The most Natural beautiful place of UK
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The United Kingdom is made up of England, Scotland   Wales &Ireland. It is an island nation in north-western Europe. London is the capital of the UK. London is the globally influential centre of finance and culture.

The 7 wonders of the UK are as follows.

1. Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

2. Wastewater Lake District

3.Dovedale, Peak District

4. The Needles Isle of Wight

5. Jurassic Coast, Dorset

6. Loch Coruisk and the Cullins , Scotland

7.Pistylle Rhaeadr, Wales.

1.Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland: -

Giant's Causeway-Beautiful Natural attraction of UK.
Giant's Causeway-Beautiful Natural attraction of UK.

Giant’s Causeway in Ireland is the most natural beautiful attraction of UK. It is stretching across the Irish Sea sites over 40000 black basalt columns. It is found that columns are more than 35 feet tall.

 The black columns are formed in 60 million years ago, when volcanic lava cooled quickly in the cold ocean at Giant Causeway at Ireland.


The vast plateau of polygonal basalt columns, known as the Giant causeway, looks like a carpet of enormous steppingstones extending out into the Irish Sea.


The basalt pillars that make up this amazing rock formation range in the size from a matter of centimetres to tens of metres. The Giant Causeway in Ireland made up of some 40,000 massive black basalt columns sticking out of the sea.


The dramatic sight has inspired legends of giants over the sea in Scotland. In the last 300 years, it is greatly contributed to the development of earth science and shows that the striking landscape was caused by volcanic activity during the Tertiary some 50-60 million years ago.


The UK Government protects World Heritage properties and their surroundings.

2.Wastewater Lake District: -

Wastwater-The most natural attraction of UK
Wastwater-The most natural attraction of UK

Wastewater is a lake located in Wasdale, a valley in the western part of the Lake District National Park of England. The lake is almost 3 miles(4.8) km& 500 meters wide.

 It is a glacial lake formed a glacially. It is the deepest lake in England. It is owned by the National Trust. It is surrounded by some of the highest mountains in England, including Scafell Pike, Great Gable and Lingmell.


Wastewater, England’s deepest lake lies in Wasdale to the west of the National Park. The view from the southwestern end of the lake near the youth hostel was voted Britain’s view in 2007 by the television viewers. It is the deepest lake 258 feet (79 meters).


Wastewater is perhaps the most awe-inspiring of all lakes. It is surrounded by mountains, Red Pike, Kirk Fell, Great Gable, and Scafell Pike-England’s highest mountain.


Visitors are flocked here since the early 19th century to take advantage of the challenging peaks that ring the Wasdale valley. The most popular walk is probably the ascent of Scafell Pike is the highest peak in England at 3210 feet. Wastewater lake is the most natural beautiful attraction of UK.

3.Dovedale, Peak District: -

Dovedale-peak-district-national-park-Beautiful Natural Attraction of UK
Dovedale-peak-district-national-park-Beautiful Natural Attraction of UK

Dovedale is a valley beautiful attraction of UK in the Peak District of England. The land is owned by the National Trust and annually attracts millions of visitors.

 The valley is cut by the River Dove and runs just over 3 miles between Milldale in the north and a wooded ravine near Thorpe Cloud and Bunster Hill in the south.

 The River Dove is a famous trout stream, 45 miles in length. Charles cotton’s Fishing house, the inspiration for Izaak Walton’s The Complete Angler, stands in the woods of the river. The River Dove flows through the scenic limestone valley known as Dove Valley or Dovedale.


Dovedale became the National Nature Reserve in 2006 in recognition of, its being one of England’s finest wildlife sites with diverse plants and interesting rock formations.


Dovedale is notable for its numerous limestone formations. Dovedale castle is a short distance along the river from the stepping stones at Thorpe Cloud.


 The steps are built by the Italian Prisoner of war captured in the Second World War and are now maintained by the National Trust and the National Park Authority.

4.The Needles Isle of Wight: -

The needles lighthouse isle of wight sunrise
The needles lighthouse isle of wight sunrise

The Needles is a row of three stacks of chalk that rise about 30 meter out of the sea off the western extremity of the Isle of the Wight in the English Channel of the United Kingdom.


The Needles lie just to the southwest of Alum Bay, and it is a tourist place. Scenic boat trips operating from Alum Bay offer close up views of the Needles.


The rocks and the lighthouse have become icons of the Isle of Wight. 

The name Needles was inspired by a fourth stack from the shape of a needle called ‘The wife of lot’.


The lighthouse was built by Trinity House, British lighthouse authorities and went into service in 1859.


The attraction has been owned by Heritage Great Britain since 1999.Its sites as part of a portfolio that also includes John O Groats, Lands’ end, Light water valley and Snowdon Mountain Railway. The Needles Isle is the beautiful attraction of UK.


The Needless pulls in around 4,30,000 visitors during the tourist season.


5.Jurassic Coast, Dorset: -

jurassic-coast-Beautiful Natural attraction of UK
jurassic-coast-Beautiful Natural attraction of UK

The Jurassic Coast is a World Heritage site on the English Channel coast of southern England. It stretches from Exmouth in the East Devon to Studland Bay in Dorset, a distance of 96 Miles.


 It is inscribed on World Heritage List in 2001.Jurassic Coast is the most beautiful natural attraction of UK.


The Dorset and East Devon coast world Heritage site is more popularly known as “Jurassic Coast”. The name comes from the best known of the geological periods found within it. The site includes rocks from the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods.


The best part of the Jurassic Coast is Lulworth cove, Durdle door, Portland Bill, Chesil Beach, West Bay etc.

The Jurassic Coast is famous for its marine habits and dinosaurs like Allosaurus and Stegosaurus. The Jurassic Coast is famous for fossils 

of Jurassic aged marine life.


Jurassic Coast is a UNESCO world heritage site in the UK. The Jurassic coast beaches, cliffs, landslips and features teach us about the natural processes that formed the coastline and the history of the creatures that used to live.


There are many areas of Jurassic the coast that is abundant with fossils, showing dinosaurs, forests and reptiles that used to live here to show how life has changed, survived and adopted.


The Jurassic Coast Trust is an independent charity, responsible for managing the Jurassic coast


6.Loch Coruisk and the Collins, Scotland: -

loch-coruisk-Beautiful Natural Attraction of UK
loch-coruisk-Beautiful Natural Attraction of UK

Loch Coruisk in the Isle of Skye is one of the most specular places in the British Isles. The head of this freshwater loch is surrounded on the three sides by the imposing volcanic Black Cuillin.

 The southern ends run into a small rivulet, which then discharges into the sea loch. Robert Macfarlane visited Loch Coruisk in his tour of Britain’s remotest parts, the wild places.


He describes it as the greatest example in Britain of what he calls “sanctuaries”-the hidden valley with all the lure of lost worlds.


A trip to the magnificent Loch Corusk, which is home to Scotland best scenery and wildlife, including many common seals and other sea life, and it is a great location to view the best the Cullinan Mountain.


Loch Coruisk and the Black Cuillins in Scotland are very dramatic and isolated. The vistas available are a dream for any artist or photographer with ever-changing weather patterns the views are changeable each time you visit.


The Isle is the Skye is an excellent place to visit when it is a holiday in Scotland.



7.Pistylle Rhaeadr, Wales: - 

Tallest Waterfall-PistyII Rhaeadr-Natural beautiful attraction of UK
Tallest Waterfall-PistyII Rhaeadr-Natural beautiful attraction of UK

Pistyll Rhaeadr is formed by the Afon Disgynfa fell, in three stages over 240 feet (73 meters). Silurian cliff face, below which the river is known as the Afon Rhaeadr.

 The tallest stage is estimated about 40 meters. It is counted asthe seven wonders of Wales.PistyII Rhaeadr waterfall is regarded as one of the seven wonders of Wales.


It is also claimed to be the highest waterfall in England & Wales. It has a vertical drop of water from 73 meters or 240 feet.PistyII Rhaeadr is the 

UK’S highest single-drop waterfall and considerably higher than Niagra Falls. 


The waterfall PistII Rhaeadr was formed by the Afon Disgynfa falling in three stages over 240 feet cliff face into the Afon Rhaeadr below.PistyII Rhaeadr meaning is “ spring of the waterfall”. It is a waterfall 4 miles (6 km) from the villages of Llanrhaeadr-ym-Mochnant in Powys, wales and it is 26 km from Oswestry.


PistyII Rhaeadr s a spectacular mountain range covers 93 square miles 

in the sparsely populated area of the moorland of North east Wales.


Berwyn mountain range acts as a haven for wildlife with its highest point, Cadair Berwyn, standing at an impressive 2723 feet (830 meters).


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