Srikumar-Misra-Founder & CEO of the MILK MOO-The Young Odia Enterprenour of Odisha
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Best 5 Young Entrepreneurs are:-1.Santosh Kumar Panda2.Sri Kumar Mishra3.Ritesh Agarwal4.Sita kanta Roy and Subrat Kar

The young Odia talented entrepreneur from the state of Odisha.   The Indian economy has been growing rapidly over the past few decades. Our state Odisha also is growing very rapidly throughentrepreneurships & wealth creation.

Mostof the young entrepreneur from Odisha launching start-up, which is the boldestinitiatives one can take in life. It requires dedication, consistency and a whole lot of innovation.

These are the top 5 Odia entrepreneurs from ODISHA, who have excelled in their respective fields and have brought glory to the state not only in Odisha but also all over India through their unique
start up ideas. 



Santosh Kumar Panda is a young Odia entrepreneur from Odisha. He is the co founder and &CEO of EXPLARA. Santosh Panda founded and Event ticketing platform called Explera in 2009. He is a Young Odia Enterprenour.

Santosh Panda has diverse experience in software industry in UK & USA, Finland& INDIA. He has very good experience in product development. He has given consulting for more than 100’s companies and start-ups across the globe. Some of the organisation for whom Santosh was involved in building products are BBC i player, eBay, Cyclone Commerce, On station, William Hill & others.

It hand less about 1000 transactions in a day and his expected revenue in fy15-16 is 50Crore.Recently
Explore has raised $500K (Rs3.2 CRORE) in its pre series funding from businessman Ness Wedia, Singapore Angeles. 

Earlierit sells tickets in event categories such as sports, travel, food, now it has been tied up with about 30 single theatre and multiplex in Maharashtra and Gujarat


Sri kumar Mishra-A young Odia Enterprenour of Odisha -Founder & CEO of Milk Moo
Sri kumar Mishra-A young Odia Entrepreneur of Odisha -Founder & CEO of Milk Moo

Mr. Sri Kumar Mishra is young Odia entrepreneur from Odisha. He is the founder & Chairman of MILK MANTRA. Milk Mantra produces wide range of dairy products all over India.He is a Young Odia Enterprenour.

Sri Kumar Mishra was born & grew up in a simple family in Cuttack, Odisha. He is completed his Mechanical Engineer from Pune University. He is an MBA from XIMB, Bhubaneswar. He joined as Tata Administrative services in 2001.Sri Kumar Mishra has completed post-graduation studies in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning from the University of TEXAS, Austin. He was the Fortune 40, under 40 in the year 2016.

The company has ethical milk sourcing programme, through which it collects milk from more than 20,000 farmers from 500 villages. Its products are available in all over Odisha.Si Kumar Mishra is a part of the Prime minister Narendra Modis core team, building digital platform for India’s Agri Value Chain system in India.

Milk Mantra first operation was started on 2012.It is India’s first venture capital backed Agri food start-ups. Milk mantra was set up to solve the milk scarcity problem in the state of Odisha. Under EMP (Ethical Milk sourcing programme)70,000 of farmers of the state attach with Milk Mantra.

In June 2014, Milk Mantra has raised Rs.80Crores from the venture capital funds. The company has a vision of creating pure and healthy dairy products brand all over India. In June 2020 this start up became achieve the Rs 236 Crore turnover.

Milk Mantra, under the brand name Milky Moo manufactures and sell various milk products like butter milk, curd, probiotic, cheese, cottage cheese, milkshakes, dairy based desserts and other beverages.

Milk mantra revenue in the Finacial Year is Rs.248 Crore (US $33Million)


Ritesh Agarwal, Founder & CEO of Oyo Rooms

Agarwal is an Indian, young Odia entrepreneur from the state of ODISHA. He is
an Indian billionaire entrepreneur, who is the founder and CEO of the
OYOROOMS. He is the 27 years old founder of hotel listing start upcalledOYORooms.The company is a new start-up company launched in the year May-2013.He is a Young Odia Enterprenour.

Ritesh Agarwal was born in a Marwari family in Biassam Cuttack, ODISHA.Ritesh comesfrom the family that used to run a small business in southern Odisha citycalled Rayagada.

By September 2018, the company raised $1Billion.His Net worth in2020 is Rs. $1.1Billion (Rs7253 Crore).

Ritesh Agarwal said that acombination of ecosystem and infracture, as well as the motivation andpromotion of entrepreneurships has created significant enablement for what hecalled “THE INDIAN DREAM “as the country has always beenentrepreneurial by design.

As of 2020,it has more than 43000 properties and 1Million rooms across 800 Cities in 80Countries.

The companyalso announced two joint ventures with Soft bank and Yahoo JAPAN in 2019.In May2019, OYO announce acquisition of Amsterdam based @ LEASURE Group.Eurpope ‘s largestvacation rental company. In July, 2019 OYO, made his first investment in theUnited States by purchasing the Hooters Casino HOTEL near Las Vegas Strip, inpartnership with US based real estate company High gate for $135 Million. Thereare different products and services are launched with OYO Brand.

OYO Town House, OYO Home, OYO Vacation Homes, Silver Key,Capital O,OYO Life,& OYO 360.




SitaKanta Roy a young Odia entrepreneur from Cuttack, state of Odisha. Sita kanta
Roy CEO and and his co-founder Sulakshan Kumar founded a venture called
My Smart Price, which is a price comparasionand search site.Roy & Kumar both graduate from NIT-Rourkela(NationalInstitute of Technology) Rourkela. He raised $10 Million about Rs. 60 Crore in B funding. They have a plan to use focus on the offline shopping experience.He is a Young Odia Enterprenour.

The company began life as a tech and gadget-focused price comparison services, butover the years it has added vertical and new components to the experience.Today they have designed to navigate the maze of Indian e-commerce sites tofind specific products and at the best possible prices.

Mysmart price currently in the process of bridging the gap between the offline retailerand the online consumer. Hyperlocal for three stake holders. The consumer,offline retailer and the hyperlocal medium consumer.

E-commercein INDIA at the moment give lower prices, amazing discounts, and the convenienceof shopping from home. The users are offering EMI,Cash on Delivery,as well asreturn policy.Still the users continue to worryabout shopping online.Most users still buying  offlinemore  high value items suchas  consumer durables  and high fashionable items.

Indeveloped market such as US consumers have high preference to buying productsonline. But in India feeling and fit most important part of the Indianconsumers.Users can get  their products.Faster delivery  helps  in instant gratification knowing thestore  improves trust and also helps  usersto get better services.

Theoffline stores in India have long since been upset on the rise of the Flipkarts& Amazons.Some have rejected the need tobecame sellers online, may haverealized the potential of being seller in the market place model and arealready earning millions from them.

However,the best solution for offline retailers to go online would be through the Hyperlocal Medium.

Offline retailers get customers that are in their own radios, helping them buildlong term relationship.You are no longerjust a  random seller on e-Bay theuser forget but rather the  next door
mobile phone  vendor or  electronicstore goods  who helped the usersget possible deal.You become the firststop for the  customer for hissubsequent purchase.

Hyperlocalmedium helps lower the cost of the customer Acauisition.The local retailers canalso manage their inventory better and lower operating costs by knowning thewhich products are selling better in their area.

Hyperlocalgives them fair visibility with leading retailers of the city as well as thenational e-commerce vendors.

Hyperlocal is a good business for every one and it is a path that needs more focus fromboth entrepreneur and invest



Subrat Kar is young Odia entrepreneur from the state of ODISHA. He was born in the Jajpur town of Odisha. Subrat is the CEO & Co-founder of the Vidooly.Vidolly com is a Marketing and Advertising company and has headquarter Soida, UP. It was founded in 2014.He is a Young Odia Enterprenour.

SubratKar found VIDOOLY, a video analytics start-up, which was recently listed in the top 10 hottest start-ups by NASSCOM. It has raised about $1Million (Rs.6.4 Crore) from Bessemer VenturesPartners. The company came up with a product that helps content creators and channels on YouTube to attract more views to their video.

It helps companies with advice on what keeps people interested in video and better engagement and revenue.

At Vidooly,we are passionate about one thing above everything – DATA ANALYSIS. VidoolyConstant searches for newer ways to help online video creators, brands and Multi-channelsNetworks understand their audience better and scale their business.

YouTube has been a game changer in the online video business for the last decade and the platform has matured constantly every year. Along with the platform, the way the business is run has also witnessed a considerable change over the last few years. Big Multi-Channel Networks, backed by bigger media companies have changeda way to create a look at the landscape. They have helped the creators make better videos, reach more people and get better financial freedom.



Odisha is an “emerging brand” in India and the emerging state is trying to re-position itself by leveraging developments in infrastructural, industrial, educational,socioeconomic, human resources, information, entrepreneurship/MSME, natural resources management and TBEs can play important roles in transforming the poor developing state into a developed state in the future.

Types of Technology Business Entrepreneurship

The following types of TBEs can be explored and developed within Odisha that can add value to new businesses/industries sectors:

  • Invention (Discovery, R&D, Intellectual Property, Patent, no prior art, first to discover, invent &file)
  • Innovation (Jugaad, Copy-Cat, Reverse Innovation, Reverse Engineering, Open Networked Innovation)
  • Licensing of technology-transfer-development-commercialization
  • Technology Product Development (commercial/prototype, semi-finished to finished products)
  • VirtualTechnology (new technology/business discovery/innovation)
  • Technology Business Services/Solutions, Contracts, Business Technology (small/large organizations)
  • Marketing/Trading/Salesof Technology Products (smart cell phone, consumer technology gadgets, pharmaceuticals, biotech-biopharma-vaccine-diagnostic, Genetically Engineered foods/fish/seeds)
  • Technology commoditization, synthetic technology, technology combinations
    Social Technology (Platforms, Social Networks)
  • Corporate New Venture (CNV), intra-preneurial new ventures by established companies



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