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Unemployed Youths in Odisha are crying on the streets ofBhubaneswar in the past two decades for a small job for their livelihood in Odisha.

My heart is crying for the because of acute unemploymentposition in Odisha. The people of Odisha have no best foods, no cloths, no homes,no water no medicine for living a standard life.

Lacs of people are staying like the refugee’s centre of Ukraine. “It is completely hell”. Unemployedyouths of Odisha are crying on street for help from the Government of ODISHA & INDUSTRIALIST   from Odisha for past two decades.

In Odisha the unemployment situation just like “UKRAINE WAR”. The people of odisha 83% arestaying village and rural areas. The young generation of Odisha since 2000 are
not getting a suitable job in Odisha.

Some young people are still waiting their home one day theywill get a job from Odisha. Maximum Odia young mass working as DADAN in other states like Gujarat, Maharashtra, Punjab,New Delhi & Tamil Nadu.

Our Government (BJD) give opportunity to unemployed OF ODISHA to give them Free Rs.1.00 (Rice to live) to give vote for Govt. BJD, so that BJD will rule Odisha for 21 Years.

 Like this our Odisha Government help the people of Odisha, for which the future of Odisha collapse for next 100 years.

In rural of Odisha people are so poor till today, they have no electricity, no water facility, no medical facilities, no transport facilities, no skill full education for getting a small job in Odisha.

The young unemployed youths not getting a good job in Odisha till 2022 due to poor government policy for 21 Years. Unemployed are crying on the streets of Bhubaneswar to get a small job.

Our young boys are leaving Odisha and stay and other states as like refugees of Ukraine, to live and save their families. They working as “DADANA”. (It means a poor working-class labour).

 “Odisha unemployment situation is completely hell” in the past two decades. The poor unemployed youth are crying on the streets of Bhubaneswar today for a small job.

Even after 21 years of (Biju Janta Dal) BJD rule in Odisha, Naveen Patnaik government has failed to solve the problem of Unemployment in the state of Odisha.

At current time the rate of unemployment in the state has surpassed the national average. The unemployment situation in the state of Odisha has been deeply aggravated during the Covid-19 PENDAMIC.

Unemployment report of Odisha: -

Here unemployment of Odisha means, the boys or girls, those have completed graduation Couse or a degree holder, mechanical or non-mechanical from different institutions after spending Lacs of rupees to get a job in the state of Odisha. But till today 2022, unemployed youths are waiting in the past two decades.

After 75 years of Independence, our state Odisha took position 16th economical developed state in India. As per the report of the (PLFS) Odisha unemployment rate is 2nd highest 32.8% (Age group15 years to 29 years) as on Dec-2021.

Our chief Minister Nabeen Pattnaik non-odiya speaking CM of odisha received much appreciation from both national leaders for his humble behaviour, strategic disaster management and provision of various pro-poor social security schemes give his success in election for 21 years in Odisha. For which our vibrant odisha very poorest state all over the World.

According to (PLFS) data 2017-18, the unemployment rate was 7.1%, which is above the all-India average rate of unemployment.

The Economic survey report 2021-22, the unemployment rate in Odisha is 6.2%, which is higher than the national average.

Hand to mouth scenario in the age group in Odisha. The rate of unemployment in the age group 15-29 years has been astronomically high at the rate of 32.8%. That means 3 in every 10 have no job in their hand on 2022.

Among the 18 major states of Odisha is the 2nd highest unemployment rate in the country.

Why High Unemployment in Odisha in past two decades:-

The Economic survey 2021-22 has revealed that, the service sector in Odisha had registered negative growth in the financial year 2019-20, 2020-2021&2021-22.

Since the service sector in Odisha takes a share a high of 26.4% in the total employment generated in the state.

As per the data available, the following are service sector that contribute highly employment creation of Odisha, but due to lockdown all over the states for COVID Pandemic, almost all organisation cut down their employment and stop operation of the organisation.

Unemployment situation looks like “War in Ukraine”. The unemployed youths of Odisha now crying street of Bhubaneswar for a small job in Odisha for their livelihood.

Following are different reasons for rise of  unemployment in the state  of Odisha .

L1.Hotels & Restaurants: – All most all Hotels & restaurants are closed due to shutdown& lockdown, Covid-19, Pandemic. Some of the hotels till now not open, for which the Odisha tourism not attract the tourist from outside of the state

2.Education systems in Odisha: – The education systems play a crucial role in the development of a nation as well as the state. Failure of reservation policy of the Government, plaguing the current educational system.

Most highly qualified youth of Odisha not get job due to reservation policy of the government.

3.There is no growth of Agricultural sector in ODISHA: – Odisha is an agricultural state of India. In Odisha there is 61.50lakhs hectors of land are cultivated area.

But due to non-availability of irrigation facilities, Odisha agricultural policy, non-availability of electricity to farmers land, poor marketability of agricultural products etc, farmers are dying, they leave their village try work as DADAN in other state of India for their livelihood.

4.There is no Growth of small manufacturing units in Odisha: – The educated youths of Odisha working very small organisation in other states like GUJARAT, tamandu, Punjab & Maharashtra.

They have no opportunity in Odisha to work in a on organised private sectors in Odisha. There is not at all entrepreneur mindset of the Odisha people. They always want easy job, to do work for others as employee.


Even though Odisha has huge potential of Mining resources, & availability of manpower, our state is far behind in manufacturing the goods till 2022.

5.Lack of training and skills of Unemployed youths of Odisha:
Though Odisha unemployedyouths are very highly educated, they are Electrical engineer, Mechanicalengineer, MBA from different institutions of Odisha, but they have very poor
skills or abilities to achieve target of private manufacturing sector in India.

In Odisha the educational policy is only theoretical, theinstitutions are not providing any practical thing to the students of Odishafor their skills development.

Our educated boys & girls are not getting proper jobs allover the INDIA. The lack of employment opportunities in the labour market has paralysedthe young populations of Odisha.

6.Lack of export opportunities of Mining products &
agricultural products: –

There is vast scope of export business in Odisha of Miningindustry and Agricultural industries. But due to lack of production inthese sectors, the export is very low than other leading states of India. Hencethe employment opportunities also reduce in Odisha.

7.Our state GDP very low than other developed states of
India: –

Odisha state GDP is 16thrank in India. Whereas Gujaratstate GDP is 4th in India.
Odisha GDP is 5.86Laks Crore, whereas GUJARAT GDP is 22.03 Lakh crore in


As a result, higher unemployment among theeducated youths (nearly 44Lacs)23.58% in 2017-18 is registered in the state.

Due to which in the state of Odisha the non-odiya officer arerunning not only the big industries but also NAVEENGOVERNMENT(BJD)in the past 21 years.

Due to rising unemployment in the state has produced a numberof negative consequences for the society in general and people in particular.

High unemployment in the state has led to a very low percapita income of the people.

As per the Ministry of statics and programme Implement ionreport, Government of INDIA release on 7TH January2020, Odisha hold 22nd position out of the 30 states in India. Which define that,Odisha is very poor state in India.

In the race of per capita income (NPCSDP). It has achieved only Rs. 84854.00 net
per capita income in the FT 2018-19 in the state of Odisha. While Goawas Rs.4,22,149.00 highest per capita Income in India.47%people are below poverty line live till now after 75 years of Independence.

Due to which Human development status of the state has been hamperedto great extent.

Due to unemployment situation the young youths of Odishapersuaded them to engage in various anti-social activities. They involve in variouscriminal activities in the state

My review: -How the poverty of Odisha will be reduced in next 10 years.

1.Mass opening of entrepreneurships programmes should be implemented all over the rural areas to reduce the employment as DADAN labour in other state. All industries should be cottage industry only. 

2.For agricultural development, irrigation facilities and productivity of farmer’s should increase for export purpose.

3.Skillful knowledge should be given in schools and colleges in side Odisha.

4.All sector should digitalisation. IT sector should develop like Bangalore and Hyderabad IT Hub. The talented young mass should not move outside of the state for their jobs.

5.Banking & Financing facilities: -Bank should give loan opportunity to young mass, whose who want to start their own business. The new business should be interest free for 5 years.

6.All resources like, water, forest, mining and agricultural should be 100% used for development of Odisha.

7.Reservation policy immediately withdraw from the states, only policy should implement for economical back ground section for only 5 years, not more than that.

8.Our Government should take action to keep all the senior post as Odia officer instead on non-Odia officer.

9.All school & colleges, courts and government offices should use Odia languages like Bihar, MP, & Uttar Pradesh.

10.Largae number of technical institution and skilled training centre should implemented in side all rural areas not in Bhubaneswar.

11.Odisha tourism sector should develop properly, to earn money like GOA.

12. Odisha is a agricultural based state. Our government should take immediate steps to improve the & self-sufficient in egg production, potato production, coconut, fish production and fruits production & other vegetables.

13In our state though the percapita income is so less then other states. But consumption of liquor and pan masala other dangerous tobacco consumption is very high in our state. All liquor sells and tobacco sell immediate banned in the state of Odisha to save our young generation.

14.LAST BUT NOT IN LEAST-The corruption in Odisha is highest in our country. Massive government people are involved in corruption. Since independence our government not take any initiative to remove the corruption. It should immediately stop for development of Odisha.5% of the people of Odisha are rich due the heavy corruption in the last 75 years of Independence.

In this article  you can see  that, how our state ODISHA GOVERNMENT ,is a poor state in India, but  highest rank in No 1 IN INDIA  for Curruption. Our young  Lacs of youths are not getting a job of Rs. 10,000/ pm  in the state of odisha, they do DADAN  in other states. Why our Goverment is silent  in this issues ? 

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