The top 10richest person in Odisha
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Odisha is the 16th largest state economy in India. The top 10 richest Persons in Odisha -2022 are given below.

 Odisha is located on the eastern coast of India. The state borders West Bengal, in the North East, Jharkhand in the North,  Chhattisgarh, and Andhra Pradesh in the south. Odisha has a coastline of 485 Km. It is the 8th largest state by area & 11th largest by population in India.

The economy of Odisha is the 16th largest state economy in India with Rs.5.33 lakh crore (US$ 75 billion) in GDP & per capita GDP of Rs.1, 16,614.

 Odisha rank 23rd among the Indian state in the human development index. According to Olawale Legend’s report Dated June 8th, 2022, the top 10 richest people in Odisha are as follows

The top 10richest person in Odisha
Ajit Jain is the No1 richest person in Odisha


 Ajit Jain was born on 23rd July 1951. He is the no 1 richest person in Odisha. He was born in Odisha. He is the Vice-chairman of operations for Berkshire Hathway. His Cousin Anshu Jain was the former Co-CEO of Deutsche Bank.

He worked as a salesman at IBM. After the closure of IBM’S Operation in India, Ajit Jain moved to America and found work with Mckinsey, and  Warren Buffet. He made a good connection with Mc Kinsey and that landed him at Berkshire Hathway.

 In January 2018, Ajit was named vice chairman of the insurance operation and was invited to the board of Directors. Berkshire Hathaway Insurance, through its sub-subsidiaries, engages in insurance, freight, rail transportation, and utility business.

It provides property-casualty, life accident, and health insurance and reinsurance, and operated a railroad system in North America.

Ajit Jain is now the President of the Berkshire Hathaway Insurance Group. He is in charge of Berkshire Hathaway’s Insurance Group. He is in charge of Berkshire Harthaway’s efforts in the Indian insurance sector.

Ajit Jain is largely regarded as Warren Buffet’s successor apparent. many analysis believe he will be the next CEO of Berkshire Hatheway. He is the no 1 richest person in Odisha.

The company also generates transmits, stores, and distributed electricity from natural gas, coal, wind, solar, hydro, nuclear, and geothermal sources. The Company was incorporated in 1998 and its headquarter is in Omaha, Nebraska.

Today as per the report of 2022 the Net worth of Ajit Jain is $ 2 billion USD(RS.163,031,100,000.00 INR)

The top 10richest person in Odisha
Mr Subhrakanta Panda is the 2nd richest person in Odisha


Mr.Subharkant Panda is the 2ND wealthiest person in Odisha. Subharkant Panda is the MD & CEO of Indian Metals and Ferro Alloys Limited. He is also the owner of Odisha Television Limited to gather with his brother Jay Panda.

 His family also has interests in cable television and internet broadband services. He is the Chairperson of the FICCI Odisha state council.

Mr. Panda has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration School of Management, Boston University in the USA.

The total compensation from Indian Metal & Ferroalloys is RS.1, 63, 4100.00.

In 1993, Mr, Subhrakanta Panda joined the IMFA Group. Since then, he has handled a variety of roles within the Group, including direct supervision of the commercial division as well as extra responsibilities for the projects Departments.

Mr. Subhrakanta panda was appointed as the Managing Director of the parent business. Indian Metals & Fero ALLOYS IN 2006 IMFA.

Today Mr.Subhrakanta panda 2nd the richest person in Odisha. His Net worth is $70 Million USD( Rs.5706,088,500.00 INR).

the top 10richest person in Odisha
5th Richest person of Odisha in 2022-Dr. Pradipta Mohanty


Pradipta Mohanty is the President and Designate as the Chairman of SNM Group and broadband connection. Dr. He is the 5th richest person in Odisha. Pradipta Mohanty is a trained doctor, in the field of homeopathic medicine and also the chairman of the CII-Odisha state council.

 S.N.Mohanty Group engages people’s lives with a presence in Mining, steel manufacturing, and power production, extending direct market linkage to small and marginal farmers of Odisha.

The Group began as a mining firm, founded in 1980 by Late Surendra Nath Mohanty.” Truth. Hard work, Simplicity, Honesty, & Fath” five golden mantras or five-tower of this group. Mr. Pradipta Mohanty is the chairman of SNM Group.

Today in 2022 Dr.Pradipta Mohanty is the 5th richest person in Odisha and his Net worth $ 50 million USD(Rs. 4075,777,500.00 INR) .

The top 10richest person in Odisha
6th richest person in Odisha-Indrani patnaik


 Indrani Patnaik is the 6th  richest person in Odisha &No. 1 richest woman in Odisha. She is the owner of Indrani Patnaik Iron mines and Patnaik minerals .which was originally founded by the Late Bansidhar Patnaik in the year of 1955.

 Patnaik minerals has mining operations producing Iron, Manganese, Limestone, and Dolomite.

Indrani Patnaik is a well-known businesswoman in Odisha. She is the owner of the Indrani Patnaik Iron Mines, and Patnaik Minerals which was originally founded by the Late Bansindar Patnaik in 1955 and several other mining companies.

The Indarini Patnaik mines are major producers of high-grade calibration of Iron ore, and a major exporter of Iron ore fines to China. Patnaik Minerals Pvt. Ltd has recently started a program called the community welfare project.

 In these projects, they give medical treatment to the villager of nearby plants. Indrani Patnaik paid 185 Crore tax in 2012-13 topped list in individual taxpayers from the state last few years. Indrani Patnaik is the wife of D.R. Patnaik.

Indrani Patnaik is the 6th richest person in Odisha. Her Net worth in 2022$46Million(Rs.3749,715,300.00 INR)

The top 10richest person in odisha


Prem Patnaik, elder brother of Naveen Patnaik, chief minister of Odisha. Prem Patnaik is the 7th  richest person in Odisha. He is one of the biggest business moguls from Odisha. Prem Patnaik established many business ventures, some of which he has been the sole director.

At present he is the Managing Director of the Haryana coated papers Limited, HHS India Limited, Jamuna Enterprises Stationery Pvt. Ltd, Health Home, and Shopping India Private Limited.The former chief minister of Odisha, Biju Patnaik father of Prem Pattnaik & Naveen Pattnaik.

Prem Patnaik has founded several businesses, some of which he has been the sole Director. He is the current managing Director of Haryana Coated Papers Limited, HHS India Limited, Jamuna Enterprises Stationery Pvt Ltd, and Health home and Shopping India Pvt. Ltd.

His family is also one of the largest and possibly the most illustrious among well-known Odia families, with their late father, Biju Patnaik serving as the state’s chief minister.

Prem Patnaik is the 7th richest Person in Odisha .His net worth in 2022 Rs.$42Million USD(Rs.3423,653,100.00INR)

The top 10 richest person in Odisha
Chairman-of-KJS-Group-Kamaljeet-Singh-Ahluwalia-8th Richest person of Odisha in 2022

6. Kamal Jeet Singh Ahluwalia:-

Kamal Jeet Singh Ahluwalia is Odisha’s No-8TH, the richest person in Odisha. He is the chairman of KJS AHLUWALIA Group. He is an involved in the Odisha mining industry for 30 years. He has 50 years of experience in the production of Cement, mining of Iron Ore, Coal, graphite, and manufacturing steel, under the umbrella of KJS GROUP.

He has more than 50 companies like KJS Cement, KJS Steel, and various mining projects in many different locations across India.KJS Ahluwalia Group’s presence today can be found in multiple sectors of business started on Iron ore Business.

 He is one of the most reputed India Industrial houses with market leadership in many businesses. Kamal Jeet sing Ahalwalia is the highest taxpayer in India. He is the country’s top taxpayer in the individual category for 2010-11.

Kamal Jeet Singh is the 8th richest person in odisha in 2022.his Nety worth $40Million USD(Rs.3260,622,000.00INR)

The top 10richest person in Odisha
Dilip Roy -9th Richest person in Odisha


Dilip Roy was born on 9th January 1954. He is the 9th richest person in Odisha. He is a noteworthy Indian Politician and a hotelier from the state of Odisha. He formerly worked as the Union Minister of Steel, Coal & Parliamentary affairs.

He is the founder and Chairman of the Mayfair Group of Hotels, which is spread all over largely based in eastern India. He is well respected for his depth of knowledge of the hospitality industry, and for this fact, he is well positioned in this industry of eastern India.

He is the founder and CMD of the Mayfair Group of Hotel. He completed his Law degree in the year 1976 from Kolkata University & completed his MBA in 1977.

Dilip Ray is a well-known Indian politician and hotelier from Odisha and the founder & Chairman of the Mayfair Group of Hotels, which operates primarily in Eastern India. Dilip began by working as a lobbyist for the Mining Association, he was previously the union minister for steel, coal, and legislative affairs.

Dilip Ray holds the distinction of having served as Prime Minister three times. He is a major figure on the list of the richest persons in Odisha. He is widely regarded for his extensive understanding of the hotel sector as well as his position in the industry, particularly in eastern India.

Dilip Roy is the 9th richest person in Odisha in 2022.His Net worth $9Million USD(Rs. 733,639,950.00INR).

the top 10richest person in odisha
Bijay Mohapatra-10the richest person in Odisha-2022

8.Bijaya Mohapatra:-

Bijoy Mohapatra was born on 7th November 1950. He is the 10th richest person in Odisha. He is a politician and public servant from Odisha. He was the most powerful minister in the Cabinet of Biju Patnaik.

He served in the Legislative Assembly for four terms representing the Kendrapara Constituency. Bijay Mahapatra was sidelined in Odisha BJP in 2016 when Basanta panda was elected as BJP state president.

 He finally quit BJP on 30th November 2018. He returns back to BJP on 27th, March 2019. He was a degree from Kendrapaa College, Utkal University in 1969.

Bijoy Mohapatra is a politician and public servant from Odisha, India. He is ranked ninth on the list of wealthiest individuals in Odisha. He is a key player in the Bharatiya Janata Party and served as Odisha’s Irrigation Minister from 1990 to 1995.

The richest person in Odisha is those involved in the mining industry. This is because mining generates the great bulk of the state’s revenue, and Odisha’s economy is heavily reliant on that single industry.

He is the 10th richest person in Odisha in 2022.his Net worth estimated in 2022 $5Million USD(Rs.407,577,750.00INR).

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