Banarasi Kachori very famous in India.

The most favourable kachori is Kota Kachori, Pyyaz Kachori, and Mawa Kachori are very famous in Rajasthan in India.

The Kachori was first created by the Marwaris. When they settled across the country for trade and commerce.

All street food is evolved around bazaars where traders needed to eat and drink while dealing with the business.

Five best places where you will get the best kachori of India are Rawat Mistan Bhandar, Samrat restaurant, Radhe Kachuri,4.Sampat namkeen Bhandar,5.Laxmi Mistan Bhandar.

Hare-Matar-Ki-Kachori-Famous street food in India
Hare-Matar-Ki-Kachori-Famous street food in India

7.Idli Sambhar:-

Idli Sambhar is a common food of the south Indians. Nowadays it is very popular all over the country. It is the most famous dish in Tamil Nadu. Idli is prepared with rice but sambhar is prepared with all vegetables.

Idli sambhar is a south Indian breakfast meal everywhere. Idli is a soft fluffy steamed cake .where as sambhar is made with lentils, plenty of spices, mixed vegetables and herbs.

According to India’s best food historian  K.TAchaya, idli have their origin in Indonesia. Idli originall  come from  home of Chennai.

There are more than 20 types of Idli in India Out of the famous Idli are 1. Ragi Idli,2.Kushboo Idli3.Brown rice Idli4.Kanchipuram Idli5.Oats barely Idly6. Red Rice Idli7.Black Harad dal Idli8.Raw Rice Idli9.Bamboo Rice Idli10.Jawar Idli.

The famous shop for Idli are1.Veena store, Banglore,2.Mavali tiffin rooms-Bangalore3.Hotel sarvana bhawan-Channie4.Babai Hotel, Vijaywada5.Vidyarthi Bhawan.

Idli-Sambhar very famous street food in South India.
Idli-Sambhar very famous street food in South India.


Dosa is a very popular street food in India. Dosa is famous for its simple ingredients, interesting flavours and even sweet aroma. Dosa is originating from South India.

Masala Dosa is a variation of the popular south Indian Dosa, which has its origins in the Tuluva Udupi cuisine of Karnataka. It is made from rice.

Dosa is originated in South India. It is a major food in  Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala.

It is also famous in other countries like Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar, Singapore, Malaysia.

There are different types of Dosa in India. Out of five famous types are 1. Mini soya dosa2.Light white dosa,3.onion Rava Dosa4.ragi wheat dosa.5.Mysore Masala Dosa.

The best dosa shop in India are1.Anna ki Dosa in NCRDelhi2.Juggernaut-New Delhi3.Laxmi coffee house –New delhi4.Vidyarthi Bhawan-Bangluru5.Ram’s Dosa House in Hyderabad.

Masala dosa, with a filling of potatowith onion mix  masala in dosa. Mysore masala is more  spice to eat. Sada dosa is plain without filling, paper dosa is a thin and crisp version. Rava dosa is made with crisper using semolina.

India Street food famous in India & countries-Dosa.
India Street food famous in India & countries-Dosa.


Ghuguni is very popular in gravy side dishes in Odisha, West Bengal &, Assam& Bihar.

Gauguin is a  popular Odia street food dish similar to Punjabi Chola made from white peas.Guguni is made in many ways in Odisha.

It is serve with  bada& ghuguni,upama & ghuguni,Idli& ghuguni,etc.It is also as curry served with as paratha or roti.

Gauguin chat is popular street food from the Northern and eastern parts of India. It is made of dried peas.

Gauguin is a side dish gravy that serves as an accomplishment of several dishes like Aloodum, Samosa, Aloo chup, Chakuli pitha .

Ghuguni- is the famous street food inOdisha.
Ghuguni- is the famous street food inOdisha.

10. Dahi Bara & Alu dum:-

Dahi bara is originated from Cuttack of the state of Odisha. It is a type of snack from Cuttack which is popular all over India.

This dish is prepared with soaking vadas( fried floor balls) in light Dahi(yoghurt) water. Then add Aludum(Potato) curry and ghuguni (pea curry)mix with it.

Dahibara Aludum, the soul street food of Odisha. Mr Pradipta Kumar Sahoo(Babula ) who run for 30 years Dahi bara alundum shop in Cuttack, was awarded the top east zone street food stall at the 11th National food festival of India.

Dahi bara business is providing a livelihood for many people of Odisha. Gradually the sellers are opting for a hygienic way of carrying businesses which is a good sign.

Dahi Bara Aludum-is very famous street food all over Odisha in India.
Dahi Bara Aludum-is very famous street food all over Odisha in India.

Conclusion:-There is significant money to be made in street food treading, but it must be done properly.If we assume that if sales per month if Rs.200,000 and the profit margin is 60%, we get a gross profit is  Rs 1,20,000 per month. Deducting the running cost of Rs60,000, we get a net profit of around  Rs60,000 per month.

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